Dil Dosti Dance 28th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 28th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

They were all ready for farewell, Huma announces that she has a small token of love for them. There is a slide show of all the D3’s old pictures which take them all into special memories. The lights are on, and the juniors come out. Sharon appreciate their effort. Swayam says that he isn’t worried anymore about who will take up St. Luois. Huma tells them to wait, till the party ends. Rey says that these have been 3 long years, but in the life to come they will only have Dil Dosti, Dance.

Huma tells Karma and Raghv not to fight, they go for performance.

Sharon asks what shall she do, when there is no college. Rey says that he has plan for tomorrow. Simmi tells them that Nil and she are joining MBA, Nil asks to discuss it further. Rey says that he will only open the plan tomorrow.

Raghv asks for their attention.

Raghv and Karma welcomes them to the party as guests. They says that they must play a game and must do acting, Karma and Raghv taunts each other on stage. Huma comes to stage, and asks the D3 group to do acting of their fellows. Ishika comes to stage, and announces that the paper chits will decide whom they act and the costumes are available.

Bharat comes to stage, takes a costume and says ‘How dare you? Swayam you must keep around my finger points.’ They all recognize it as Sharon. The next person is Simmi. She mimics Nil. Sharon comes to stage; she comes with the book and does the acting of Kriya. Rey thinks about Kriya, Swayam asks when Rey is going to pick Kriya. Rey says that she will come here by herself, and leaves. Swayam appreciates Sharon; she says she wants a surprise from him. Vicky does the acting of Simmi. Amar comes to stage; he mimics Vicky asking about treat in canteen.

Nil comes on stage to act about Rey. He says his chit had another name, they all watch keenly.

Raghv and Karma announce Swayam’s turn. They all push Swayam onto the stage, Swayam does Rey’s acting and the way he boasts about his personality. Rey stops Swayam, that this is too much. Swayam says that they all know how impulsive he is. Rey goes to take revenge from Swayam. He comes dressed it a Pandit’s costume; he says that he can only see Sharon and listen only Sharon’s voice, only she is around him. Swayam dislikes it and stops him. He is annoyed and asks Rey to stop. Rey gets angry. Everyone take them down the stage, while they both are not ready to give up. There is a serious argument. The D3 team leaves the party.

Sharon asks Rey is it done. She asks him about Kriya, he says that she will be here. Rey talks to Sharon that she should now talk to her mom. She says that she will never forgive her, he says that at least she must talk to her. Sharon asks him to talk to Swayam, Rey is annoyed that he doesn’t want to talk to anyone.

Huma comes to stage worried, that two best friends are fighting. Raghv shares an idea.

Everyone asks Swayam why he created this issue, who fights today. Swayam says that Rey made fun of him in front of his juniors. Sharon tries to cheer Rey but he doesn’t agree.

Raghv asks Ishika to serve the juice, she take it instead and drinks it. Raghv says she is gone.

Huma and Sharon talk to each other. Sharon says that she doesn’t want to leave bad
notes with everyone. Huma says that mistake was hers too, as she was tensed. Raghv brings drink for Sharon, and tells her to enjoy. Sharon shares her drink with her. Huma feels dizzy and hugs Sharon.

Raghv shares drinks with the D3, while Ishika comes there dizzy. She snatches the tray from Raghv, while it fells down. Karma asks them to come to the side, while Raghv get it all done. Ishika says sorry to him.

Karma was standing while Huma comes there. Karma asks her to come on stage with him for an appointment. Huma was drunk, and asks him to come to washroom with her as she feels afraid.

Ishika laughs on stage, and makes everyone awkward. Raghv says that she is funny, but he will explain that a party can’t be complete without dance, the theme is Dance and Romance. He explains that the dance must depict the friendship like that of Swayam and Rey. Vicky and Nil come as Swayam and Rey.

Huma comes out of washroom while Karma waits for her. He asks her to leave, while she holds him on the wall.

Rey says that he doesn’t want to perform, but Sharon pushes him up on stage. Rey and Vicky dance together. Swayam goes to a side, as Rey comes down. Rey says that he didn’t perform for him, but the juniors had asked. They have an argument again.

Karma asks Huma why she is behaving this way; he says that they must go to stage. He asks has she drunk. She says she took a cold drink by Ishika. He tells her to rest, he has to make an announcement. She says she has to perform on stage, but slips when she leaves. Karma holds her.

Raghv takes Ishika into the class, and says that his plan will be flopped. He tries Karma’s number but it goes off.

Raghv announces a romance performance story of Rey and Kriya, but Sharon and Swayam. Rey is lost while watching the performance. He remembers his time with Kriya. After the performance, Sharon takes Rey on stage and hugs him. Rey leaves the stage, and comes to the corridor. Swayam comes to him and says that everyone thinks they are actually fighting. He asks Rey why is he crying, they won’t leave anyone. Everyone come to tell Rey that it is alright, all friends fight. Swayam tells them that it was their plan to make them afraid. Swayam asks Rey why is he crying? Sharon says she will call Kriya, but Rey forbids everyone to call Kriya. He says Kriya broke up with him. They all ask him, he tells them that the doctors gave it up on her treatment. She fought with him on little things, and said that everything related to dance reminds her on her dance. He says he knows she wanted him to send him back into the dancing field, and will return to him.

Raghv controls Ishika as she insists upon eating something.

Everyone hugs Rey and cheers him up. Swayam leaves for a while. He says he felt guilty about hiding it all, but you all reminded me about her. He says he isn’t ready to give up, and should party now.

Swayam calls Kriya. She didn’t pick up the call. They all come to ramp to dance. Swayam gets Kriya’s call.

PRECAP: Swayam tells Sharon that Kriya can’t get alright, and wants Rey to move on. Sharon asks if she was there in place of Kriya, could he move on?

Update Credit to: Sona

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