The Buddy Project 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 25th November 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 25th November 2013 Written Update

Piddi finds the cooking oil in the tent and throws it away . He goes to the rest of the buddies and tells them that he will the captain during their camping trip.He begins issuing orders to everyone and hands over the responsibility of cooking to Kiya and Rukmini. He send them both to get water for cooking and drinking. He tells Panchi that there’s a big problem as he has forgot to bring cooking oil. He tells her to go and look if there’s any shop near the forest to buy it. Panchi agrees and gets up to leave but Ranveer says that he will accompany her as well and they both leave in the jeep. Piddi gets extemely happy and STTC that Rahi are together and Kisha are almost together. Something it bound to happen between them.

Kiya fills the bucket with water and is leaving towards the camp but she puts it down in a while as it’s heavy. KD sees this and follows her so as to help her. However, Kiya gets angry at him and tells him to stop as she can take care of herself. He says that he was just following her to help her. She says that she doesn’t need it and anyway KD would ve the first to laugh at her if she falls. KD gets irritated and puts his hand over her mouth and says that he did it just because he cares for her. He leaves and goes to help Rukmini instead and Kiya gets annoyed.

Piddi STTC that in the future his name will in history and kids will learn about his great deed. He adds that kiya and KD and Panchi and RV will be arriving soon. KD and Rukmini arrive at the camp holding buckets and Piddi is shocked seeing them. Rukmini asks him where Kiya is. KD sees Kiya a little way away still struggling with the bucket of water and asks Piddi to help her as she won’t take his help. Piddi angrily goes to her cursing all the way about both KD and Kiya being stubborn and takes the bucket from her and brings it to the camp. Rukmini asks him where Ranveer and Panchi are. He replies that they have gone to get cooking oil and will come back soon.

Panchi and RV are on their way back when the jeep suddenly gets stuck in a water. Panchi asks him to go and push it from behind. Ranveer says that he can’t do that because his clothes will get dirty. xD Panchi scolds him saying that they are stuck in the forest , others are waiting for them and he cares about his clothes getting dirty? Ranveer is still reluctant and suggests that they should walk to the camp instead . But Panchi denies this saying it’s too far to walk and they have little banter over it. At the camp , the buddies get worried as they still haven’t returned. Piddi ,however, is very happy and STTC that since it’s taking them so long something romantic must have happened for sure.

Ranveer finally goes to push the car and Panchi comes and helps him after a while as well. They have cute moment together splashing water at each other. They begin to push the jeep again and finally succeed in it. They set off towards the camp again. At the camp Rukmini is very restless as they haven’t returned . Piddi also gets worried now as nearly fours hours have passed. Kiya tries to pacify Rukmini as she is very panicked. Kiya asks Piddi to go and search for them. Piddi and KD are about to leave to search them when they arrive.

When asked what took them so long, Panchi replies that she went out with a guy who is supposedly a casanova but denies to push the stuck car out of water because his clothes would get dirty. KD asks Ranveer how could he think of his clothes at such a situation. RV cheerfully replies that no one can do everything and he just couldn’t. Ranveer sees that Rukmini is crying and assures her that they are completely fine. She runs and hugs him saying she was very worried about him. Panchi is slightly jealous seeing them and Ranveer looks at her as well looking rather guilty. (Or lets say, it seemed to me like that.) He apologizes Rukmini and says that the tire got stuck its not his fault. He assures her that all is fine and tells her to not cry. Panchi leaves from there and Ranveer glances at her still with a kind of guilty face. All this while , Piddi is shown looking very disappointed.

Ranveer and Rukmini are sitting by the campfire and Rukmini apologizes him for her behavior since the last few days. Ranveer says that he is at fault too as he should have handled things more maturely and says sorry too. They patch up and hug again. Panchi sees them and leaves immediately. Piddi sees her going like that and STTC that bada wala “popat” ho gaya. His plan was to get Rahi together but Ranveer and Rukmini hugged and patched up instead. He adds that he will have think of something now.

Precap: Rukmini tells Kiya to sort out her misunderstandings with KD like she did with RV. She says that RV loves her even more now and gives panchi a very evil, smirking,vamp-ish look at this. (Which had me going O.o) Kiya shows KD something on her phone and tells him that she had applied for California school of music and has got selected. She tells him that she will be going to the US and KD is utterly shocked.

Update Credit to: Crazy..Life

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