The Buddy Project 6th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 6th January 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 6th January 2014 Written Update

Panchi asks RV what is he thinking, RV says he doesn’t know what’s happening but something is going wrong and he doesn’t want to fight against KD and especially Panchi, Panchi tells him its just a BB match, RV frustrated says he doesn’t know should he play to win or loose against his girlfriend, Panchi teases him and tells him to play his best as anyways they have played before and even that time he always used to loose, RV comes to his senses and asks her has journalism started teaching her to lie or to miscode the facts, both get into a cute argument about RV loosing and RV tries to justify saying he always let her win and recently he has improved a lot and she will see it in the match

Piddhi is walking lost in his own thoughts when JJ comes from

behind and pats on his shoulders and hides behind him as Piddhi goes round and round to see who called him, JJ then starts chanting KD bhai and tells him he doesn’t get tired of saying that whole day and yet KD hasn’t taken Piddhi in his team, he asks if he is hurt or angry, Piddhi asks him what is he trying to say
JJ tells him what he is trying to say is that Piddhi has a lot of strength in him and to make the right use of it, he tells Piddhi KD is good and loves him a lot but asks him not to be KD’s shadow and think about himself, he urges him to gear up his confidence as he is also has his own identity, JJ faces Piddhi to him and reminds him he is Pratham Punj and tells him to think what does he do best , does he play the game better or make the strategies and plans better, he tells Piddhi game is played to win not for friendship and that is what KD is doing, he is desperate to win the game and he didn’t take him on the team, JJ asks him to think what can Pratham Punj and not Piddhi do now, JJ leaves a thoughtful Piddhi(loved this scene…only JJ can manipulate and bring senses into buddies, kya style hai hehe)

KD orders a cutting chai, Piddhi also comes and orders the same but then changes to full chai, KD asks him how come he has changed, Piddhi tells him he always had cutting chai becoz he followed KD but now he has started to take his own decisions, KD asks him if he is angry and apologizes, Piddhi says what will he be angry for , KD says because he took Panchi in his team instead of Piddhi, Piddhi tells him he knows why he did that because he doesn’t know how to play unlike Panchi and anyways a game is played to win not to loose, Piddhi tells him if he would have taken him then his decision would have been wrong and he would have lost too so he doesn’t need to blame himself and he isn’t angry with KD
KD tells him he can still play in his team as his team isn’t complete yet and he could still pick Piddhi, but Piddhi says no as JJ is right he shouldn’t be KD’s shadow anymore he has his own strength so he tells KD to play and he will tell him the strategies of how to play and they both will make sure to beat Harsh Wardan
A guy announces whoever wants to play BB for whichever team they can write their name on the board and selection will be from here, people sign up their names for both the teams, RV&Harsh vs KD&Panchi

Piddhi explains the whole strategy to KD and Panchi while on the other hand Harsh and RV discuss their strategy, two Chillar guys come to the caf where KD-Piddhi-Panchi are discussing, Panchi leaves from there and KD tells Piddhi to lets go when the guys stop KD calling him bhai, KD says now he is their bhai when in new year they made him his enemy, they apologize KD for that day and say they are one team and they are ready to help him make Harsh and RV loose the game, KD says no thnks as he doesn’t want to turn this game in to Dhakkan vs Chillars it’s a matter between him and Harsh, the guys say its fine if he doesn’t want to create a fight but he needs a team for himself and whoever he feels right he can choose for his team, KD says no but Piddhi pulls him to the side

Piddhi tells KD if he follows the strategy it would be right to take them as they play well and its advantageous for them, KD thinks about it
Few Dhakkans come to RV and Harsh and tell RV that they want to play in his team, RV says sorry and is about to leave from there but Harsh asks why what’s wrong as they need to make a team and they can check how they play, RV tells Harsh he doesn’t know these guys he does and its not a good idea, the guy tells RV KD has already teamed up with Chillars and for him its not a game but a war between Chillars and Dhakkans, RV is surprised (Uh-Oh smelling trouble in RanSh paradise, damn this is going to be a huge war now)
Princi screams Chillars vs Dhakkans No Way as they wouldn’t play BB but play tabla on his head, JJ asks how, Princi shows him playing tak dina tin’ on his own head, JJ holds his head, Princi says if this match happens everything will be destroyed, JJ says the world burned yesterday, if it burns today he will give the match sticks’, Princi confused shouts what, JJ jokes its good lines he just remembered so said it, Princi screams he is in tension and JJ is joking, JJ tells him to relax but Princi becomes more hyper

JJ explains to Princi he has been trying to resolve the war from so long but instead it got much worse so its time to let them explode, Princi explodes that JJ has gone mad, JJ gives another dialogue from a movie mai pagal nahi hoon mera dimaag kharab ho gaya hai’, Princi is holds his head in frustration(hahaha JJ in cinema mode dialogue pe dialoguehe is soo enjoying this war)
JJ to the camera: the game is On

Harsh is about to enter the washroom when he hears someone calling for help form the girls washroom, he enters to find Kiya trying to stop the water splashing out from the broken tap, Harsh checks her out as she is getting wet, he then moves towards her and closes the tap, he then starts flirting with her, Harsh apologizes for putting her mood off in the BB court, he tells her he realizes now how painful it is to hurt such a beautiful girl, he further goes on saying since so much is happening between them he thinks they should be friends and puts his hand forward, Kiya gives her hand
Harsh then wipes away the water from her arms with the tissue asking her since they are friends when can they go for a date, Kiya takes the tissues from him and reminds him she has a boyfriend, Kiya excuses and leaves

Kiya is trying to dry her wet hair while KD asks her how did the tap break, Kiya turns to him hitting his face with her wet hair and asks him if its that important(awwwieee dey r sooo cutee), KD wiping his face says ofcoursenot but she is all wet that’s why he asked, Kiya irritated says thanks for telling her and gets back to dry her hair as KD is lost, Kiya tells him to stop staring and to do something, KD still lost asks what should he do, Kiya tells him to do something as she is all wet, KD coming to his senses says yeah he will get the shirt from his bag, KD gets the shirt and is about to give her when a shirt is thrown to Kiya from up
Harsh from upstairs tells Kiya to wear his shirt as it smells good and who knows if KD’s shirt is washed or not, KD gets angry and throws his shirt off to the bench and takes Harsh’s shirt and goes upstairs while Kiya and Piddhi follow to stop him

KD throws back the shirt to Harsh and warns him for the last time to not to come in between him and Kiya, Harsh says he was just trying to help a friend, he has a problem but she doesn’t, KD tells Harsh Kiya isn’t his friend, Harsh asks him if he will decide that, he then asks Kiya if they are not friends or is she scared of KD, Kiya tells him she is not scared of anyone, Harsh tells her that’s good to hear and asks her to tell KD if they are friends or not, KD looks at Kiya who says he is her friend (and the Toofan begins)

Precap: Harsh tells KD to keep his frustration and bring it out in the BB match, RV tells KD this BB match is going to be a big problem, KD tells RV he is seeing it clearly how RV is taking Harsh’s side, RV tells him Harsh is just a member of his team, Harsh asks RV if he is also scared of KD and tells him to say that they are good friends, KD angrily shouts out to shut up while Harsh shouts back to him to not shout

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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