Dil Dosti Dance 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 25th November 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 25th November 2013 Written Update

The gang is in the garden area of Swayam’s house saying Taani’s engagement happened well.who is about to get engaged next.The girls and the boys tease each other about the engagement when Sharon comes in saying the person who puts arrow on bulls-eye will get girlfriend soon.The boys set the board and start throwing arrow.When Swayam throws it goes a little off the center.The boys ask the meaning when Sharon says now girlfriend is not his center of attention.The boys make Rey throw the arrow when it hits the spot.The gang teases him saying he is going to get a girlfriend soon.Rey says its just a game and nothing such happens in life.Swayam phone gives him some notification.The bys says even the bells of Swayam phone rang.Swayam excuses from the gang saying he needs to make a important call.

Kriya is in New York dancing when her phone rings.Swayam thinks why is she not picking up her call when Kriya picks up.Kriya asks him how is he and also about how Taani’s engagement went.Swayam asks her to hang on and sings the birthday song for her.Kriya replies saying so sweet you remembered it.Kriya asks him is he with everyone.Swayam says no ones knows they have been in touch since she left college.Kriya no one would know in future too.Swayam says he does not know its right or wrong if they get to know I’m in touch they will get hurt.The most would be Rey.Kriya asks how is Rey.Swayam replies with he is good,has become mature than before.Kriya says a lot has changed around her.Swayam cheers saying its her birthday and no sad talks.Kriya Thanks Swayam for being there always.She adds saying you hid things from Rey even I’m feeling bad that you have to.Hope I can maintain friendship like you do.Swayam says he will talk to her later and turns around to find Rey.He thinks did Rey here it all.When Rey asks him what happened he coughs and says its cause of cough.he has left his other mobile that his dad gifted him in room and will bring it.Rey says he will go and bring it back and moves to Swayam’s room.

Rey tries searching and lights are off.He thinks to switch on when he hears a voice that says you always do this..The lights get on and Rey turns to find his father RanVijay Singhania. Rey asks Dad are you kidding me when did you come from abroad.Ranvijay replies with he has to set a steel plant in Jaipur.He asks his dad how does he know he is here when Swayam comes in saying Suprise and tells Rey he called.ranvijay spoke with Swayam and hence Swayam called him home.Rey and Ranvijay says I scream you scream we all scream Icecream.Rey tells Swayam not to be shocked as this is how they meet always.they decide to go to have ice cream when Swayam says he will stay home.Rey and Ranvijay move out.

Rey and Ranvijay are to get ice-cream when Rey says he will pay.Its my time to pamper you .while walking Rey says this was not his pocket money that his dad gives but he earned it while dancing.His dad tells him his childhood days when he worked to earn by doing small works.He asks Rey to always keep the attitude.Rey says he has learns it from him.Ranvijay asks so for pocket money you dance and what are your plans for future you are about to graduate in 6 months.Which foreign university you want to go.Afterall you have to handle my business.Rey says he is not interested in business,his passion is dance.Ranvijay explains Passion and Ambition are two different things.Rey asks lets now speak now there is still time for it.Ranvijay says he is no problem with dance but they need to be practical.Rey asks why is his dad so serious.Ranvijay thinks if dance is his passion then he must make it a carrier.Ranvijay suggests for role reversal when son and dad reverse their roles.

Swayam is in hall asking the workers t have food and then continue with work.Sharon comes and asks you are asking everyone but didnt have still.Swayam says he will have later when Sharon replies its home made and he wont get an opportunity to have it tomorrow as college is starting.Swayam sits by stairs to have when Sharon watches him.Swayams says one is not to watch when other eats.Sharon says he did not even ask her to have a bite.Sways replies with you has your stomach full.Sharon asks which means you saw me eating.Swayam thanks Sharon for helping in Taani’s engagement preparations. Sharon asks can she asks something and question that can they be friends again.Swayam says he does not know but will try.Sharon think I’ll always be trying.

Rey starts role reversal act saying his family gives equal importance to both genders and they do join business later.The speak when Ranvijay and Rey challenges each other to earn 75,000 in 6 months.Ranvijay stops the game and says now you earn this in 6 months and I shall allow you to take dance as carrier.Rey says we were playing a game but Ranvijay replies with I know but thats what you said.Rey thinks why is everyone taking games seriously today.Its Not fair.Ranvijay says the eal fair plays many more games and they are even more unfair.For his passion Rey has to make a way.

The gang is in college when VP welcomes them.the boys asked Taani invited even him for his engagement.Vp says he was busy.He tells the team their attendance report is here and they are lagging.they make college proud in cultural activities but all staffs complain at lack of attendance.They have only 6 months to graduate.If they miss even a single class they wont be able to write the exam of the particular subject. VP says he did not make this rule but its from higher authorities .Sharon asks only 6 months left.Vp says yes and they have to face real worlds. Rey think from yesterday why si everyone speaking this

Precap: Kriya receives a gift from Swayam.Oh ho tune in BG.Swayam and Kriya talk.Sharon hers Swayam saying friend on phone.

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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