Dil Dosti Dance 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 26th June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 26th June 2013 Written Update

Sharon was praising Swayam when Simmi asks really now. Sharon then gets back to her role and yes I mean they dont know how to make us feel special.Rey asks Swayam to make her feel special.Swayam asks how.Rey tells her the opposite of what Sharon actaully wants.On the other end Sharon describes how she wants her guy to make her feel special.She wants to be dependent.A person must care for little thinks.Open the door and so on.Rey says Sharon is a independent girl.She does not mushy mushy stuff.Swayam notes all these in the notebook (On a note I did not like this Reyam.Swayam is the one to know Sharon perfectly.But now I feel even Rey does not know Sharon well) Sharon says she is a girl and her partner must feel her pain and make her comfortable.Swayam says I’ll make her feel comfortable in the way she wants.Sharon says he must make her feel special like he always does.

The door bell of Rey home rings and the rest of the boys come.They act strange to which Rey asks have you gone crazy.The boys say there are hear after seeing the slumber party of the girls.The girls were making fun of boys.Rey asks what did they tel about me.The boys say Taani was not there no comments on him.Swayam asks about him-selves when the guys say Sharon was telling you a loser and do all add ups.Swayam sees Rey.Swayam decides to impress Sharon in all ways.The boys say lets organize a party to make the girls realize their level. Swayam says its waste.Rey says its a nice plan. The boys move to him and say he is their true friend. Rey takes Swayam a bit far and says by this way you can impress Sharon and I can impress Taani.Swayam agrees.Rey back and says we will throw a party for Taani.The boys disagree saying they are doing this for teaching girls a lesson.Re asks who did effort for NDC the boys reply Taani.Who fought with the authorities and got them to NDC and guys reply Taani.Rey asks the guys to focus and then says if you call Rinni,Simmi and Sharon they will have doubt as they must have seen you sneaking but if you call as Taani’s party they wont doubt. The guys finally agree to it. Swayam keeps saying Behan ke liye hai when Rey asks him something.

The girls are in the rehearsal hall and practicing when boys but the invitation in.The girls take and read it and find boys have changed.They doubt them but Sharon says even Rey and Swayam are there so it wont be bad.The girls move out and boys speak about success.Vicky asks Nilesh of the plan and Nilesh shows something to spike their drinks. The girls discuss that they will ask it to be in canteen as they can rehearse after party.the boys feel if party is not cancelled that enough.Aashi comes crying.Sharon asks is her mom fine.Aashi nods in a No.The girls make Aashi sit.Aashi says her mom is serious and in hospital she feels she can not be a part of NDc finals.The girls get tensed but Sharon and Simmi says the routine is not set and hence they wont have an issue.The girls try to cancel the party when Aashi asks them not to as she already feels guilty and moves from there.

Taani sees in her locker a party invitation for me.Rey ask her not to reject. Taani says this is girls locker room.Rey says its early and no one is here.Tani says she is and Rey replies saying he is hear for her.Taani asks Rey to make party cancel and Rey says he just came to give the invite the patry is organised by thev team for her efforts and let her not disappoint the gang cause of him or herself.Rey and Swayam are seeing themselves in mirror getting dressed and ready for the party.

Precap:The spiked drinks are taken by boys and they blabber… :

Update Credit to: asmaju

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