Gustakh Dil 29th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 29th August 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 29th August 2013 Written Update
Laajo’s and Nikhil take aashirwad (blessings) from her parents and from Nikhil’s Dada before leaving for Delhi. Ram Bachan tells them to visit the mundhir before leaving Sonvarsha. Laajo’s mom has a hard time saying goodbye and requests Nikhil to take good care of her of Laajo and to forgive any mistakes she may make. Nikhil’s grandfather says don’t worry as he knows that Nikhil will take good care of Laajo. Laajo is about to get in the back of the jeep but one of Nikhil’s female friends (sorry I can’t recall their names) directs her to the front saying that is the right place for her now so she sits in front with Nikhil. They all stop at the mundhir before leaving and the pundit there says that the pooja is for their new married life and future and starts the proceedings and just as the prayers start Nikhil walks away because he is unable to think of a future without Ishaana. No one noticed him leave as their eyes were shut during the prayer. When the pundit turns around he asks Laajo where her husband is and Nikhil’s friend quicky jumps in and answers the pundit saying that Nikhil had a sudden pain in his head so had to leave and to please give the prashad to Laajo. Then they all continue on their way to Delhi.

Next, they all stop at a restaurant to grab a bite to eat. Everyone is very hungry but they decide to wait on Nikhil before ordering as he was still parking the jeep. In the meantime they had ordered coffee/cappuccinos for everybody. Nikhil arrives and he grabs one of the cups of coffee and they ask him what he wants to eat but he replies that his is not hungry and instead of taking a seat he moves away to be by himself looking outside. He is reminiscing about Ishaana while drinking his coffee. Laajo on the other hand takes one drink of her coffee (she’s been quiet the whole time) and thinks to herself how horrible the drink is as it tastes bitter and is without any sugar, she also wonders to herself how on earth the rest of them can be enjoying it . She drinks it anyway and of course starts slurping (the typical display on telly about uneducated village folk ) All of Nikhil’s friends look at her and seem a bit shocked but none of them say anything thankfully. They then are ready to order and hand Laajo a menu but she’s looking at it with a perplexed look on her face (perhaps it was written in English and she didn’t learn that in the village???), anyway one of the girls asks her if she would like to eat a sandwich to which she replies in the affirmative. The sandwich comes and of course Laajo doesn’t know how to eat it. She sees a packet of sauce on her plate and watches how everyone is using it before she attempts eating it herself. She tries opening the packet with her bare hands like everyone else but is unsuccessful in her attempt, she then picks up a butter knife but since it’s not sharp she is unable to still open the packet (she makes a comment to herself here as well about what a useless a knife it was ). She then puts the butter knife down and her next weapon of choice is a fork . She holds the fork like a spear in one hand is ready to jab the packet that she is holding in her other hand when Nikhil takes the packet from her and opens it for her (so sweet, even in his own turmoil, once again he’s there for her (even if it is for something this small, still very sweet of him)). He then hands it to her and all this transpires with not a single exchange of words. Now Laajo is ready to eat!!!! Instead of putting some of the sauce on her sandwich like she saw the others do she instead opens up the sandwich, scrapes all the veggies out onto her plate, breaks pieces off the bread like it was roti and proceeds to eat it that way (too cute). Of course once again everyone is shocked watching her eat a sandwich that way but thankfully no one said anything again smiley. (also during their lunch break Nikhil’s friends were all discussing how long it’s been since they’ve been home, how they are looking forward to Aisha’s wedding, and how they are sure the wedding will be fab what with Barka aunty arranging everything (how she will spare no expense and how extremely lavish a wedding it’s going to be etc, etc…).

Meanwhile back at Laajo’s house…Saraswati is taking to Laajo’s Bhua and saying how empty the house already feels without Laajo and she talk about how bad she is feeling for all the things she had said to Laajo. Her SIL consoles her, saying that those were words that she uttered in the heat of the moment, and how they did not come from her heart. . They continue on talking about Laajo and both wonder if she has reached her in-laws house yet and if she has gone through the Grihapravesa (sp??) ritual yet.

Nikhil’s house in Dehli. Barka is just getting ready to leave the house and tells Inder that she is heading out to a charity event. She explains how she was called at the last minute and asked to be the chief guest and she couldn’t refuse. She apologizes to her daughter and says to her that she’ll make sure that no more appointments crop up and to tell Rosie (the wedding planner) to call her. She heads for the door and when she opens it she finds Nikhil and Laajo at the door step. She says to him that finally he decided to come back home and then inquires as to who Laajo is. He doesn’t answer but he does say to Laajo “Meri mother” and they both bend down to take aashirwad from her. Nikhil’s sister walks over to the door excited to see her brother home at last and jokingly asks him if he is coming from a fancy competition as she see Laajo standing there in her bridal attire. She also inquires as to who Laajo is… Nikhil doesn’t answer her either and instead says to his mom I have something to tell everyone can we go inside and talk? He tells Laajo to come in and the camera focuses on her feet as she takes her first steps into the house (without any of the normal rituals – Grihapravesa ).

Nikhil and Laajo are standing together in front of Nihil’s parents, sister and his cousin when Isha again asks Nikhil who Laajo is. Laajo looks at Nikhil and Nikhil replies “Meri wife ha”. Camera fans to everyones faces and of course they all look dumbstruck and somewhat disbelieving at his words. He finishes with “Laajo”. Barka says what kind of joke is this (she’s taking the disbelieving route obviously )? I don’t have time for this all this nonsense, I’m getting late and then proceeds to grab her purse getting ready to leave for the charity but Inder tells her to hold on one minute as he walks towards Nikhil. He asks Nikhil “what did you say”? Before Nikhil can answer the phone rings. It is Dada ji (Inder’s dad). I guess he fills Inder in about Nikhil and Laajo’s wedding (don’t ask me why he would take so long to call as apparently he had enough time to call them while they were traveling to Delhi. You would think he would have forewarned them before their arrival???). After he hangs up the phone Inder tells Barka that Nikhil is telling the truth. Barka replies what rubbish! Inder says his father said that they were both married in front of everyone and completed all wedding rituals.

The whole family is present (including Barka’s mom and brother I think) with Laajo sitting off to the side by herself. Nikhil’s Nani says to Nikhil, people go to the village to rejuvenate/refresh themselves what is this you’ve picked up and brought with with you???? She then continues to say that this girl will have no place in this house.

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