Dil Dosti Dance 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Vicky and Bharat lied down, saying they were badly beaten. Rey laughs, and asks Swayam to take charge. He goes to Sara and Swayam. He asks Sara how she is, Sara says if he is free, she has to talk to her. Rey gets sponsor’s call, and asks Sara to meet him in 10 minutes. Sharon tells Sara to be relax and tell him.
In the basket ball court, Sara thinks she is stupid to take this false attention of Rey. Rey comes and drapes her in his jacket. Sara says what she is going to tell him, will change his care. Rey says she has been so generous to complain him, he promises that even when Kriya will be here, he will care for her and will take her care always. He shows her firework, and says today was the match of India and Pakistan. He is sure, India has won and cheers.
Swayam helps the girl practice, the music goes off. He asks who switched the music off, the lights goes off too. He asks who it is. It was Kavita, who dances with Swayam. Swayam runs away, the girls buck Kavita up. The group watch intently, Swayam looks at Sharon come to rehearsal hall, and tries to get rid of Kavita. Sharon comes to them, and looks at Swayam seriously. She asks Kavita with care, if she is ok and makes her sit. She smiles at Swayam, the group gets suspicious. Swayam’s phone rings, he runs out. It was Kriya, she tells Swayam that the doctor told her that she is fit to travel and she is coming to India. She asks him not to tell anyone. She asks about Rey, Swayam says he is fine, just a little tension is going on between them. Kriya says she will update him in a while.
Kavita comes to Swayam, and asks him to see if she has a foot strain, or a fracture. The group watch them together, and laughs. Swayam was reluctant.
Rey assures Sara no matter what, he will be with her. She asks whatever it is. Sara says she wants to tell him that she isn’t pregnant. He was quiet for a moment, she observes him. She says it was a big misunderstanding, she couldn’t understand why he was being caring to her. She couldn’t tell him, and liked his attention. Rey says it means she was deceiving him. She says she is sorry, and didn’t mean to do that. Rey stops her, and warns not a single word. He leaves; Sara cries that I am sorry.
Rey comes in, bad-mooded and then leaves.
Sara cries hard, sitting in the basket ball court. She walks alone on the road, crying badly, and thinking about Rey.
In the college, Karma comes with the coffee cup and finds Huma busy with the laptop. He asks if he can burn music on CD. She says he can use her laptop, she is almost done. He waits drinking coffee. She observes him standing, then smiles and says he can sit with him, she won’t bite him. She hands him the laptop, he looks for his USB in the pocket. She helps him select the songs. The hands touch, she withdraws hers. Karma says he is almost done, and asks that these Sangeet functions are really boring. She asks if he is irritated, because he doesn’t like dancing. Karma says in Sangeets, there isn’t any proper dances, and everyone can do such steps they do. Huma asks him to show her, he asks if this is a challenge. She says yes, he asks her to come with him, they dance. They look into each others eyes, and smiles. Karma says couples usually kiss, being in such poses. He thinks she had asked if he will get more money for kissing. She kisses him on forehead, and heads to leave. He stops her and asks are we ok. She says I guess so, bye. He celebrates, jumping in the hall. In the excitement, the mp3 goes into the coffee cup.
The girls ask Rey when will the boys come. The boys come with helmets on. Bharat says after yesterday’s experience, they can’t take rest. Rey asks them to go and change. Rey tells Simmi to make the dress plan for Sangeet, and asks Swayam to make a strategy for the final event. They can’t neglect it in quest of Sangeet. Kavita asks Swayam to be his dance partner. Swayam says he already has a partner, Sharon. She asks what is in in Sharon, he says their steps are balanced and goes murmuring that her mind is balanced too.
Simmi makes them practice for Sangeet. Rey appreciates their job. Karma comes with the final mix of Sangeet. Sharon and Sara come there, Rey announces that in final performance he will perform with Huma and Karma can perform with Sara. Huma argues, Rey says she is a professional dancer, she must be ready for changes. He has decided everything for the performance betterment and this is final. He leaves the hall.

PRECAP: Sponsor shouts at the team, and cancel the sponsorship.

Update Credit to: Sona

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