Dil Dosti Dance 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharon and Swayam come to the shop the buy candles, the shopkeeper says they aren’t available, they must go. They go to another shop, the shopkeeper says this shop is for the villagers not the city dwellers. Sharon argues, but Swayam takes her to another shop. Another shopkeeper says that they must return to their city. Swayam takes the angry Sharon.

Raghv and Karma look at the village girls sitting under a tree. Ishika asks Huma has she seen Raghv, Huma smiles, and says when she will pass in front of Raghv he won’t look at anyone. Ishika teases her, that Karma will look at her. They come near, Karma whistles and says she looks pretty today. Ishika says thanks, but Karma says this compliment was for Huma. Raghv smiles, that why is she saying thanks, she can’t handle a heels, she must wear chappals. They leave, but Karma says he has said a lot. Raghv says he has got less time. Karma says he also has seven days only. Ishika was annoyed, Huma says it doesn’t mean he dislikes her. Ishika says he taunted her yesterday too. Huma says this mean he loves her. She shows her a post, and says she must be double mean with him. Ishika says she knows what she has to do, and says Karma is taking much interest in her. Huma says he is mad.

Sharon is angry at the villagers and shouts at Swayam. She turns back, to find Swayam wasn’t there. She calls him, there was a field dummy there just in her face. She screams and was about to fell, when Swayam appears from behind it and holds her. He tells her that they have to ignore the thought of this builder, behind the attitude of the villagers. She calms down.

Rey thinks about Kriya, on the lake side. Sara comes there, and finds Rey watching Kriya’s photo. He says happy birthday to the photo.

Vicky and the team, goes to find the girl. They knock a door, and asks for the girl. The villagers shut the door on their faces. Chintoo comes there, and says the tree-baba knows the girl they are asking for. He heads to take them to the baba. The baba was shouting, they all were afraid. Chintoo comes and says these guys want to know about Vishnu Karma’s wife, he says she died 50 years ago. The all go in fear.

Sara was annoyed, Simmi asks what happened. She says that he must talk to her, if he is angry. Simmi says he is annoyed by himself as he forgot to wish Kriya her birthday which is today. Simmi leaves, but Sara thinks that she was with him and because of her he couldn’t wish Kriya birthday. She gets an idea.

Sara comes to Sharon, and asks her for her phone as she has to make a call and her battery is dead. Sharon says that the charger is in the bag. Sara heads to leave annoyed, when Sharon says she was just pulling her leg and leaves the room for her to make a call. Sara watches that Sharon has left, and calls Kriya. She introduces herself, and says that she wants to talk to her about Rey. Kriya says she doesn’t want to talk about Rey and disconnects.

Nil and Simmi were talking about their wedding. Nil says he is thinking about getting settled in the village, as he won’t have to do MBA to impress Simmi’s dad. Simmi pours a full bucket on Nil, Vicky laughs and Nil pours water bucket on Vicky. Simmi leaves, while Nil and Vicky discuss that Sara has filled Rey’s life with colours.

Huma finds flowers in room, and card from Karma. She wonders they must be for anyone, other than herself. She comes out to confront Karma, he asks did she like them. He says they definitely for her. She asks what work he wants her to do. He says when he saw them in forest, he thought their real place must be somewhere else and puts them in her hair. He praises the smell of flower and they both look at each other.

Swayam comes to Rey, and tells him that everyone is boycotting them and all the shopkeeper denied selling them anything. Rey says they must do something. Rey says he must talk to the head of the village. Swayam asks did he talk to Kriya, he says no.

PRECAP: Ishika asks has anyone seen Sara, as she isn’t in the room. They all go to see a party arranged there, with Sara’s letter. Sharon finds Swayam’s letter about a surprise.

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