Dil Dosti Dance 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karma notices some men following him. They were the D3 team, Vicky, Nil and Bharat. He asks them to let him go. They begin beating him for cheating upon them. The police arrive, while they follow him. The team runs, as police follow them.
Rey comes to unpack his things, watches Kriya’s album and her photographs recalling the moments with her. He says to the picture, I love you Kriya.

Swayam and Sharon were sleeping on the same bed. He wakes up, she places her hand on his. He places her hand aside looking at her; then kisses her on her forehead and says Good morning. She says Good Morning. He says she surprised him, she says she couldn’t sleep in the guest room so came here. He asks for a good morning kiss. She sits up on the bed. He asks won’t he get a kiss, she asks who stopped him? He asks he didn’t understand. She asks what has he thought about their relation, as she doesn’t want to live in the guest room.

Everyone was worried about the date-sheet, that was announced. Rey comes to ask why they are worried. Vicky tells them the exams are here. Rey says they are behaving as they have already failed. Bharat asks will Kriya be giving her exams.

Sharon says to Swayam that she is still waiting. He was in kitchen, and looks at her. She says they can’t stay boy friend and girl friend for a lifetime, is he afraid of commitment? He comes to sit near her, and says what does she think. She hugs him, says she is confident about him. He says she is disturbed because of the fight with her mom. She says she won’t return to her mother, so she wants to know what her relationship’s future is. He says right now, I love you and we must hurry to reach college. She hopes she doesn’t have to face her mom.

Rey tells everyone that Kriya is giving her papers from New York. Sharon comes there, and asks will she come on graduation day. They ask Rey to call Kriya, he makes up that she must be asleep. They all make photographs, and tease him. Rey agrees how can she miss graduation party, but is worried.

The doctor asks Ishika what she feels. The doctor says that her recovery owes to her boyfriend. She looks at him but before she could speak Raghv says thankyou to doctor. The doctor leaves while Raghv heads to get the medicines. Vishnu asks how her arm is now.

Everyone in the café called Karma cheater and discussed about his cheating. Huma says that this all in none of their business, so they must shut up. She sits with him, he says he can handle his own issues. Huma returns his money, saying she doesn’t deserve this and can’t take this. She will tell the truth to her parents and leaves thanking him.

Ishika asks who told him that she is here. He says that he was looking for her. She asks who told him? He asks her to go home. She says that she won’t go, and is thankful he came to see her. She asks him not to force her. He asks which couple doesn’t fight? She asks him to be quiet as it is hospital. He takes her by hand and says she must do what he wants.

Ishika shouts at Vishnu that she can’t be his puppet always. It was Raghv who taught her to dance. Vishnu laughs and say that he didn’t want her to dance so he broke her hand, if she doesn’t come back he might get a lot of her things fractured. Ishika is shocked.

Swayam tells Rey that they don’t dance in the rehearsal halls of college. Avantika comes there and tells them they can rehearse in the hall. She apologize them that she went too low to win the competition but there was so much at stake. They were skeptical; she calls them to her cabin.

PRECAP: Sharon tells Swayam that she will get what they wanted, while they all were doing group study. The others tease Swayam for staying together.

Update Credit to: Sona

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