Bigg Boss 8 28th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 28th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 7
The weekend ka Vaar starts with Salman making entry on stage and starts dancing on Gujrati song. Salman greets and welcome all the audience in Bigg boss 8. He talks in Gujrati and wishes happy Navratri to all. He says that in common flight, your guests cant come in to meet you but in our BB08, guests can come in, lets have a look.
in house, bismil song from haidar movie starts, all inmates start dancing, suddenly shahid Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor comes in house, all screams seeing tem and meets them. Shahid ask them to sit, Shahd says you all seem positive, Shahid says Sushant is very joyful, he constantly keep taking out things from store room so we need him, we are here for the task, we are promoting our film haidar in which Haidar takes revenge of his father’s death, task is related to that, Sushant brings Karela juice from store room, Shahid says first is Gautam, Shahid says Gautam that you have the chance, with whom you grudge, you can force him or her to drink this Karela juice, Gautam chooses Sukirti to drink it, Sukirti drinks the karela juice in one sip, second is Diandra, Sushant brings lipsticks from store room, Shraddha says Diandra will use these lipsticks on face of a person from whom she wants to take the revenge, Diandra is excited and says secret society, she chooses puneet issar and makes lipstick art on his bald head, next is Natasha, Sushant brings spice laddo, Shahid says you can make it eat to anyone whom you want to revenge from, Natasha chooses Karishma, she eats it and says its only mirchi powder and coughs. Shahid sys its Navratri time so we will have dandiya, all housemates plays dandiya with Shraddha and Shahid. Shraddha and Shahid greets all, wishes them luck and goes from hosue.

Salman on stage says after coming out of house, Shahid and Shraddha are coming here.

Shahid Kapoor comes on stage and dances on song from his movie Haidar, his dance is applauded by all. Salman comes on stage and ask Shahid where is her co star, Shahid says she is here, Shradda Kapoor comes on stage. Salman greets her and says their movie Haidar is releasing on 2nd October, he says vishal bharadwaj is its director, Salman says Shahid worked with him kaminey also. Shahid tells about movie scene that he went to bank and robbed money from one cashier and went to other cashier, asked him to deposit money in bank only. Salman laughs and ask shraddha that you sang in movie, sing here too, Shraddha beautifully sings a Kashmiri song. Salman, Shraddha and Shahid do funny fight/dance step together, Shahid is teaching Salman, Salman says my legs are desperate to learn step from Shahid, teach me. Salman forgets step everytime and ask shahid in how much he learned that step, finally Salman learns the step and hugs Shahid, he ask Shahid about hi weird, Shahid does it on stage, Salman compliments Shahid that I liked it a lot, Shahdi thanks him for noticing it. Shraddha says I have made song for inmates of house, she sings..
Kaise beete din mere
kaise guzare din mere
yahen khana or peena
yahen jeena mera

All laughs on it, Salman says I am also a good singer. Salman ask shraddha is there any two heroines friend in industry, Shraddha says there are now, Salman ask about her friends in industry, she says like we young actors, like Aliaa bhatt and Parineeti(pari) chopra, thye are good friends, we have healthy competition, Salman jokes why I don’t have friends like Alia and Pari, no worries they will come. Salman and Shahid dances on song bismil. Salman ask Shahid whom he wants to win bigg boss? Shahid says Arya Babbar, Salman ask Shraddha, she says I have weird reason but I like diandra’s hairs a lot, they are funky so I want her to win, she says I am stunned to see how they live in such a difficult and small house, Salman reveals that soon we are going shift them in luxury house Salman wishes them good luck for their movie and send them.

Salman says now our big pitara is called big cargo, he ask to send cargo box on stage, box comes on stage and man( bgg boss’ jallad/devil) comes out of box with his fairy, Salman says he is our big Cargo boy, he will come here on stage every sunday with many gossip and spicy videos of housemates. he says lets see the first footage from his cargo box:

Video shows, Karishma asking Sushant when did you realize you are a gay? Sushant says I am lucky that my parents understands me, I told my brother first and he told my parents so my dad called me and talked to me, he said its ok, its not my fault if I am a gay, they accepted me as it is.

Salman says we hide small things from our parents but Sushant shared such a big thing with his parents and they accepted him too, its amazing.

Salman puts hand in cargo box and find three hearts in box, he says these three hearts are of upen only, lets see the footage:

in video, Upen talks to Diandra, she says you rates me very low when you were asked to rate for beautiful girls, upen says I thought you will understand, soni and Karishma are sitting there too, Upen says you all are number one beautiful in my eyes.

Salman looks at cargo boy’s angry action and says he seems like singing teri meri prem kahani, he sends cargo boy from stage and says we are calling here for the last time beautiful Sonali Raut.

Sonali Raut comes on stage, Salman ask what happened in house with you? Sonali says nothing much, Salman says you are introvert and that’s why you must have been evicted, Sonali says no you must have listened that I was evicted because I couldn’t make friends or talk with girls, Salman says I know many girls are comfortable with boys, they like to make friends with boys. Sonali says I didn’t like when I was seated on eviction seat, she says this season everyone is playing safe, all are goody goody and sugar coated. Salman says when secret society chose you as nomination then everyone’s focus was on you, lets have a look what inmates say about you, video is shown:

sukirti and Soni are talking about Sonali, Sukirti says I was sitting with Sonali on first day but she didn’t talk to us, Soni says we tried to talk to her but she doesn’t respond so its fine, we are not dying to talk to her, video ends.

Salman says they weren’t gossiping but discussing. Salman ask Sonali whom she didn’t like in house, Sonali says one person whom I see as wanna be is Gautam Gulati, he is flirty, Salman says I will see him, he showed his packs and abs, Sonali says upen didn’t take off his shirt, Salman says he must not be having packs now, Ammir Kahn takes 9 months to make packs, he jokes that when in nine months tummy bump comes out, my packs are formed, all laughs, Salman ask Sonali who is dominating, Sonali says Diandra is very bossy.

All house mates are connected to Sonali through video call, Salman ask Sonali with whom she have any grudge against, tell them on face now, Soanli says first I have problem with Gautam, he needs to learn manners, He used to stand on seat with slippers, Gautam says my slipper was transparent and clean, Sonali says I know your every slipper, Salman ask Gautam to not do this again, Always ask permission to sit on other person’s seat, Gautam says sorry to Sonali, Sonali says second I want to say something to Soni, she says to soni that I saw your gossip video with sukirti on me, I didn’t like it, Sukirti says I dint say you anything on face, I genuinely tried to become friend of yours, Sonali says why are giving lecture, Sukirti says because you said that we were gossiping, Sonali says then what should I call it, Salman says the talk behind person’s back is usually taken as gossip, Gautam brings oxygen mask and Air sick bag, Salman ask Sonali to choose two persons whom she want to give these things, Sonali says I want to give oxygen mask to sushant, he is a nice guy and I want to give sick bag to everyone, Salman brings big bomb on stage and says to Sonali that whom you will give this bomb, he or she will be nominated for next week, Sonali chooses Sukirti to give big bomb, Skuirti says I had given my slippers and clothes to sonali as she didn’t had her luggage, Salman jokes to not give it to anyone now, Sukirti taunts Sonali that If I give someone else these things then I will beat myself with that slipper only. Sonali says bye to everyone, video from house ends, Sonali says to salman that there are two groups in house, one is of Diandra and one is of upen, I didtn want to be part of both, I want to be part your group, Salman says that’s sweet of you, he says her bye and sends her from stage, Salman jokes that I don’t have any group. salman makes video call to secret society members and says you both will be going in house now, they say now? Salman says yes, pack your bags now. they agrees. Salman says keep watching bigg boss as soon there will be a lot of romance and drama.

PRECAP- A new and luxury house is shown, Inmates will be shifted to that house. Bigg boss says from now on secret society members will be in house only as contestants, Deepshikha and Pritam comes in house from secret society, they are given warm welcome.
to get the new house, all contestants have to do the task, There will be two teams, one will sit on seats outside plane and other team have to make them get up from seat and grab their seat. Some contestants are sitting on seats while others are trying to make them stand up from seat, Karihma applies chilly powder on Gautam’s bare body to make him get up from seat, Gautam shouts that its hurting me bigg boss, he shouts on Karisham that don’t touch my body, you are taking chance to touch it, you are shameless girl. Karishma shouts that she is doing task only, he used slang against me on national tv, its against conduct.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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