Dil Dosti Dance 26th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 26th August 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 26th August 2013 Written Update

Adi says that He cares for Rey.Rey says he trust him.Adi asks him to make a marvelous routine with Sharon.Rey says he will Take his best friend far from this game at any cost.Adi wishes him good luck.Rey is in college and washes his face remembering the words said by Adi.Rey fells from when did Swayam get so insecure What Swayam did with me is fine but not with Sharon.Rey receives a message from Sharon saying she won’t be coming to college.Rey says he will do something.Swayam was putting up the tent when Sharon comes and says is he tired.Swayam says if I get tired so soon then I don’t have right to get tired. Sharon says they aren’t dreams but wishes.Sharon says Sorry and cries Swayam says they decided not to.Swayam asks her where is her tea when Sharon says she wil make it

in 5 minutes. Swayam calls her back and says it can take even 20 minutes. Swayam also reminds her that tis does not include his cooking wish.Sharon says she knows the difference between tea and cooking. Rey is in the rehearsal hall cooking and Adi comes asking how is the preperation going.Rey says its good.Adi asks for his partner when Rey says she messaged saying she won’t come. Adi says he got the message too but this routine is important and both need to be present.He has called the director too.Adi says he wants such routine by which the clients producers and everyone is stunned.Even his team.Rey says he will make a routine which proves he is the next dancing sensation.

Sharon is making tea when she is confused as which comes first Tee leaves/powder or sugar. Swayam smiles and gets up and comes behind her. The song Deere dheere starts playing in background.Swayam helps her make tea.His takes her in his arms and brings her back to tent.He places her and kisses her hand.(To the viewers Kindly watch this scene to enjoy the essence..Swaron here Can’t be explained in words..One great Romantic moment of them)
Sharon gets a call from Rey asking her to come as he needs her.Sharon says she cnt come as she is out with Swayam. Rey says he though they both are fighting.Sharon replies saying they were and they are out in camping to sort the issues up.This was planned by Swayam.Rey tellss Adi that Sharon can’t come.Sharon and Swayam lay down as Swayam on ground and Sharon with her head on Swayam’s abs .They were just speaking up with each other.Sharon says this was needed to sort.Swayam says Sorry and Sharon says its very few that Swayam has to tell sorry to her. Swayam gets a promise from Sharon saying saying each time anything happens they will speak and sort out.He says he does not like his feeling being know to rest.He is introvert.Sharon says she does not say that she knows him but swears that she tries to know him.Like she shouts Swayam keeps it within him. Swayam says that he feels something burning. They realize the tea is burnt and Sharon is abut to go when Swayam says he will. Sharon gets a call from Adi asking her to come.Sharon says she already informed that she cant.Adi says she is needed here and she has signed the contract.Rey says Adi that if she does not want to come let her not come.Adi says now she is not only her best friend but his professional dance partner too.Sharon thinks just now things got sorted out.Lying to Swayam will not be good.She also feels Swayam will feel bad if he comes to know Sharon signed the contract.

Sharon is in deep thoughts when Swayam comes and says that whole tea is burnt.Swayam asks what has happened when Sharon says they need to go.She got a call from kaka and she has left her keys there and kaka needs to go out.Swayam asks when Sharon says in an hour.Swayam says that means we need to start now.Sharon asks him about his camping date when Swayam says she thought about it and that is too much for him.Swayam is in his room when he remebers all things that just happened in camping date. The team is in the rehearsal hall when rey says its from right to left.Barath says its from left to right that is as Swayam told. Rey says it cause he shows.Sharon comes in just then and says this is fastest she could try. Rey says the team to rest as now him and Sharon will practice.Adi comes in and asks Swayam and Sharon to start the rehearsals.Sharon says she will do the warm out and come. Adi tells Rey to keep Sharon away from Swayam and rehearse. Swayam gets a call from the guys asking where is he.He says at home.They call him to college.He says he will come soon.The boys tell him that they are going to have video shoot. Swayam thinks why did Rey not inform him.He did not reply to his message to. Sharon and Rey set the routine and Rey asks Sharon if he is his best friend.Sharon says yes then why did she not tell him about the fight with Swayam.Sharon says it was personal and Rey need not be involved.

Adi comes in with the director and photographer.He asks them to show their routine and dance.Rey says they have not set the routine on song but on counts.Once Rey and Sharon show the routine the director says that its full of dance but not sensual at all..The director asks Rey to do a few posses and Sharon says she is not comfortable. Rey says it him.Adi asks a minute from them and moves ot with Sharon.Sharon says she can dance but with sensual act she is uncomfortable and Swayam too. Rey says Swayam is insecure. Sharon says its emotional she knows how she felt when she sees Aashi with him.Rey says Her and him a re BFFs but not Swayam and Aashi and they know what Aashi feels for Swayam too. Adi comes and calls and Sharon says yes its rehearse and move in.

They were giving one pose given by the director when Swayam comes in and says that this was not in the choreography. The director asks who is he when Swayam says the choreographer.The director says that he taught that Rey was choreographer. Swayam is informed that choreography is changed. Swayam is shocked.Rey asks all the three to move out and not come until he calls. Rey is about to move when Swayam says Rey will dance on his words but not Him and Sharon as they have not signed the contract. Adi asks the director and photographer to leave outside and laughs and move forwards and tells him to ask Sharon that if she had not signed the contract why is she here on a off day. Sharon stays silent.Adi says now he got his answer.Adi leaves then and Swayam comes forward to speak with Sharon.Sharon says he is taking it wrong.Swayam says why did she not tell him that she signed the contract,The routine has been changed. Sharon says she was about to tell.Swayam asks but when when the routine is all set. Rey comes in between and tells Swayam that he cant speak so with his best friend. Swayam says she is his girlfriend. Rey comes up and keeps saying when Sharon tries to stop him.Rey says he is insecure of Sharon and Rey after the poster leak.Sharon asks Rey to stop when Swayam says its already too late to stop.

The argument continues when Rey says that he has problem with the pair that is why he asked for his and Aashi’s video to be leaked. Rey says he also knows about the fight between Swayam and Sharon. Swayam is shocked and asks Sharon she told this to him to.Rey says Yes she said. Swayam asks Sharon that just now they promised and she could not maintain it for few hours too.Rey tells him she is insecure. Swayam says Yes he has a problem with Rey and Sharon. This is what he wants to hear.He has issues with sensual dance.He has issues when Rey touches Sharon. Swayam adds saying Rey is so out of focus.He thinks only about the profession ,media and glamor. Swayam ads saying that if Adi asks him to do *I could not get the word clear* then he will do it. Rey slaps Swayam.

Precap: Rey informs the team about fight between Swayam and him. and Vicky says He denies that Swayam can do something so.Rey is alone in locker room thinking All have left him.

Update Credit to: asmaje

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