Dil Dosti Dance 29th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 29th August 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 29th August 2013 Written Update

Rey tells to Adi that he always told him not to trust but he did a mistake by blindly trusting.They just left me alone. Adi says don’t worry Rey I’m here with you.Adi adds saying for them you were ready to leave the offer and they left you especially Swayam. Rey says Swayam he has changed only now he is able to see the true faces of his so called friends.They all left him .Adi asks Rey now to worry as he is there for him.Mr.Singh adds saying they will be with him.Adi says right now it does not matter what now matters is your carrier. I could have taken them to court but just cause they are your friends I left them. Rey says from now I must prepare for my solo. Why should they waste money on the video of Rey and Sharon.Like Adi has told Time equals to Money and they must not waste

their money .Rey suggest Adi that they have a Press conference before media gets info from some other source.He says if its about funds he would help them too.Adi tells its not about funds.He needs to concentrate on his solo.Mr.Singh says Media now wont be good.they need to take time.Adi agrees with Mr.Singh.Rey says what if the media comes to know by other souces.The questions would be doubled then. Adi thinks and agrees to have a press meet the next day declaring that Rey is the only part of Razors and is going to be the next dancing sensation. Rey thinks you will get to know about the plan later.

Sharon goes to Swayam’s house to enquire about him all drenched. Kaka opens the door and says Swayam is not home still.He asks Sharon to come in he would give her towel to dry herself and also give tea. Sharon asks Kaka that they must complaint to the police regarding Swayam not seen when kaka tells it won’t be accepted as its not past 24 hours. Sharon comes in on kakas insistence when kaka gives her tea. The team is in the classroom discussing what has happened. The girls tell after all such a big fight took place so how would Rey speak. with them.He must not have been in a mood.The boys are against it.Vicky says its all cause of Adi they have lost Neha ,Sharon and Swayam.Barath adds saying Rey was lost long back. Rey texts Sharon he is Sorry and she need not speak with him till she wants but just remember he is always there for her.Swayam comes and notices Sharon.Sharon sees him and drops the cup. Swayam comes in the living room and Sharon shouts at him asking where was he.Swayam asks Sharon to not shout.He adds saying she has forgotten that few things he needs to handle alone. Sharon akss him then why is he getting selfish. Swayam replies saying Rey is selfish why did she not question him.Sharon replies back asking him not to bring Rey in here.Swayam asks her why because he is best friend.He adds saying forgive me madam next time when he slaps me I’ll show him the other cheek too.

Rey in rehearsal hall thinking neither is Swayam phone reachable nor message being delivered where is he.Sharon asks why is he taunting her.the argument gets in and Sharon asks him not to shout. Swayam says why is the copyright maintained between her and her best friend.Sharon reminds him that they promised that they will speak and sort out.Swayam laughs and asks does she even remember about the promise.He says where you have to speak there you stay silent and where you have to stay silent there you speak. He asks her why didn’t she think once about him while dancing on the song told by a stranger. Sharon’s says She was bound by contract. Swayam says from when did Sharon Rai Prakash the diva start thinking about the contract whose best friend is Reyaansh Singhania

Swayam says he is confused about what he means to her .Does his feeling even matter to her.He doubts is he even in her life or not or am I like some try who is there to entertain you.Who culd you have found better to dance on your words.Sharon is shocked listening to this.She says he is sick and moves out from there taking her bag. Once Sharon leaves Swayam bangs his hand on the wall and says I’m sick I’m very sick.How could I say all those things to her and breaks down.

Precap: Rey performing Solo dance and team thinks he is preaparing for Solo.Adi comes and says the day he has waited for his here.Rey thinks he will now make Adi realize what it means to play with emotions and relationships. Swayam and Sharon have a talk when Swayam says instead of always compromising its good if they break.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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