Dil Dosti Dance 23rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 23rd January 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 23rd January 2014 Written Update

Sharon is thinking about her and Swayam’s relationship .She recalls Swayam’s words when he accused her that she uses people for her benefit.He broke up with her beause she was not sure if she loves him.She remembers their conversation in the kitchen when Swayam requested her to pretend as friends in front of Kriya.She is very upset with Swayam’s this behavior.She looks at her picture with Swayam.She says,he used to say that he loves her the most.But now he doesn’t even care about her.She tried to apologize and get him back.She forgot her own self while making him feel special.But he didnt realize the fact that she loves him.She decides to stop apologizing .She knows her worth.She changed herself for him.Now she will again be her old self,Sharon the Diva.She takes the picture

and tears it in two pieces.She says the old Sharon is back.

Next day ,Kriya wakes up and notices the calender.Its 21st and 22nd is just a day away.She calls her friend who is supposed to do all arrangement for her.Her friend says ,he wants to meet her.She tells him to come to the garden near Rey’s place .She dont want to tell this to Rey.Rey suddenly enters her room and ask what is the secret she wants to hide from him.She cuts the call.Rey asks her why did she cut the call.

Sharon enters the college in Diva mode.All eyes look at her with admiration.Girls ask about her outfit and she says its designer and exclusive.She says to herself that she is loving it.

Rey gives coffee to Kriya.She says that she was talking to her aunty and didnt want to tell her aunty about her injury.Rey says things are moving so fast.Kriya is leaving.Affiliation is cancelled.Kriya says sorry as she couldnt fulfill his dream.He says its not her fault.he says to drop the topic.By mistake Kriya drop her diary and Rey tries to help her.She gets hyper and says its her personal diary and takes it back.Rey says why she is getting hyper.He didnt see anything.She says she trusts him.Its just that she wants to write something.She keeps it aside.Rey asks why she is not writing.She says she will write later.Rey goes to get ready for college.Rey gets doubt about the diary.

Sharon enters the canteen and says two boys to leave their place and to stop staring at her.Swayam notices her.She calls gang to sit at their old place.Her friends ask her ,what has happened to her.She says now teh good old days are back.She changed herself ,but now she is back to her old self.She had forgotten her identity but thanks to someone she realized it.Rini says Sharon Raipraksh the Diva is back.Sharon says its her treat.Boys go to order food and say Sharon looks like her old angry self.They ask Swayam if he had fight with her.Simi asks the same to Sharon.Sharon says she dont have time to fight.Boys ask Swayam what happened to Sharon last night.Swayam avoid their question.Simi says she hopes Sharon will go to dhabba with gang.She says,she will go with gang.

Rey is waiting for Kriya to get ready.Kriya comes in Indian attire.Rey admires her.Kriya asks if she is looking good.Kriya tells him to change to Indian clothes.Rey goes to change.

In canteen,two students ask Swayam’s permission to use props for dance competition.He allows them to use and tells to return it safely.Sharon comes there and says its not allowed to use college props in outside competitions.Who will be responsible if anything is damaged.She tells the students to arrange their props themselves.Swayam questions her.She says,she is the GS of the college.So he has to ask her before taking any decision.Gang notice their conversation.Sharon says she hopes she dont have to remind him who is the GS and who is the ACS.Sharon leaves from there and tells gang to start for dhabba.Swayam notices the change in Sharon.

Swayam-Sharon and gang reach the venue and Rey and Kriya join them .Rey helps Kriya to walk .Rini and Ashi talk among them that Rey and Kriya are looking great together.They think why they didnt wear Indian outfit.Kriya greets the gang .Nil asks her she is leaving india in indian outfit.All of them become upset about it.Swayam notices Rey’s sadness during this conversation.Swayam asks him,if he will miss Kriya.Rey says just like Swayam he will also miss her.Swayam says he looks more upset compared to others and him.Rey says ,may be he is sad as he lost .They didnt get affiliation.Swayam tells him not to loose hope.Rey says he is feeling bad that their dreams are scattered. They join the gang.Rini asks Kriya how is she feeling as she is leaving next day.Situation gets awkward and all look upset.Nil changes the topic to food.Kriya says she is leaving next day.She will miss all of them.Their fights,care ,friendship.She says she will miss the most and her moments with Rey come in front of her eyes.Rey and Kriya share an eye lock.Kriya recalls all her moments with Rey during dance and Rey taking care of her.

Precap:Rey says he has a plan to stop whatever is happening.Kriya says if so many careers will be better with hers sacrifice she is ready for it.She tears her ticket.

Update Credit to: Deepika

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