Amrit Manthan 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 26th June 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 26th June 2013 Written Update

episode starts with nimrit saying to karan that amrit is coming and we should let this lady out of the room .. karan says but before that you need to break these bangles .. on other hand amrit reached the hotel and coming towards their room .. nimrit start breaking those bangles and remembering the past of the scenes spent with agam gifting bangles ..

then amrit knocks the door , karan gave a sign to that lady to go in the other room .. amrit was about to enter the room when karan took hold of nimrit to show amrit that they are in a romantic mood .. then amrit entered and both gets normal .. and then amrit says that why have you called me karan said that actually nimrit was wanting to do break fast with the family ..

then amrit said you both get ready till i’ll wait in the other room and when amrit opened the room she saw that lady , karan and nimrit said that she is a maitress and came to call us , we asked her to wait and then forgot to tell her to go back .. amrit having doubt , she went following that woman ..
and said i think we have also met before the woman ran saying that never we have never meet ,..

everyone was sitting in the dining table karan and nimrit were also there .. karan ordered a big framed photo of their marriage and asked the family to put in on the wall .. next scene : bani asked nimrit that she had been finding the photos of daada and her , but she was unable to find , karan said that actually you mama burned those photos . as she doesn’t want any past with her ..

bani got sad and said that mama you know i love my daada so much and you did it so .. nimrit went in her room and she has a pic of agam and talked to herself that agam ji i cannot live without you and that your’s face is in my imagination also . she thought to give this photo to bani but karan comes and snaps it . nimrit bites karan’s hand and ran and gave the pic to bani ..

yug again started his nonsense with tej and then forcely he put ring on amrit’s finger . amrit went to talk to tej and he did not talk to amrit and saw the ring in amrit’s finger and leave from there .. nimrit broke the framed photo of karni’s wedding .. and said to karan that it fell off from the wall and said it won’t be put on the wall untill new frame is made .

karan bougth a hair cutter with him and said to nimrit that all the hairs of bani will be cutted or else everyone’s dead bodies will be here ..

precap : amrit said to nimrit that if u pressureize bani then i will leave this house , nimrit said its better for you and us all , everyone shocked nimrit asked the hair cutter to cut each hair of bani.

Update Credit to: Mehak

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