Itti Si Khushi 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itti Si Khushi 2nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Aman parking his bike in his home. He greets Akku and then asks her where is Neha. Neha steps in between them. did you not recognize me? He praises her new look after teasing her a little. Neha has a big smile on her face now. She hits him playfully and holds him by the neck again. They both enjoy talking to each other while Akku looks on from a distance. She takes a step back seeing their bonding. She observes Aman keenly. I have never seen him smiling like this before. She feels a little bad.

Neha’s parents are at Aman’s house only. Sunita tells them that doc has advised them not to give Neha any stress. Dadi replies that things happen according to fate. You both should make her understand. Gayatri adds that they want Aman to get married soon. we have anyways waited for too long. Mr. Agarwal agrees. We are ok with whatever date you decide. Gayatri decides the 30th of this month for Aman and Akku’s engagement. They all congratulate each other.

Aman gets a call. He takes it out of his pocket and Neha is amazed to see it. she gets excited and ends up making him click her pictures with Akku. Next she gives the phone to Akku to click her pic with Aman. She stands next to Aman and keeps a hand on his shoulder while he looks at her happily. Gayatri who had just come out, notices this and Aman notices her too. He removes Neha’s hand and makes her look at his mother. Akku and Neha greet her. Neha moves behind Akku. Neha’s parents have come out to go to their home. They are surprised to see their girls here. Neha wonders as to why they are here. But then she looks at Aman with a cute smile on her face. He notices it too but is aware of her mother and everyone else. Gayatri stares at him pointedly.

Neha asks her parents as to why they were there. He lies that they had gone there just to meet them. nothing special. Neha wouldn’t have minded joining them. akku goes out to attend Neeta’s call. You had come here? I was about to come downstairs but you left before that only. Akku shares how Neha had gone there to show her new hairstyle to Aman. I haven’t told her anything. Neeta suggests her to do it asap. Your engagement date has been fixed too. You shouldn’t delay anymore. Akku wonders if it is right. The way Didi went to Aman’s house to share her little little happiness and how they were so happy talking to each other. They share different vibes. Aman never even talks to me that way, let alone jokes. He is all formal with me but when he is with Didi it feels like they are still as close as they were when they were kids. Neeta understands it well. They used to play together. They had a gang of their own. Akku knows it too. But I feel like an outsider when they are with each other. Neeta reminds her that the truth is that Aman bhaiya is going to marry you. Akku smiles and ends the call.

Neha finds Suraj taking out his toys from cartons. He calls her Ninni Bua as she used to sleep a lot. Neha smiles. She gives him a peck on his cheek. They both fight over the room. His mom calls out for him so he goes to meet her. she tells him that this room is not his anymore. He doesn’t want to shift in the small room. I feel good here. Her mom tells him that he has no choice. She stops when she notices Neha. Neha gives her a big hug. You are so beautiful. How did you like Motu Bhaiya? Shagun smiles. Suraj and Neha make faces at each other. Shagun tells her to rest for a while but Neha wants her opinion on her new look first. Shagun compliments her that she is looking great. Neha excitedly shares the whole parlour experience. Suraj is playing. She tells him to go out. Neha tells her to let him be here. We will have loads of fun together. Shagun agrees finally. Suraj is happy that he wont have to go from this room.

Gayatri comes to Aman’s room. She is worried about Munna. He is not even picking my phone. He does this only nowadays. Aman calls him but his number is unreachable. He tells the same to his mother. She tells him about his engagement. How relations change! Your uncle aunty will become your in-laws now. Your best friend Neha will become your sister-in-law. Everything has changed now. Hope you understand what I am saying. He nods. She tells him to inform her once Kartik is home.

Kartik comes home through his brother’s window just when their mom goes out. Aman questions him about his whereabouts but Kartik diverts it. he tells Kartik to meet Ma first but Kartik is not interested in lectures. He has been partying the whole night. There should be some fun in life. You are busy in your rather your Ma’s life. What will you do about it! Aman talks about responsibilities. Fun is not just in parties but work also. I enjoy sports so I play. Kartik taunts him that it isn’t that anymore. Instead of you playing you have ended up becoming a coach. Aman feels bad. Kartik gets a call and talks to some girl as he walks out of the room. Aman reminds him to tell mom.

Sunita is worried how they will tell Neha about Akku’s engagement. Anand (Mr. Agarwal) says they have no option but to do it. neha comes there. She shows them something that she has made along with Suraj. They make her sit with them. sunita tells her how Suraj used to wish her on her every birthday. He used to kiss you on your cheek. Neha feels happy. Sunita talks about the changes in this home. She talks about Sandeep, Shagun, Suraj and finally comes to Akku. Akku comes there just then and hears her mom talking to Neha about her marriage. Akku interrupts them. She asks Neha to go as Suraj is waiting for her. Neha goes out to play ludo with Suraj.

Akku suggests her parents to not tell anything to Neha as of now. It is such a big news. I want to tell this to my sister myself. Please let me do it. They agree for it. there might be some good in it too. She leaves. Sunita tells her to do it asap as they have no time. Akku nods. Her parents like Akku’s idea.

Shagun is arranging stuff in their new (smaller) room. He explains that he couldn’t help it. none of us were ready but Neha came back all of a sudden. Even mumma wanted to wait for you. She is not saying anything. Have I said anything ever? He talks about his helplessness. Should I have stopped them saying Shagun wont like it? Shagun is actually hurt that no one asked her even once. I would have made some preps if I had an idea about it. suraj has made such a big fuss out of it. you say I don’t understand you. Do you understand me? he apologizes for not taking her permission beforehand.

Dida is watching tv. She hears a noise (horn) and looks towards her door curiously. Her wheelchair is all decorated in pink and with Dida express written over it. it comes inside on its own which scares her. just then Suraj and Neha pop out from behind and greet her. neha is still bent upon the idea of making Dida sit on the wheelchair. Neha talks about the roses in their garden. Dida suggests her to click a pic and show it but Neha and Suraj are not interested to hear her no. They pull her towards the wheelchair while she shouts in disapproval.

Sandeep and his dad are talking about market loan. Mr. Agarwal has taken loan from the market on a very high rate. Sandeep mutters that it would have been better if he would have left it on him to decide. His dad gets angry. If I would have left it on you then Neha would not have returned to her home today. Akku, her mom and Shagun hear it. You wanted her to die just to save some money. It is ok if money is spent but our Neha is back. I only know that we were successful in our attempt. Sunita signals him to be quiet as Neha might hear it. sandeep notices Shagun standing there and lowers his head. He gets up to go when they all hears shouts from inside. Suraj is running around excitedly while Neha wheels around Dida on her wheelchair. Dida is all shouting with her eyes closed in fear. The family members try to stop them but in vain. Neha finally stops the wheelchair and Dida breathes normally. She requests Neha to do it one more time but a little faster this time. Everyone breaks into a smile. Neha and Akku push her wheelchair this time with Suraj and Sandeep following them. neha stops the wheelchair. They all take rounds around Dida and have fun.

Akku gets a call from Neeta. She moves aside to talk to her. Neeta wonders about the background noise. Akku tells her how Neha has done the impossible thing. Didi made Dida sit on the wheelchair in two days when we were unable to do it all these years. Neeta asks when she will tell Neha didi. Akku relates how she has never seen her family so happy before. Our happiness has returned with her return. Hope I don’t snatch her happiness though. Neeta says maybe we are wrong in our thinking but Akku knows that Neha will be shocked. Mom dad were about to tell didi but I stopped them. Akku agrees to tell tomorrow on Mata ki Chowki. She looks at the smiling faces of everyone worriedly. She wonders what will happen tomorrow.

Precap: Neha and Suraj enjoy Mata Ki Chowki. Akku has still not told Neha anything about her engagement. Jayanti likes the news that she has heard.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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