Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th January 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th January 2014 Written Update

The show begins with Kinjal wondering of her missing watch. Madhu seeks to leave and Goes away.

Kokila tells Raashi of a watch found by the police. Raashi tells suspicion falls on Kinjal, Dhawal who is nearby overhears and has flashback of Kinjal’s threat of killing Umang.

Kokila and Ahem try to convince Gopi not to shield anyone, that she is important cog in their lives as well, if any link or cog is disturbed then the rest of the family’s lives get affected, especially that of little Meera.

Later in the hall the same old drama and shouting match takes place with Radha and Tripthi reiterating their accusation of Gopi being the real culprit, murderer, as Gopi had confessed to the crime. Raashi butting in defense of Gopi. Finally Kokila shuts up all of them by taking control.

At the Shah home, Kinjal over boils the milk and in the process burns herself. Urmilaa comes and picks up the fight ; in the war of words, Urmilaa brings up Kinjal’s anger and Dhawal calms the two women. Dhawal just has a thought that in anger Kinjal might have killed Umang.

Sometime later, Dhawal places a ring and a handkerchief in the room where the crime had taken place.

Police arrive saying that they have been tipped off by somebody that the crime scene had been tampered with. The Police open the room and begin their search.

Unnoticed Kokila finds Dhawal’s “roomaaal” / handkerchief and the ring. She, Kokila recognizes and removes / takes those items. The Police find the room untouched and nothing amiss. Police leave the premises.

Kokila then calls her family over and asks Ahem to call Shah Family and inform them to come over. Information is passed over by Ahem.

Kokila hands over Dhawal’s “roomaal ” / handkerchief and ring, to Dhawal. Kokila says since Gopi is not the culprit there is no need to take over the crime upon one self and make the messy things messier.

Baa and Naani discuss as to why Kokila is so worried and taking things so seriously. Naani says to Baa not to worry as Koili is doing good deduction and detective work.

Kokila tells the onlookers that other than Gopi’s set of fingerprints there were another set of fingerprints found. Hence all of them would have to give their fingerprints. Tripthi and Radha refuse to do so citing their close relationship with Umang. Raashi says that they – Radha, Tripthi – will have to do so. Kokila too says both would do so.

Stamp pad and papers are brought by Raashi and Fingerprints of all is taken.

Kokila says in the morning she would hand over the sets of fingerprints to the police. All are in silence.

The Episode Ends On Kokila’s Face ! ! !

Precap:- Gopi in Kokila’s bedroom : Kokila is asleep. Gopi opens a drawer and finds the fingerprint papers and lights come on as Gopi is about to tear up one of the fingerprint copy. Kokila had woken up and is face to face with Gopi.

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