Hum Hain Na 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 22nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sagarika doing the puja. Mishraji stands beside Lakshmi and looks at her. Sagarika thinks it is very difficult for her to stay in the house and thinks she can’t even talk to her Dad. Rani asks her to come and have food. Sagarika refuses to have food saying she is not hungry. Rani says it is ok and leaves. Mishraji comes and knocks on the door. Sagarika says she don’t want to have food. Mishraji says how you will face Amma if you don’t eat. Sagarika looks at him. He asks can I come in. She says yes. He asks why you are crying? Sagarika says she thinks she have to leave this house. Mishraji says your husband Bunty is our live. Bunty took responsibility to keep everyone happy. He spoiled Amma’s habits and that’s why her life resolves around Bunty.

He says she have a believe that Bunty can’t love anyone more than her. No one have any objection with her thought. The problem aroused when you came in his life as his love. Lakshmi got tensed and insecure. He says you will do injustice if you leaes Bunty. He asks her to face the troubles. You might be thinking that no one is trusting you. You have to win the trust. Everyone will listen to Satya as she has relation with this house since years. You have to prove yourself right. Lakshmi thinks Satya can be a good daughter in law. He asks her to change Lakshmi’s thinking. Sagarika asks how? He blesses her and leaves.

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Rani tells Lakshmi that you did right to have brought Satya here. I think bahu have to live as a bahu and try not to become a mother in law. She praises herself. Lakshmi says that is the difference. Bunty got mad to have loved her. Lakshmi taunts Sagarika indirectly while serving food. Rani informs Lakshmi that Satya went to her house as she was having severe head ache. Lakshmi asks Pappu to call Satya and talks nicely with her. Satya is seen eating food and perfectly fine. Satya asks her not to worry and she will be fine. Lakshmi asks her to come in the morning and not to feel bad about anyone’s words. She says this is your home and disconnects the call. Bunty looks on. Satya jumps with joy and imagines Lakshmi doing her aarti and asking her to enter after her grah pravesh with Bunty. She thinks she will get married to Bunty soon.

Pappu asks Bunty to come inside. Bunty says nothing. Pappu asks him what is bothering him. Bunty says he is grinded between Sagarika and Amma and don’t know how to handle both. He says we know Satya from childhood, then why Sagarika is saying this against Satya. I can’t trust my own wife. Pappu asks him not to worry and makes him sit. He says my case is different from yours. I loves my wife very much and Bapuji calls me wife’s servant. I knows that you are Amma’s dear son. Amma will feel jealously. He asks him to find a way out. Go and talk to your wife. Try to understand her and see what she says. Bunty asks what about Amma. Pappu goes.

Bunty apologizes to Sagarika and asks her to understand him. He says he can’t doubt on Satya as she is his childhood friend. Sagarika changes the topic. Bunty folds his hand and asks him to think with his perception. Sagarika says what do you think? Why I will come between you and Satya. I understands that she is your childhood friend. May be I would have thought like you, but don’t ignore the proofs. We are husband and wife and it works on trust. We have to trust each other. Bunty thinks he have to find out if Satya is playing any game.

Bunty tries to know Satya’s real intentions. He gets shocked when Satya touches him. He looks at her when she stares a dupatta which he brought for Sagarika.

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