Pavitra Rishta 2nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 2nd August 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 2nd August 2013 Written Update

Gauri comes running to a train station. She asks a ticket checker about the train going to Patna. She gets into the train and starts searching for Soham. She can’t find and get off. Train is about to leave and she sees Soham from a window. She goes in again and asks him, what are you doing here? Soham says, I am going back to Patna. Gauri says, even I know that.. but how can you just do like that? Let’s get off the train and then talk. Soham says, I won’t go anywhere.
Gauri says, if you don’t get off, then I won’t get off either. The train is about to start. Gauri gets worried. Soham notices and tells her, train is about to start. Gauri says, I will pull the chain, but won’t let you go. Others around them tell Gauri, for one person why will stop whole train? They tell

Soham to get off when she is saying so much. Soham tells Gauri to leave. Gauri says, I can’t let Archanaji’s effort go waste. When you realize your mistake, you will be thanking me. Let’s go, else I will pull the chain. Everyone tells Soham to go. Gauri takes his hand and they leave. The people say today’s lovers.. first fight and then this.

They come down and the train starts. Soham looks at Gauri with anger and walks away. Gauri follows him and he says, you’re not doing right. Gauri asks, then what you’re doing is right? Soham screams, I am a goon. Get scared from me. Gauri says, you’re not a goon.. that was your past. Now you’re Soham.. Soham Deshmukh. Soham says, no.. I am Visnhu Lala. I am a goon and I will remain a goon. That’s written on my head.. and it will only go off when I die. He says, Manav Deshmukh makes me realize this every day. He kept Vishnu Lala alive inside me. It’s better if I stay with Patna people.. they won’t care whether I am a goon or not. He joins his hands to her and says, that is why, please don’t try to stop me. let me go. Gauri says, you want to go, right? Then go. But did you think how much your aai will get hurt. She tried so hard to change you into Soham and seeing you leaving, she will get very sad. Can you see her sad? It’s difficult to walk on right path. You have to face many difficulties, but you have to keep going on. Soham is getting emotional. When Gauri talks about family, Soham says, I don’t have any family. Gauri says, you have world’s two most wonderful mothers and you’re saying that you don’t have a family? Think about your mother once.. think about beautiful moments that you had with her. Then decide which way you want to take. You have two choices. One to Patna, where a goon’s life is waiting for you, and other to your house, where your aai is.. one beautiful life is waiting for you. It’s up to you which path you want to choose. Soham thinks.

Arjun and Purvi come near Soham’s shop. Purvi says, we searched everywhere.. let me just ask shop owner one more time. She asks the shop owner. The shop owner says, he came in the morning to take his money and left for Patna. Purvi wonders Patna? He leaves. Purvi is crying. Arjun comes to her and asks her why she is crying and what the shop owner said. Purvi tells him Soham dada went to Patna. He didn’t even tell. What will I tell to aai? Varsha mausi? Purvi keeps on crying. Arjun tries to calm her down. She realizes both are getting too close. She says, I think we should go home. They are back in the car. Arjun is looking at her. He says in his mind, I wish I could stop your tears. I can’t do that, but at least I can support you. I will always there be for you. I promise.
Soham is walking towards the station. Gauri says, I think you’ve selected your path. All the best. Now whenever I think about you, I will be regretting that you could become a good person, but you chose to become a goon. She is leaving, but Soham holds her hand and stops her. He says, don’t think I am coming with you because of your lecture.. I am coming back only for my aai and only until she returns from Shirdi. Once she comes back, I will leave. I don’t want to do any injustice with her. Gauri says, don’t worry.. I won’t even think once that you’re coming with me because of me. Let’s go your home. Soham says, I won’t go there. Gauri says, then at Varsha’s house. Soham says no for that as well. Gauri asks, then where will you go? Soham says, I will live on the street, but won’t go back to that Manav Deshmukh’s house. Gauri says, fine.. you can come to my house at least. Soham says, you’re taking a goon to your house.. what will your parents say? Gauri says, don’t think about them.. if you don’t mind, then come with me. They are leaving. One boy comes running to them saying, I want ice cream. His mother comes and makes him understand it’s not good to eat ice cream in cold weather. She leaves with him. Soham gets emotional and sits on a side. He remembers Archu. He says, why are you not here aai? No one loves me like you. No one understands me. I really need you. Gauri comes there with tea. Soham doesn’t take it at first, but then Gauri says, have it.. you will feel good. He drinks it now.
Purvi and Arjun arrive at Manav’s house. Arjun puts his hand on her shoulder and tells her to take care and everything will be fine. Savita sees this. Arjun leaves.

Savita taunts Purvi. She asks how was the meeting? Do you want to eat now or you already ate outside? I saw you with Arjun… where did you go? Purvi says, there was no meeting.. I went to find Soham dada. It’s been so long and no one knows anything about him. Savita says, despite Manav saying no? You will make decisions of this house now? Purvi says, I don’t want to go against baba’s decision, but I can’t see Soham dada like this.. away from his family. Savita says, he left with his choice and he is not worth of staying in this house. Purvi says, yes.. you’re right.. he should go back and live in that village.. robbing threatening people is his job. Now Savita gets quiet. Purvi asks her, didn’t you see changes in him in last couple of weeks. Didn’t you want him to love so much so he forgets his past? Savita doesn’t say a words and locks herself in her room and cries. Manav’s father asks her, for whom you’re crying? I am still alive. Savita says, i am not crying.. something went in my eyes. I don’t care whether Soham lives here or no. Manav’s father says, you say it or no.. your tears say it everything. Savita leaves from there.

Gauri’s mother is getting worried as Gauri still didn’t come home. Right then she enters with Soham. Her mother asks if he came to drop her. Gauri says, no… he came to live with us. Gauri’s brother, Atul, comes running and he wants to play with Soham. Gauri and his parents send him inside.

Gauri’s parents take her on side and ask why Soham would stay here despite him having a house and why he looks so sad. Gauri tells them everything. Gauri’s father says, if it’s like that.. then he can stay with us. He goes to get clothes for him. Gauri’s mother goes to get dinner for him.

Gauri comes to Soham and says, you’ll have to sleep on sofa here.. because we don’t have another room in our house. He tells Gauri not to tell anyone about him living here else he will leave from here as well. Gauri says, don’t worry.. I won’t tell anyone. Gauri goes in and episode ends.

Precap: Soham returns from outside and finds Gauri’s family members tied up. He asks them what happened. Gauri’s father says, some people came searching for you and when we said you’re not here.. they took Gauri with them.

Update Credit to: Desitvbox

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