Dil Dosti Dance 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Avantika tells Rey and Swayam that she couldn’t see her daughter lose, and made Karma join her academy by bribing him. She insists them to send her home. Rey asks where is Sharon. Swayam tells him she came to his house, and asks he texted her. Swayam tells her to stop crying, he couldn’t understand Sharon was in pressure. Rey also promises her that he will bring her home. Swayam goes to take Sharon’s call. Avantika says to Rey that he must make her understand why her mother did this.

Huma meets Rey, Rey asks Karma’s story. HE says that it has been surprising what he did at her home. Rey says that he thinks Karma isn’t that bad either, and asks does he have money issues. Huma tells him about his brother and goes to her class.

Ishika held Vishnu by collar, Vishnu asks doesn’t she feel ashamed of walking with college boys like this. Raghv has listened it all, and beats Vishnu. Ishika insists him to leave, and he does. Vishnu beats Raghv. Police is called there, and takes Vishnu. Raghv drapes Ishika’s dupatta, and asks if she is alright.

Bharat bring tea. Rey tells them he hasn’t been in touch with the studies. Karma arrives at the academy, Rey asks what this all is. The police asks are these the guy who beat him? Karma says it was late, he couldn’t see anyone’s face. The inspector asks this is the place you dance; do you only dance here and asks did you beat him? Rey says that he dances with them, why would they beat him. Karma says that he doesn’t want any investigations, the inspector leaves. They all head to beat him, but Rey stops them. Swayam says that he broke their trust, and isn’t eligible to stand here. Rey asks Swayam to listen to him, but he isn’t ready. Karma leaves. Rey says why have you people become so stubborn. They all talk about studies, Swayam asks them to come to his home tonight for group studies.

At night they do group studies. The argue, Swayam asks them to be serious.
The look for some notes, Sharon says that she will bring his as they are inside. She reads a note inside, watches the ring and cheers that Swayam is going to propose her. She comes with the notes, and tells Swayam he is the best boy-friend in the world. He asks what happened, she says she just wanted to say that. They wink. Simmi gets the coffee. Sharon takes it, Swayam asks her to enjoy. Sharon asks will when? Rey watches them all together, and misses Kriya. He thinks he wants Kriya to be here.
The preparations goes on, Vicky fells to sleep. Rey throws water on his face. They make fun.

Sharon gets her mom’s call, she says that she has known what she could do. The friends ask that how can Sharon talk to her mom like this. Swayam and Rey tell them that her mom told them yesterday that Sharon’s family has gone bankrupt.

In the college, Rey comes to Sharon. She says she is making a list of what she is going to give everyone on farewell. Sharon says she has thought she will give everyone a gift, they will always remember. She tells them all the list, but they are quiet. She asks what they all want.

PRECAP: There is convocation day.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Can anyone Tell me what is the secret of rey and kriya?????

  2. Please tell me if anyone knows the secret

  3. Please reply me if anyone knows the secret of rey and kriya????????

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  4. Nothing much rhea …. they will be back together again… I know that.. because rey loves her n will never leave her.!! 🙂

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