Balika Vadhu 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 21st April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with the vendors telling Dadisaa that they have made an agreement for 3 years. Dadisaa says it is not good. It is betrayal. You have made the agreement for 3 years on the same rate which is not right. They ask, who gave you the right to speak on their behalf. Farmer woman says we have given her right and tears the agreement papers. Vendors gets angry and asks the farmers to sell the harvest to the Panch members. All the farmers thank Dadisaa for saving them. Bhairov talks to Dadisaa and says how we will sell the farmer’s havest. Dadisaa says, we will sell it. Basant says, we didn’t sell the harvest until now. Dadisaa says, now we will start it. Bhairov says, our responsibility will increase. Basant agrees.

Saachi tells Ira that Vivek’s financial position has got weakened because of his marriage with her. She says, they have old thinking and that’s why took the corporate cases. Ira says, are you in problem? Saachi says, we are fine, but just dropped the idea to buy new items for sometime. Ira looks at the kitchen vessels.

Dadisaa visits the temple and thanks the lord. She gets Amol’s call. Amol says, I am fine nani ji. He tells he was scared when he was kidnapped and tells everything. Flashback is shown. Dadisaa says, you are very brave boy and says well done. Amol gives the call to Anandi. Anandi asks, how are you? Dadisaa says,Amol must have suffered a lot. Anandi says, this thing happened with Jagya too in Mumbai. Dadisaa says I came to temple to fulfill the mannat. She tells her about Kanchan and Manish.

Dadisaa calls Bhairov and tells him that she is on the way. She sees some vendors near the farm. She gets suspicious. Bhairov arrives. Dadisaa shows him that vendors are here. Bhairov says, may be they came to talk to farmers. They leaves.

NGO woman gives sweets to Anandi as Amol have been rescued. Shiv calls Anandi and says you are getting a coupon for free dinner. Anandi doesn’t recognize his voice. Shiv comes there and asks her to agree. Anandi asks, what is it? Shiv asks her to come with him.

Dadisaa comes to see the harvest. She sees the man who was with the vendors. Dadisaa asks them to deliver the harvest to the market. They say after 2 days. Dadisaa says, it is not good to keep it here. She asks them to keep it at Ram Leela land. Panch members say, you are right.

Shiv takes Anandi to some place and says this land is ours. Anandi says, it is beautiful. Shiv says, deal is final. He says, I have planned everything about this place. He plans to build a cottage. Anandi says, we already have a home. Shiv says, this is our holiday home. We will come here to have some good moments. He gets romantic. They are interrupted by Kulfi seller. Anandi says, we will eat Khulfi. Shiv gets Khulfi for her. Anandi tastes it and shares it with Shiv. They enjoy the khulfi looking at each other. Rajastani song plays………………Anandi runs, Shiv runs behind her. They get close and romantic.

Farmers cries as their harvest is burnt to ashes. Dadisaa comes and tells Panch members to take all the farmers to the panchayat.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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