Dil Dosti Dance 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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In the college, Huma discuss with Karma that she feels college so empty. She says that they took them back into their group. Karma boasts that he said sorry himself, else he doesn’t care. She asks if he doesn’t care, why he came to her home that night. She tells him not to take her as a weak person. He holds her on the wall, asking what she will do to him. The teacher catches them and sends them to detention in library.
They all tease Sharon for taking five bags along. Suddenly, the car pulls. Rey says the tire got flat. They all ask Sharon if she packed mechanic along. Swayam says he is prepared. Sharon takes their attention to weather. She asks Simmi to have tea. As Rey and Bharat change tire, they all have fun together.
Huma sets the books with Karma. As a prank, he pastes a sticker on her butt and laugh. HE asks her to look from her point of view.
Swayam asks Sharon for water. Simmi tells Sharon that her boyfriend take too much care of her. Sharon tells her he will be the best husband as well. Simmi asks her about what is going on between them. Sharon quietly tells her that she found a ring in her luggage, and is going to give her a surprise. They get excited, Rey says that girls are over expressive, their happiness come out of them. Swayam calls them to go.
Everyone laughs in the library, looking at Huma. Huma shouts at Karma, that it is because of him that she is being punished. Karma is indifferent to her, they turn their faces away. Then comes to each other and, dance together.
Rey stops at a point at night. They were all scared, but Rey asks them that they must go forward to check about it.
Raghv comes to Ishika’s room. He says he wants to say thanks to him, she brought happiness in their house. He couldn’t understand everyone so well. She says she has also mistaken about recognizing people, she must be thankful to him for bringing her home. He asks her to accept her thanks at this time. They hug each other. Raghv leaves saying good night.
Rey asks them to look at a building, he says this is it. He says this is our dream.

PRECAP: Sharon tells Swayam she always wanted to see stars with him. She says they will spend their honey moon in Spain. Swayam say there is much time left for that. Rey asks a village guy about the story why dance came to an end in the village.

Update Credit to: Sona

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