Nadaan Parindey 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher crying as she has hurt Sameer a lot. She feels she did injustice with Sameer. Bebe comes and talks to her. She asks her to accept the truth and see her as example, as she has lost her son and now she has accepted this. She says Iqbal did sacrifice to send back Sameer. She says you loved Iqbal thinking he is Sameer. Meher says love is not by name, but my person, if Sameer changes his name to Iqbal, will I fall in love with him. She says you could have stopped Iqbal, but you love Sameer more, so you have sent him to get Sameer. Bebe says no, I m their mum, I love both of them equally.

Meher cries and says he has hurt me a lot, then why did I love him. She says he tried a lot to make me hate him, but I could not hate him. Bebe asks so you hate Sameer, no right, then try to see his goodness, you will find Iqbal in him, I m sure you will love Sameer. Meher says what are you saying, they can’t be each other, love happens once and I had it. Bebe says no, don’t say this, Sameer is innocent, he can do anything for you, he went in army and risked his life for you, he did so much for you. Meher says she loves Iqbal. Bebe says you have a long life, you can’t wait. Meher says she will wait as she is sure Iqbal will come back.

Meher says I can’t forget Iqbal, please support me. Meher hugs her and they cry. Bebe says she can’t see injustice with anyone. Haye Rabba……………..plays……… Sameer cries in Dargah and talks to Lord. He asks why did you do this, you made me fall in love and then you took it away, why did you give me life if I can’t live with Meher. Its night, Bebe comes to Sameer. She cries. Sameer wipes his tears. She asks him to get up and have food. He says I m not hungry. She insists.

He says everything has changed. Bebe says its same, see from my eyes. Bebe serves food to Sameer and Meher. They both are sad. Bebe asks what happened, why are you both not talking. Bebe reminds what Sameer did for Meher. Sameer and Meher smile. Bebe makes them recall their friendship moments. They smile and have food. Sameer says Meher used to get food for me, when Bebe kicked me out. Meher says he always heard me. They laugh. Bebe smiles seeing them. Meher comes to her room and sees Sameer. He says if I don’t love you, you would not have been sad, forgive me. She says then you would have not gone in army and Iqbal would have not come here.

She says Bebe could have not met her other son. He says yes, you are right. He says every problem has good thing in it, you love Iqbal Veer ji and I m happy, will you make me your friend again. She says my heart is divided into two parts, I don’t understand and don’t have any answer, I have only questions. He says he can understand her pain, he will wait for her and pray that Iqbal comes back. He says friendship gives strength. She smiles. He says friends and forwards his hand. She smiles and holds his hand. He leaves.

Meher says forgive me Sameer, you are my best friend, but I can’t lie to you. Bebe tells Meher that we will go to Dhaba now. They see the news that Iqbal is hanged to death for being a traitor for his country. They are shocked. Bebe shouts Iqbal. Meher faints. Meher sees Meher and cries. She says everything is over and calls out Sameer. Sameer comes and asks what happened. Bebe says Iqbal is hanged to death, my son is gone. Sameer is shocked and says this can’t happen, I did not talk to him till now. Bebe says lets take Meher. Sameer says her pulse is very slow, I will call doctor.

Bebe says take her to hospital. He says I can’t leave you alone here. She says I will come. Sameer asks Bebe not to cry. Meheris being treated. They wait outside. Sameer cries for Iqbal. Bebe says he was unlucky. Bebe says how will I forget him. Sameer says no, you have to have his memories. Mama and Channi come there. Sameer asks her not to cry. Mama asks what happened to Meher. Channi asks why are they crying. Bebe thinks she can’t tell them about Iqbal as she can lose Sameer too. She cries and hugs Mama.

Mama asks what is the matter. Bebe says nothing. She says Meher fainted, don’t know what happened. The doctor comes and says she is not conscious, we are trying, we got internal injury. Bebe asks Mama to go home and be with Purab as he is not well. Mama says you go home, I will be here. Channi says no, Bebe has to be with Meher, we will go, call us if you need anything. Bebe cries. Sameer asks her not to cry and be strong. Bebe says I m unlucky, as I can’t even cry on Iqbal’s death.

Mama tells Meher to be Sameer’s wife infront of the world. Meher says she agrees. Bebe and Sameer looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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