Madhubala 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 22nd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Leela scolding RK a lot and calling him mad. RK leaves crying and comes to his room. Madhu coems after her and sees him crying. RK is very sad. He asks her is he mad. She says no, don’t hear anyone, you are very good, sweet, innocent. You hear only what your doll says. He asks is his smile like Kanha. She smiles and says yes, but I have to see your laugh. She tickles him and he laughs saying no. Itni si hasi…………….. plays……………….Abhay talks to someone and says I m returning to films very soon, we will have a press conference on right time. Leela comes to Abhay and he ends the call. He says don’t call me son in law, I m not your son in law and when I m talking to phone, don’t roam around me. Leela says yes.

He gets another call and says you have to do all the arrangements, it has to be a big press conference. Madhu asks RK to change is tshirt. She asks why are you rubbing your eyes. He says something went in my eye. She asks shall I see. He says no, I will remove it. He keeps trying. She says I will remove. She blows in his eyes. She smiles and makes a face like him. He gets annoyed. He says you made fun of me, I m angry on you. She says sorry, I will not laugh. He holds her. She looks in his eyes. RK asks did it got removed. Madhu’s dupatta slips and she covers herself. She sees flour on his neck and says have a bath. He says in swimming pool. She says no way. They have a laugh.

Sweety and Leela are having good time relaxing at the pool side. Sweety says I m feeling good. They drink juices. Leela acts stupid. Sweety says swimming pool is to have bath, not to wash clothes. Leela says I m thinking to go in the pool. Sweety says go. Leela touches the water and lays her feet in the pool. Sweety laughs. Leela says its so much fun. Leela says I m thinking we will be habituated to all this in six months, but after we leave, we will feel bad. Sweety says do something, I want to stay here. Leela says Im thinking what to do. She sees RK and smiles.

Leela scolds RK and tells him that Madhu is a maid in their house. RK gets angry as she laughs. He pushes her in the pool. Sweety is shocked. Leela shouts. Sweety says mad, you pushed my mummy. She shouts for help. RK gets tensed. Madhu comes there. Sweety says it happened because of this mad man. Madhu is shocked. Sweety calls Abhay and tells him that RK has pushed her mum in pool. She asks him to come soon. Madhu brings Leela out. Sweety asks are you fine mum. Leela says he has pushed me in water. Abhay comes there and hears everything.

Leela talks to Abhay. She tells him that RK has pushed me in the pool, first he has thrown flour in my eyes. Madhu says RK was playing, but Leela took revenge and threw flour in his eyes. Leela says she is lying, I did not do anything. Abhay gets angry and looks at RK. He comes to him and asks RK why he did this. RK says she called me mad, I m not mad, she insulted my doll, bad manners. Abhay asks did you push her. RK says yes. Abhay pushes him in the pool. Madhu shouts RK.

Madhu scolds Abhay and says its my promise that RK will stand before you looking in your eyes.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

  1. Its nt rk its raju

    1. Why raju can’t stand before stupid ak and he will definitely stand before him

  2. it is rk cause his name is rajkumar

    1. Rk is only rajkumar so I can do it understand

  3. nyc one hope he stands lyk a man 4 madhu and be normal again cant wait to c that

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