Dil Dosti Dance 3rd June 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 3rd June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 3rd June 2013 Written Update

Taani enters the rehearsal hall and blames Rey for taking Swayam out of the team,Barath says think a bit before saying.Taani asks why would she did they think before making up a dance without Swayam.The team makes to try her understand that its not so but she does not give a heed to it.Rey tries to explain to her but Taani asks how can you Rey.You came home today morning to make Swayam do all this and you are doing this for captaincy.She asks him did he not feel bad and adds i saying thats tough for you cause neither you have humanity nor feelings.You mind only competition.Neha says they were planning just a stand by routine.You were the one behind NDC all time and now if we are preparing for competition you are saying this now.Swayam is about to enter the rehearsal hall when he hears all this.The team says they are no more ready to hear her blabber and asks her to go.Taani says she will go and also inform Swayam about this. She turns and sees Swayam standing there.

Swayam comes in and Taani is about to say something when Swayam says he head it all.The gang tell now please Swayam you dont say that you have misunderstood us.Aashi ask him if he is fine.Swayam says he still has pain and thats why he has decided to quit the dance team.The whole team is shocked and Rey calls Swayam when Taani says don’t.This is what you wanted.You wanted the captaincy back that you left cause of me.The gang is confused and Nilesh says Rey will never do this.Vicky says Rey never needs to do such Dirty Politics to gain it.Swayam stops it.Rey goes to the team and says Taani is taking all the frustration of the beak up and he will hand this.Team hesitates to leave him alone but Rey insists and they move out.Taani tells to Swayam that he has misunderstood Rey.He is not as he shows.Swayam says thats the issue.You have never understood Rey.Rey asks Swayam to move too and thus the end they both stay in.

Sharon is all ready to move to college and sees herself in the mirror.She says to herself on now you look like the old Sharon Rai prakash.Just as before.She then sees the time and is shocked as she is very late.She has missed the rehearsals too.She panics and takes her mobile to see if anyone has called and founds it dead.She then relaxes by taking deep breadth and says you are in love and phone getting dead is normal and starts off to college.

You can be so selfish.Rey says I never know that you were affected so much.Ours was a true relation .She asks why did you suddenly start hating me Rey.Rey asks her you are affected cause of the breakup.Rey says it affected him too.He turns and think what am I doing.Taani is still affected I must do something that she moves out from this break up.Taani asks him why did you do it.You need to answer me today.She shouts this and team who were getting down the stairs hear this.They move to see what is happening.Rey asks Taani not to shout.He thinks that he must make sure that she has to choose between him and h her work.He asks her do you still care for me.Taani says Mr.Reyaansh Singhania you are too egoistic about yourself.The team watching outside boys support Rey and girls support Taani.

Taani says that she did a great mistake by thinking Rey as her Mr.Right but no he is mistake he was,is and will be MR.wrong for her.Rey stays silent.Taani leaves the hall. Rey says he is so much happy and he cant express how much now.

Precap;Sharon comes into the college in her DIVA style.Swayam comes and asks her you in this dress and she says yes.Swayam asks her will you be my girlfriend.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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