Anamika 26th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Anamika 26th August 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 26th August 2013 Written Update

Anamika scares Chhavi and then tells all about her various murders and says that she would finish off anyone who comes in between her and Jeet. But Chhavi says that she was the one who killed off Patalika and that she is not scared of her. Anamika says that she would like to see how much her goodness can save her today. She starts strangling her and just than Jeet comes to the palace looking for her. He calls out to her and Anamika hears that and leaves Chhavi but tongue ties and body locks her so that she cannot scream or run for help. She
calls out to her friends from hell and ask them to take care of Chhavi while she handles Jeet. While they are hiding Chhavi her mangal sutra falls down. Anamika is scared that if Jeet sees it, then he will understand that Chhavi is here. Her powers don’t

work on the magalsutra, so she instead diverts Jeet’s attention by making some other object fall down. She then goes and picks the mangalsutra through some stick, but Jeet sees her reflection in the mirror. He calls out to her, but can’t find anyone. He calls out to Chhavi again, but when she does not answer, he leaves from there. Anamika asks her friends to finish off Chhavi who then sets her room on fire and leave. Chhavi starts praying to Mata Rani and the fire disappears and Abhay Singh’s spirit comes there. When the women from hell come to harm Chhavi again, Abhay Singh drives them away with his powers and ask Chhavi to go and save Jeet.
Jeet returns home and says to himself that if seeing Anamika there was his bhram, then she should be there in her room at this time. He goes to her room and she is not there. He thinks if she was really there, but just then Anamika comes from the bathroom. jeet asks where she was a few moments back and Anamika says that she was in her room only. Jeet leaves from there and calls up Ritu and informs that he could not find Chhavi and Ritu is scared for her. Anamika asks Jeet why he is so worried and he says that he cannot understand what does Chhavi wants to prove. Anamika says that now she will not be able to create problems in his life. Just then Ritu comes and shouts at her that its all her doing and what did she do to Chhavi. Nani intervenes and says that why is she blaming Anamika when she was there in her room. The entire family also defends Anamika and says that its Chhavi who was wrong. Bebe says if she has any proof to prove Chhavi’s innocence, then why does she not proove it. Just then Chhavi comes there saying she has the proof.

Precap: Chhavi challenges Anamika to come to the temple with her and bend her head in front of Mata Rani.:

Update Credit to: Bournville

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