Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 3rd June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 3rd June 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 3rd June 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Jal is in the battle ground and hanging on Mahadev’s trishul .Mhadev throws him on the ground ..Jal falls down but laughs , Mahadev is very angry to see that ,everyone is surprised by jal’s reaction Nandi and Yam raj feels angry Jal stands up and laugh at Mahadev ..every one is watching him then Jal sees mata parvati coming towards him …then he remembers what she told him that they will meet just before his end .Mahadev sees mata and says Paravati …they both are meeting after long there is an emotional expression they exchange … then mata slowly goes and stand next to Mahadev

by seeing mata and Mahadev togather Jal is worried then a ray of light from mata and Mhadev comes together to the trishul ..Mahadev throws that trishul towards Jal ..which takes him with force and he collide with a rock and falls on the ground .. Devtas ,Sukrachrya, Narayan, laxmiji, Narad muni and bramh dev .. every one watching him ..

Jal with lot of pain touches his chest and finds blood coming out of his body .. he says finally the Devtas have won …..he says Mahadev you by defeating me you have proved that Asras are defeated by Devtas ,,But are you the most powerful ? have proved that one live freely only if he follows your rule and silently think that he will get justice some day in his lifetime but that is not ture ..I didn’t accept that ..I didn’t follow your rule and lived on my own terms I am proud of my death .

.Mahadev says yes have lives your live on your own terms everyone has the right who to do so by facing situations the choice they make is that make them to the greatness or cheapness ..I told you before you have to face your the parinam of your karamfal …if you call it niyam (rule) then yes that true because without rule this world will became a war zone its not only for you its for everyone even for me …no one speared from his karmfal not even tridev ..I am also not speared form my karmfal nor Narayana or Bramhdev …we are ready to face our karmfal ..then why its injustice with you ? how can you be spared ?

I did not kill you to prove my power if I had to do that then I would have not waited for this war ..the truth is you started your end its your duskarm brought you to this end… I gave you an opportunity to became good because i had faith that if you would have wished to do goodness for this sansar then you had power to do so as Trilokadhipati and would have live well ..but after become Trilokadhipati you became very proud and selfish …you didn’t think of Asurs kalyan but you by doing bad karm you took them to this defeat .. you started ill treat everyone around you …you miss behaved with your Guru Sukrqachary you misuse his power you abused his teachings you doubt his guidance …it was you who chose adharm the rusult had to be this even if you are my ansh

Ansh ….Jal says its was you who made me realized that i am your ansh but you disowned me ..and now also i don’t feel any love for me whatever happened with me if that happened with your ansh would you have never tolorated you could let injustice happen with me ..are you not responsible for that ..

By hearing about Mahadev I felt love and affectionate …it was you and that you are Devo ka dev Mahadev whom i should meet ..what you said when we met that i am your ansh and you are responsible of my every activity so if i am your ansh are you not responsible for injustice happened to me .. I came to this world because of you …are you not responsible to take care of my up bringing … when indra killed my mother then why didn’t you came in the place of acharay why didn’t you console me by saying that what indra did was not right …at my rajya abhiskake why didn’t you say Jal you fought very well with Indra i would have left everything and came to you …..i could not understand what is right and wrong then why didn’t you guide me …. aww Jal is not only physically hurt but also emotionally hurt by whatever happened to him ..he asks mahadev why he didn’t treat him as his own son if he is his ansh … he says ..tell me Mahadev do you have answer for all this ?

Precap : Samudar’s has sukh (hapyness) and dukh (sorrow) which is his own… the lahre of samudra is his ansh but not his bikalp (subsitude) ..

Update Credit to: cheena007

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