Dil Dosti Dance 2nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 2nd August 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 2nd August 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Girls fighting with Swayam on the issue of who will take the LEAD in the Dance while welcoming Sharon. Meanwhile Rey enters and gives them the solution of chits, whoever’s name comes in it will take the LEAD. Simmi takes a chit and it has Swayam’s name on it. She is disappointed and Swayam is very happy. The BOYS take him aside and tell him to “DANCE on the CHANCE” while Simmi is blabbering and opening the chits and all the chits have Swayam’s name on it. SHE is about to shout when Rey comes and closes her mouth and says that Swayam is trying to impress Sharon from so many days let him have a chance now and so she agrees.

Sharon enters the College and is very happy to be back. Gang is standing in front of her in the corridor hiding their faces. She

is trying to see their faces when Swayam comes in front of her with his back to her face. And then starts the Gangs welcome performance on “pretty woman”. They welcome Sharon is a Grand style. She is very very happy on this gesture of theirs. Sharon says a lot of things changed when she was away and looks at REY when Swayam prompts and says that don’t take out Tanni’s topic now in front of REY. But Alisha talks about Tanni’s farewell and Rey becomes sad. Rinni says Tanni has left a gift for Sharon and it is at Swayam’s place. Sharon asks about the gift to Swayam. He says I haven’t bought it, its at my place. Sharon says u should have bought it as you knew I was coming. Gang shouts Swayam knew? Swayam says no I dint knew. Sharon to joins no he did not know anything I just said it like that only. Simmi eyes Sharon suspiciously and smirks at HER. Sharon looks at her confused. Then Rey says it’s a great day as the friendship week has come to an end Sharon’s with her.

In the evening Sharon goes to Swayam’s place to take the gift. Swayam takes her to his room. She is touched by seeing the painting in his room. He says I saw you every day even though you did not allow me to come see you. She then tells him she wants to see the Sharon corner.

Rey is doing rehearsing in the Rehearsal Hall. He thinks of catching up with his Best Friend Sharon after so many days and he wants to talk to her and share his feelings. He calls Sharon. He asks her where should I come to pick you up but she says I am at my boyfriends place, I am with swayam and we have met after so long so cant come. Rey gets disappointed but says its ok.

Sharon then opens the closet and see’s the Sharon corner and says finally after so long she can see it properly and to have her corner feels so special. Swayam smiles and says of course it will now as we are in a relationship. She is touched by watching it. Suddenly she spots a note “5 THINGS TO DO WITH SHARON BEFORE I DIE”. She takes it Swayam sees it and snatches it from her hand and they are running here and there. She fakes that her hand is hurt and Swayam comes near her meanwhile she snatches the list and starts reading it. Swayam is very embarrassed. Sharon says is this your wish list and starts reading it.

PRECAP:- Rey and AK are sitting in the rehearsal hall where AK asks him what happened. Rey answers that his two Best Friends are busy with each other that’s why. AK thinks to himself that this is an awesome chance to try to break their bond.
Sharon hugs swayam.

Update Credit to: namratajadhav

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