Saraswatichandra 23rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 23rd January 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 23rd January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras and Kumud’s engagement ceremony. They smile looking at each other. They exchange rings and everyone throws flower petals on them happily. They clap for the couple. Kumari thinks of something and signs Kusum. Kumari and Kusum make Saras and Kumud fall in each other. Kusum cries with happiness seeing them together. Kumari comes to Kusum and asks are you fine, don’t cry today. Kusum says I m crying with happiness, see what mistake I was making, their souls are connected and I was going to make them apart. What would I have got doing that? Badimaa blesses Kumud and Saras. Kumud hugs Badimaa. Yash says photo time.

Yash says Kalika will take the photos. Kalika smiles and takes the family photo. Its night, Kusum tells Saras you should have not come late. Everyone talk to Saras. Kumud supports Saras for bringing the best gift for her. Saras says my plannign was good, but my car both tyres for punctured. Dada ji asks really. Saras tells how he managed to come home. He says someone gave me lift. Badimaa asks Saras for some money and he gives her his wallet. Kumari asks whats this. Its Kalika’s dupatta piece. Kalika is tensed seeing it and thinks Yash will identify it. Saras says I got this cloth near the tyre.

Kusum asks who dropped you here. Saras says I did not ask his name, but I felt he was not a stranger. Badimaa asks for Saras’s house keys. Saras says I m going home. Vidyachatur says stay here tonight, we will have a talk. Saras says I have to go home as I have something precious and I heard there is a sharp theif who is after that. Kumud smiles and thinks she will steal it no matter you be at home or not. Kusum says I will keep the chunri and diya at home. Kusum talks to Danny and tells him how Saras made the entry today.

Kalika comes after Kusum to Saras’s house. She sees the cloth of her dupatta and says how should I take it back. Kusum goes to bring matchstick and till then Kalika reaches the cloth. She is shocked to see Kusum coming. She hides and picks the cloth and looks on. Kusum lights the diya and leaves from the house locking the door. Kalika sees she is locked inside and says how will I go back home. She sees Kusum’s phone and says she will come back to take her phone. She takes the phone with her and keeps it somewhere away. Kusum goes to take her phone and Kalika runs outside.

Its morning, the sisters are having a laugh. Kumud tells them how Saras became Tony Singh. Dada ji comes to them and asks Kumari to make a list for Sangeet. Kumari says I made the list. Vidyachatur asks for his phone. Kumud says its in your pocket. Kumud tells Badimaa she will give the breakfast to Saras. Badimaa says you will be going there in few days. Kumud says we all will go. Kusum says I have to clean the room too. Kumud says I will help her. Vidyachatur asks where are they going. Badimaa says to do some mischief.

They come to Saras’s house. Saras is happy seeing them. All of them smile. Saras says its great to see you three together. Kumari gives him flowers. Saras asks why flowers. Kumud says I will keep the flowers. Kusum and Kumari stop Saras and talk to him about Danny. They make him busy. Kumud comes in his room and looks our for the pearl. She does not get it anywhere. Kusum tells Saras about Danny. Saras says tell me what happened, what did Danny do. Kusum says Danny daily snores at night. Saras looks on and says snoring. Kumud says I know he has hidden it that I can’t get it easily, but I will find it.

Saras says see Kusum, snoring is a small common problem, even I do. Kusum says I know how big the problem is. Saras hears sound from his room and says whats Kumud doing there. Kusum and Kumari stop Saras from going to his room. Kumari makes the snoring sounds in different styles. Saras says I don’t like this joke. He says I will solve your problem, let me go. Kusum tells another problem, that Danny throws wet towel on the bed and he makes the bed wet. I have decided that I won’t be with him in same room. Kumud gets the pearl under the bed.

Saras tells Kusum such things happen, try to make Danny change. Kumud comes and says its done. They leave. Saras realizes that Kumud has stolen his pearl and rushes to check. He sees Kumud Saras 3 3 written on the mirror. He writes 2. Badimaa asks did they leave, they might have come there to steal the pearl. Saras says yes, they stole the fake one, I have the real one.

Yash tells Kumud that Saras still has the real pearl and this one is fake. He says Saras has kept it close to his heart. Kumud thinks. .

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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