Dil Dosti Dance 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 22nd April 2014 Written Update

Swayam bends down and hugs Sharon. He says I love you to her. She also says I love you, and goes to sleep again. Swayam comes out of the room. Everyone was in the corridor. He tells Rey that had Sharon gone today he could never have forgiven himself. Simmi tells him not to worry as t was only his love that brought her back. Doctor comes there and congratulates them for Sharon was out of danger now. He says that they have seen people taking lives for love in today’s world, but seeing someone living for love is his first experience. Swayam asks him if they can take Sharon back home, doctor says she is under observation. If till tomorrow her reports get normal, she is all yours. Swayam suggests that everyone should go home now and sleep. He will stay with Sharon. Rey also agrees and they all say good-byes.

Rey and Kriya are going in the car. Rey asks Kriya if she ate anything. She says there was so much tension, she couldn’t. He asks that he is also hungry, shall they eat something. She says it’s alright, I ll eat something at home; want to sleep right now. The car stops. Rey and Kriya comes out of it, Rey tells her the tire has got punctured. She asks at this time? He remarks it wasn’t Rey else would have seen time before going flat. He says he will get her a cab to go home. She says she doesn’t want to go by taxi. He asks her should I get a personal jet plane for you then. She goes in the corner and tells him she will wait for him.

In the hospital, Sharon sits in the bed, Swayam sitting beside her. He apologizes her for not understanding her. She stops him and tells him to forget what happened. He still tries to say something but she puts her finger on his lips and says that I am happy right now, because we are together. Swayam gets hold of her hand.

Kriya thinks to herself ‘Oh no! I am so hungry. Can’t even tell Rey because I showed him much attitude. Rey looks at her and thinks she must need to go to washroom and is not telling me, because I scolded her badly. Kriya thinks I can’t wait anymore, but how to tell him. Rey thinks she must be feeling awkward in telling me. Kriya thinks what to feel awkward about, she will say sorry to him. They both turn to each other and speak at once. Rey stops and tells her to repeat. She says I am very hungry Rey. Rey suggest that they can find ‘Baray pao’ at this time. She says that will work and they sit in the car.

The attendant brings soup for Sharon. She refuses to take while Swayam insists her to have some. She asks if he ate something. He admits he forgot to eat anything. She orders her to put on the napkin and put a spoon of soup in his mouth. He takes it and makes face asking what is this. She laughs and asks now you know what you wanted me to eat.

Rey and Kriya come to a road side stall. Kriya comes out of the car saying she will die if she doesn’t get to eat anything in 5 min. Rey tells her to sit down on the bench while he orders. Kriya sees an old couple sitting on a nearby bench putting spoons in each other’s mouths. Rey comes and sits with her as she smiles. She points at them and says how cute they are looking. She says how lucky the people who get true love in their life are. He asks what she means. She says look at Sharon and Swayam, how they admitted their love for each other. Rey says that at times we don’t understand our own love, although the person is in front of us. She asks who he is talking about. He says he is talking about Sharon and Swayam. They both fought so much, but were confused about being in love. We let our egos come between the acceptances of love. Kriya says it’s not the ego but the fear; we fear that the other person will refuse our love and we will fell down at the next step so we don’t take it.

Swayam insists Sharon to take the last bite of the soup but she refuses. He gives up, puts the spoon and bowl down and tells her that he must now leave as she should sleep now. Sharon asks ‘wont you stay here tonight.’ He says he has some important business. She asks what is so important. He bends down and tells her that VP sir told him to stay with Ruhi tonight in the hospital; she is alone and must be sad. He could not refuse VP sir. Sharon tightens her teeth and fist. Swayam laughs at her. She asks ‘so it was a joke?’ he says what you thought and says sorry. She accepts the apology and smiles. He tells her he has to buy her medicines for morning from the chemist and begins to leave. She holds his hand and asks him not to go tonight. They both look at each other.

PRECAP: They were in the cafeteria. Rey tells them that Kriya’s dean is coming to meet VP sir. They must think about something to prevent the secret to disclose. The waiter brings their coffee. As he leaves, Kriya calls him. He turns around and smiles. Kriya tries to remember where she had seen him; then shouts ‘VP Sir! He remembers VP sir!’

Update Credit to: Niki

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