Dil Dosti Dance 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Swayam and Sharon talk on video call. He tells her that he was watching her dancing videos, so that his team can win in dance mania. She says that there dance rehearsals are going good, so she isn’t worried. He hopes her mood remains good at the day of competition. She says that she couldn’t meet him so wanted to say Good Morning to him. She says that they will go on a long drive tonight, but he says that he has a battle with Karma tonight. She argues that he is his student and he must be respected. Swayam says that he thinks he has to earn that respect. She says that she is coming with him tonight. He agrees. She promises that after winning, he will get a prize from her side.

Some girls asks Huma their book, but Huma is in a hurry. She looks at the toilet but it is out of order. She asks a girl there, she says that there is one at the third floor, or she might go to the boys toilet. There was a long queue for the boy’s washroom. Karma comes there and whispers for what she is doing there. She takes her on a side and requests him to help her. He bets that she will cheer for Swayam, when she finally agrees he comes to the boys and announces that there is no water in this one, they must all go to the first floor.

Raghv and Ishika were practicing. Raghv instructs Ishika’s mistakes, in a serious tone. She says sorry. He says what will happen by saying sorry, she was doing the same mistake yesterday. Ishika says that she said sorry for telling Sharon all about him. He asks when did she start to feel sorry for him, he says he doesn’t need her sympathies, she might tell all the college about it as he is indifferent to the people. He heads to rehearse again. She sees his mobile in the side pocket of his bag, and recalls he said his phone has been lost.

Karma was in the café, when Huma comes there to say Thank You. He asks does she really know the word? She says that she will cheer him tonight. He gets a call, and goes in the side to talk to the doctor. He asks a second rehab, and promises to be there. He runs picking his bag. Huma thinks why does he need another rehab, she will get to know tonight.

Swayam and Sharon reach the site Karma called them. Sharon asks what kind of a place is this. Swayam says that time and place had to be chosen by him. Everyone else also arrive in the other car, and asks why Karma called them here. They suggest to text someone that they are here. A rickshaw stops by, Huma comes out of it. Swayam asks you here?

They all go inside together. People were betting on Karma in the underground club. They hear someone saying that Karma is a champion in underground dance battle. Karma comes there, Swayam says that he won’t dance here as people are putting money on them. Karma says that he must be happy that people are placing money on his student. Swayam says that he won’t face-on here. Karma thinks he has to win this money at any cost. He shouts Swayam! If you did not have to dance, why challenged, the founder of D3 and lead dancer are you afraid. If you lose today, what will happen to your academy, you are afraid about losing from your student? But these people will take your back up as a loss as well. Sharon says to Swayam that if he doesn’t dance, she will. Karma says that he doesn’t dance against girls, they are allowed couple-dances. He tells Sharon to be quiet, goes to Karma and agrees for the face-off. People begin to cheer Karma. Swayam says that he has a condition, if he loses this face-off he will never dance for betting.

Swayam and Karma dance against each other.

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