Dil Dosti Dance 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 21st April 2014 Written Update

VP sir is in the corridor. He apologizes Swayam saying ‘I am sorry Swayam. I didn’t tell you before. Ruhi is a patient of bi-polar disorder. She gets uncontrollable at times when she gets anxiety attacks. She was expelled from her previous college for the same reason but she was happy here with you people. I should have told you. I am sorry Swayam.’ Swayam didn’t say anything. He asks Kriya what doctor say. Kriya says doctor told them she is still under observation. Rey tells him not to worry; they will inform him as soon as they get any information.

Kriya says that she has brought sandwiches from home and tells everyone to eat them. Everyone denies taking them. She goes to Swayam who was still standing with the door-glass. She asks him to take a sandwich but he denies her saying he is not hungry. She asks him to sit down, as he must be tired now.

Everyone goes to temple of the hospital and cries in front of God. Vicky says I will come to rehearsals in time and will never tease her. Simmi asks if she will get alright. Nil tells her hopefully that she will.

Kriya agrees to be friend with Rey.
It is night. Kriya is sitting in the hospital bench crying. Rey comes and sits nearby. He says how strange is love, when it’s near we doesn’t care about it, but when it gets distant we realize the importance of it. Kriya stand up to leave. Rey says I didn’t mean to hurt you, I just wanted to ask you if we cannot be couple, then we can be very good friends. If only you forget what happened last night. Now Rey gets up to leave. She calls him from behind and says we can be friends.

Doctor announces Sharon dead
Everyone is beside Sharon’s bed. Swayam is sitting on the bed. Sharon begins to breathe hard. Everyone starts yelling the doctor’s name, calling him. Nil says her Hb is getting low. Swayam shouts her heart beat is getting slow. Swayam holds her hand as doctor observes her. The ECG goes to nil. Everyone shouts her name, trying to get her conscious. Doctor removes her oxygen mask and canula, turns around and says she is gone. Swayam shouts you cannot leave me. How you can go leaving me alone. Everyone cries. Swayam hugs her body yelling I love you. Rey gets him away from her and hug him.

Sharon is alive and says I love you to Swayam
A few seconds later, Sharon takes broken breathes. Everyone shouts again for doctor. Doctor comes and tells them that usually it does not happen but your love brought her a new life. They again put the equipment on her. They all hug each other. Sharon tells Swayam that now you won’t call me stubborn. Swayam says I knew it you cannot go leaving me alone. My love brought you back. She says I love you too. Everyone laughs. Swayam bends down to hug her, Rey teases him to come back or he will now block her breathe.

PRECAP: Sharon is sitting in the hospital bed. She asks Swayam if he ate something. He says he forgot. She put a spoon full into Swayam’s mouth. He makes his face, asking what have you put in my mouth. Sharon ‘Got to know what you are making me eat.’ Kriya and Rey in the lawn eating something. Kriya remarks that finally Sharon and Swayam accepted each other’s love and shout ‘oops, it so spicy’ and snatches water bottle from him. Rey asks why she was behaving like a monkey. He runs while she throws water on him.

Update Credit to: Niki

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