Dil Dosti Dance 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharon takes Swayam by cheek and agrees upon going with him. She was going to change, then asks was Huma’s problem sorted. He says he hopes her parents allow her to dance, she says she hopes so too.
Huma’s ammi says that you both always try to prove me wrong. Her abbu says he has trust on himself that she will win. Her ami asks what if she loses the competition? He says he will never do the Tabla? Huma hugs her.
Raghv thinks how much Ishika cared about his reputation, and how she slapped him. He had rung the bell, and enters home. He turns around to find his Daddu standing. He asks Dida when he came? Daddu asks what is the time of returning home? Dida says he told me he will be late today, but he had something urgent. Daddu asks doesn’t he have tongue in mouth. Raghv says as you are here now, he can’t say anything. He tells Daddu that he was busy in dance rehearsals. Daddu asks what kind of thing has he got himself into? He wants him to be a lawyer. Raghv goes away saying he doesn’t want to be a lawyer.
Huma thinks about her abbu’s promise. She looks at the money in her cupboard, she thinks these were for the admission in St Luois academy. She thinks about returning them, then thinks she can solve a big problem of herself from this.
The guard takes Sharon’s bag from Swayam, he comments that this is heavy it seems maam is going to stay for a long time. Swayam says he seems not to be interested in his job. He tells Sharon not to worry about him. Ishika at her place thinks about Raghav, She lets Vishnu know about it and Vishnu asks her if she wants she can quit from the academy.
he next day Sharon comes in saying good morning and asks for kaka. Swayam says kaka is on leave and he will make it for her. Sharon asks for black coffee without sugar when Swayam says its dangerous. Sharon says but she has it Swayam gives her it but says from the next day she will have Green tea only. Sharon asks Swayam to allow her to enjoy coffee for the day when Swayam leaves out asking Sharon to have her breakfast.Raghav starts for college when his sister makes him stop and ties Rakhi and asks for gift. Raghav says he will get it while returning. Her sister asks about his like towards Ishika when Raghav says he likes her but not other way. Ishika comes with Vishu who drops her and says he would come to pick him up when he sees Raghav when he is about to leave.
Huma is practising in the rehearsal hall when Karma comes asking for his money and Huma gives out the whole set. Swayam comes in and he is happy to see Huma. Seeing Karma and Huma fight he decides to do something to get chemistry between them.

Precap; Huma and Karma locked in Garage.

Update Credit to: Sona

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