Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avni gets Raj’s call, she asks didn’t you sleep till yet. He says his AC isn’t working so he thought about talking to her so that he can relax and sleep. She says everything is going so well. She asks did he talk to his parents. He says he didn’t tell them about her, he wants them to get a surprise. She says what if they don’t like her. He says they might not like her, they will love her. She asks about them. He tells her that they are the most chill people in the world. They are workaholics though, as they look after the work in Australia as well as here.
Sanvri brings Pooja’s mother, she watches her daughter and promises Sanvri she will do whatever she will ask her to. Sanvri says that this means your relationship to Pooja has come to an end.
Suket tells someone about Avni’s engagement. Mr. Singhania comes to them; he says this is great that son and father are together again. He says that the other day you satisfied the investors but now the sunshine group of hotels is the leading one, it is run by Mr. Anjali and after her return from abroad they will place all the investment into their hotels. Suket and Akshit discuss who this Mrs. Anjali is and Suket tells Akshit to look after the investors and find Mrs. Anjali but keep Raj out if this.
Raj happily comes to Avni, he says that meeting up has become so easy. She asks you are wearing this for party, so I will find something matching. He says he isn’t going to party, as it is her friend’s birthday. She argues that he doesn’t want to keep tied to her, and tells him to leave. He leaves. Arpita comes and asks did she have a fight with Avni. She asks if two people are tied to each other, is it not important for them to stay with each other. Arpita thinks about herself and Akshit. Akshit overhears this. Arpita says that at times our partner becomes selfish, you might get hurt if the partner doesn’t support you. Avni asks her all ok? She says yes, and asks when is she leaving. They watch Akshit, but he leaves. Arpita comes to room, and says he will bring the tea. She says she didn’t mean this. He gets angry upon not finding the file, and torns her designs. She asks isn’t her designs important. He says it is like that.
Suket comes home, and tells them about the Sunshine Hotels owners and the investors laying their investment into their projects. Avni says they will have to work hard to marry Avni well. Suket says he doesn’t understand what to do. Bhawna asks Avni why are you going upstairs again. She says she cant leave her dad worried. Suket comes to her and says he wants her to go to party, as he works her only for them.
Devika calls Avni and tells her she is outside her dad’s office. Avni says she is just coming. Devika sits in the car and says that Mrs. Anjali is here and dad was worried about the meeting. Avni tells her she is going to her dad’s office and will be there in the party. Avni says to reception that she is Avni Khandelwal and wants to meet Mrs. Anjali. The receptionist says that she is busy in the meeting but Avni tells her to tell her her name. The receptionist calls her and tells her that she is busy. Avni gets angry and says she has been waiting for a long time, the receptionist receive a scold and tells Avni that she scolded her. Avni comes into the conference room, the peon says she left.
She gets Raj’s call; he asks if she wants him here he will come. She says he was right, she has her own life and will have to handle things for herself. Raj gets worried, Jiju comes to ask what happened. Raj tells him the problem. Jija says he can never understand women. Jija says Madhuri is calling to his dad, and called you. Downstairs, Jiji tells Raj that mom has already left for home. They discuss that mom must reach Jaipur any moment; she remains so busy that she never tell anyone about her filght timings.
Devika tells Avni to correct her mood; Avni meets her friend’s fiancé. Everyone asks about Raj, Avni says he said hi to you but couldn’t come. They say they heard about their love-story.
They ask her about their story, but Avni asks to cut the cake. Avni participates in the events but misses Raj.
Suket and Akshit were in study. Suket says they must satisfy their investors. Akshit says he wants to give the highest profits to investors. Suket says the coffee ended. Akshit calls Arpita, when she doesn’t listen he tells Akshit to bring it himself. Arpita feels dizzy as she comes out of the kitchen, Bhawna takes Arpita by hand but she feels nauseatic. In the room, Bhawna asks was she feeling dizzy, and not well; is there any good news. Akshit happily thinks that Arpita is going to be a mother?

PRECAP: Raj says Sorry to Avni, and asks her to smile by writing both on his hands. She smiles but worrisome. Arpita slips from the stairs, Akshit goes to help her.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Hate u sanvri, y u can’t see ppl happy? Wish what coming towards u

  2. Argh again Sanvri poodja wasn’t yours but Madhuri’s luck stop being selfish let poodja be happy where she is
    Sanvri the wicked witch. >_<

  3. savri is a evil wicked woman she cann’t see she is blinded by selfishness

  4. I think Mrs. Anjali is Raj’s mother…..what about u guys…??

  5. Yes I also think so I hate savri and arpita I think it is high time to bring a baby by the way I feel sorry for avni because it is said that raj father is bhavnas old boyfriend who broke her heart so I am just waiting

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