Dil Dosti Dance 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 22nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rey dance alone, as he thinks about Kriya. The boys come there and teases him. He says that sponsores don’t want to see solo dance. Huma and Karma come there, and Huma asks Rey for an hour long off. Rey asks who wants the off, you or both. They hoots, but Karma says there is a surprise for Huma. Karma promises to practices twice.
Sharon tells Sara to eat less chocolate, else she will get fat. Sara says chocolate gives one energy. Sara says that her sense of humour is Rey factor, but Sharon has lost her habit of anger living with her. They meet Rey and Nil in corridor. Sara says to Rey that they will just practice. Rey asks why is she eating so much chocolate. Sara says it is her chocolate craving day. Rey asks isn’t she craving a lot for many things. Sara says these cravings are normals.
Karma asks Huma, kneeling down to go on date. Huma thinks she must feel normal, as he is doing drama and agrees. Karma says she won’t be disappointment. They hug. Huma thinks he will be disappointment.
During the rehearsals, Sharon and Swayam begin arguing. Bua shouts this is wrong, since she stepped in the house, everything is going bad. Rey gets a call, to run out. The sponsor says he has kept their performance, tomorrow. Bua blames Sharon, Swayam shouts at Bua that she can’t talk to Sharon like this. Bua says Sharon made him against them. Sharon asks what to do with a boy, who stalks a girl late night. Swayam asks Bua to leave. She leaves, Sharon leaves too.
Rey takes Swayam, to calm down. In the café, Rey says Swayam is really in problem. Rey is also worried about the CD and costumes. Rey leaves for the call, the boys discuss that Rey is in trouble more.

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Rey asks the group to keep away their personal agendas aside. Sharon asks to change her partner. Rey requests Sharon to manage, as they don’t even have 24 hours. They begin the practice. He asks Sharon and Swayam, to work for chemistry in dance. They must behave like professionals. Huma says like them. Rey asks what. Huma says they used to fight a lot before, but now they can’t even dance without each other. Rey calls for the packup. Karma asks Huma for the date-night.
Karma prays at the venue, for everything to get right. Someone appears in a red dress. Karma stands up in awe, to look at Huma as she arrives. He hugs her. He offers her a chair, she appreciates the changed Karma. She takes the seat. Huma thinks does he really think his charm will work on her, just wait and watch. Karma thanks her and asks for a dance with her. They both dance. Huma asks will he get more money for kissing, he is shocked and asks what?
Rey asks Swayam to go home, as he is fine. Swayam asks will he be chilling at home. Swayam asks Rey what is his tension, as he knows that musical can’t be so tension for him. Rey thinks he is already in a lot of tension. He asks Swayam didn’t tell him about his problems, Swayam says it was so embarrassing. He heads to leave, Rey offers to drop him.
Huma asks Karma how much money did he bet, she thought he has actually changed. But he can never change, as the man who can cheat his team for money can do anything. Karma says he was about to tell her, she asks when, today or tomorrow. She gives him the money for the share of arrangements today, and leaves.
Rey watches the missed calls of costume designer. The man apologizes, that he can’t make the costumes as there was robbery in his godown.

PRECAP: Rey tells the team that they don’t have costumes. The goons give him agreement papers, if he doesn’t pay 2.5 crores, his property will be gone. Swayam hears this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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