Dil Dosti Dance 7th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 7th January 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 7th January 2014 Written Update

Vicky and Nilesh in the fire exit where they are checking which is the spiked drink. Nil sips from each bottle to checks which is spiked.The decide on last bottle that this has sleeping pills mixed.Kriya remembers the old dance fest moments and looks at Rey. Swayam and Sharon turn to see who is she looking at. Rey asks Barath has the sound system person arrived, Barath says no and Rey moves calling him. Kriya hugs Sharon thanking her. Barath is shocked seeing this and thinks what is happening. Swayam tells lets gets back to work. All these time pass can be done later. Swayam calls Barath with him and moves out to paint. Sharon thinks I do not why is Swayam upset and acting so cold. Kriya thinks hope Annual day does not end by as Rey has been speaking well with her. Vicky and Nil come and give energy drink to Kriya. Kriya tells she is energetic and Aashi needs the drink more. Nil says its not about need but feelings.They came here so their friendship with Kriya gets on but why will she want them when she has friends in NY. Vicky and NIl are about to move out when Kriya stops them and says she will have. When Kriya is about to drink Rey comes in saying HOD is calling them. Amar comes and says Aashi needs help in dance when Rey asks Kriya to go and teach her.Vicky and Nilesh feel bad that their plan is about to fail.

They assemble in atrium when HOD comes and says to motivate them for Annual day the team of Yaariyaan is present here. Yaarayian team comes to promote them and they all dance on ABCD song from the same movie. Vicky and Nil come back to see drink untouched. Kriya comes and asks Sharon what happened .When Sharon tells yaariyan team had come and they danced on ABCD. They show her the steps of ABCD dance and sing it out too. Kriya tells she missed it. Swayam is walking in corridor when Sharon tells him she needs to speak. Swayam asks is it about annual day when Sharon says it about them.Swayam keep moving when Sharon asks him to stop. Swayam says there is so much work for Annual day does she remember. Sharon says she does but they share a special bond, did they have at least from her side Sharon asks him is her being cold with her. Swayam questions back saying she is asking him about this,he wishes he knew why she did so. Swayam says the responsibility of the event is on him and she must know it being the GS. This is not the time to solve personal issues.He asks can they work professionally for the next 12 hours. Sharon replies with fine for 12 hours I’ll forget we have an issue but later you must hear to me.

Kriya takes a sip of the drink and Vicky and Nil move out happily.She is doing some work when the drink falls down. She thinks it feel and moves to other side. Nil and Vicky find the bottle empty and ask her did she drink it all. She says she was thirsty and hence drank it. Vicky and Nil move out excited saying its going to be rocking.Swayam is rehearsing in the rehearsal hall when Rey comes in asking you are rehearsing before the performance. Rey asks is he nervous when Swayam says he is nervous for Rey. Swayam says hope Kriya and Rey’s performance is rocking as there are lot of exceptions and even media is going to see it. Rey says hope everything goes well.Swayam says it will.

Kriya was trying to jump and take some chart when she feels dizziness. She climbs up some stairs and takes up the chart. She takes up the chart and while coming down the stairs falls down and hurts herself.She she Rey there and thinks of asking him for help but stops thinking Rey would get angry as she is hurt before the performance. She thinks of going and getting a pain killer injection as there is just two hours left for performance. Kriya thinks on informing Sharon but stops as Sharon would get hyper. Swayam is checking if everything is ready but when catering comes Kriya is found missing. Swayam says the guest list is with Kriya too. Rey tries calling her her but her phone is switched off. Rey asks Vicky and Nil did they do anything when Vicky asks is he Kriya’s bodyguard. Nilesh says there are so much work to do but again he is doubting them. Rey thinks then where is Kriya

Precap: Team searches for Kriya in whole college but she is no where. Rey decides to do solo. Kriya gets up from her hospital bed and removes drips and is on way to college

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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