Dil Dosti Dance 6th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 6th January 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 6th January 2014 Written Update

Kriya and Swayam enter the restaurant and Sharon sees them.Rey thinks Thank god they came on time.Kriya comes and says hi to Sharon. Rey and Kriya act like they are fighting when Sharon tells them to sit separately. They decide to sit together. Kriya tells she need to sit in front of Sharon as they need to discuss something. Rey tells he does not want to sit with Kriya and they keep changing places .Finally the decide and sit down.Rey asks Swayam will he have ice tea but Swayam replies in negative.The waiter comes and serves them their order. Kriya asks Sharon to serve Swayam when Swayam stops it. Rey says what is there with who serves we are going to eat. Rey thinks of making Sharon feel that Swayam is doing the footsie but he does it with Kriya. Once Kriya gives him clue that he is

doing with her Rey feels awkward. The manager comes and asks Rey if all is good, Rey replies in positive when manager says he is about to make an announcement.The manager wishes them all a happy new year 2014 and says this week they are celebrating and playing a small game. They have to share their new year resolutions with their friends. The manager tells he will start with Rey’s table. Rey gets up and says this year he will focus on his carrier and friends rather than being bothered about others. 2014 shall be a winning year.Kriya tells fulfilling her friends dream is her wish and like Rey told 2014 shall be winning year. Swayam tells he does not believe in resolutions but did not know 2013 will end in such a way.He tells what ever comes in the coming year he will do his works well be it professional or personal. Sharon tells she will maintain every relation with trust and honesty Swayam says he remembers some work and moves from there. Rey follows him out and asks what happened. At least he can have his lunch. Swayam tells both you and me know we are not here for lunch. I know you are doing this for me but I do not want to lie to you.I need time and when I want will come and tell you about it.Kriya tells Sharon they will order desert when Sharon tells you are doing too much for me.I do not know why Swayam is acting so but you forgot your differences with Rey did this for us. Rey comes in saying Swayam was busy when Sharon hugs him and thanks him.Sharon thanks Rey and moves from there.

A new day when Kriya is speaking with her mom saying finally Annual Day is here. She prays the performance with Rey goes well.Rey is in his washroom thinking the day he badly wanted and did not want is here when he has to perform with Kriya. He thinks of college reputation and prays to god to help him.Vicky and Nil in canteen think of its last day of Kriya in college. They will show that Kriya is not needed for dance. Nil shows Vicky and energy drink in which he has added sleeping pills so Kriya will sleep for 5 hours due to which she will not be able to perform.Vicky says we have to remove Kriya from college not ourselves. Kriya comes there and Vicky and Nil get shocked. They ask when did she come here when Kriya says Swayam sent her.He is calling them to Rehearsal hall. Kriya moves thinking am I thinking right Vicky and Nil having relation no that is not possible.

The team in the rehearsal hall is confused as Rinni’s place has to be filled. Swayam says if Simmi is not here the formation will change.Rey comes in saying the team will be complete .He has a surprise. Aashi comes in saying Hi. Sharon remembers the moments when Aashi and Swayam were close to each other. Aashi comes and meets Kriya and says hi and Kriya introduces herself too.They both are excited when Swayam comes and stops them saying they have to rehearse. kriya moves wishing all the best.Rey stops Kriya and says they they can rehearse before the performance starts.Kriya asks are you nervous.Rey says he is not but asking cause Kriya is busy handling various responsibilities.Kriya says she will complete her works and come for rehearsals.

Vicky asks Nil why is he having so many drinks. Nil says if they give it to Kriya alone all will doubt and hence he brought it for all.Kriya’s he has kept seperately. They come to atrium and distribute drinks to team. They give one to Kriya. Swayam asks Kriya for drink saying he is thirsty. Vicky and Nil shout asking him to stop. Swayam says he is thirsty and he needs to drink. They snatch and move saying they will give Swayam another one. Vicky goes and keeps the drink and mixes with other drinks and now they are not able to figure which has sleeping pills.

Sharon comes and gives Kriya a gift.Kriya opens and finds a T shirt that has college name. Swayam sees this. Kriya says she feels like she is now a part of the college.Sharon says she always was but people realize it late. Kriya says seeing the T shirt she is reminded of the old college days. Rey hears this and Kriya remembers the old Dance fest days .

Precap: Annual day begins.Sharon asks Swayam to speak with him. Swayam asks 12 hrs can we work professionally. Sharon says yes after 12 yeras you must speak with me

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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