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Bigg Boss 8 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 101 (continued)
Ajaz says to Gautam that Sonali go to cigarette room in night, Pritham ask do they air it? Ajaz says yes, it has become news, it has come in articles, this girl have some problem, devil is lover of Sonali, its common known fact and this is from before, she made him love her, its in news that she worship Devil, they are having fun, Sonali is flat on Gautam too, Gautam ask to not make me afraid, Pritham says Gautam never accept it, Gautam says she said to me that Gautam I will see you after house, I asked will you make me beat by your father, she said no, Gautam leaves from there.

Sonali turns off light of washroom she sit in corner with head down, Gautam is in washroom, he start shouting bigg boss shit shit, there is no light in washroom, Sonali is laughing, she opens light, Ajaz is there too, Sonali runs from there, Ajaz ask Gautam what happened, Gautam says light went off, I got afraid but I am fine now, Sonali sit in corner with her hairs all over her face, Ajaz ask Pritham to see her, Gautam comes out of washroom and sees Sonali like this, he shouts and close door of washroom, all laughs, Gautam comes out, Sonali, Ajaz laugh on him, Pritham says you got so sacred, Gautam laughs too.

Day 102
song dekho dewaano.. nayi baat hogi.. Salame Salame starts playing. inmates wake up and dance.

Ajaz says to Puneet that Gautam got so sacred in night, sonali turned off light of washroom, Gautam started shouting then he saw Sonali sitting and started shouting, Gautam says that this girl will give me heart attack, he ask sonali what is it? are you really worshiping devil or its all joke? sonali says joke, Gautam says seeing your teeth I feel like this all is true, Sonali flicks her hairs, Gautam ask to not make me afraid, ghost doesn’t come in morning, I imagine that you are crawling on walls, I start imagining things.
Karishma says to Upen that there is something wrong with Sonali, Puneet also said that she laughs with some other voice in night. Pritham asys she change in night.

Pritham says to Sonali that Ajaz is afraid of you too, Sonali says really, Pritham says you are dominating all men, Sonalu says not me but someone else, he lives near cigarette room. Pritham ask who?
Karishma says I asked Sonali that your teeth change in morning? I saw her teeth but it wws same like night, Ajaz says no, in night they change whole in black.
Pritham ask to put hand in flask, Sonalu says I cant, I will ask them, they can put their hands in it, Pritham ask who they? sonali says they means Rhea and choto, Pritham says what? who are they, Sonali says that ghosts, Pritham looks at her, Sonalu says they are couple, Pritham says to camera that listen bigg boss, there is couple in house, Sonali says I got eliminated but they brought me back, Sonali says they want to drink tea, Upen comes there, Pritham tell him too, Sonali says I want to go from here but they are not allowing me to but now I feel good here, Pritham says you were pleading to go out, sonali says but they are not letting me eliminate, I will here till end now, I am telling you we will remain 8 till end, Pritham ask will we be able to go out of house ever? sonali says one will go out, I will tell his name soon, but we will remain 8.

in confession room. bigg boss says to Ajaz that there are messages for 4 inmates from their house but you will choose two inmates from them who will get message. Ajaz says what thing bigg boss.

Ajaz tease inmates that who are the lucky ones, Dimpy says that liar, Ajaz says that I take you out of my hear then. Pritham ask to give to Ali and Sonali. Bigg boss says first message is for Dimpy, Ajaz says first give me hug, she hugs him, he says bigg boss let her listen message, Dimpy says you didn’t take my name, you are joking, Ajaz says don’t make me angry, Ajaz has chosen Dimpy, her sister’s message is played, she says we love you so much, be strong, don’t take tension, be fair Dimpy cries, Upen and Ali hugs her, Ali ask her to ignore him, don’t take tension, UPen and Ali fight to hug her, Karshma hugs them too, Ajaz says the one who do everything doesn’t get anything in return, Dimpy hugs him, Ajaz ask to not cry now.

Ajaz says to Ali that I made dimpy listen message as she didn’t meet her family earlier and also Upen didn’t get to meet his family so I am thinking to choose him next, ali says Upen got pictures from family, also Salman made him talk to his mother, I didn’t get to talk to my family, Ajaz says I will choose only two people, Ali says you can choose four? Ajaz says bu I wont choose four.

bigg bos says this message is for Pritham from his mother, Ajaz ask Pritham do you wanna listen it? Pritham says I think other should get chance, you can choose how much? Ajaz says I can choose one more only, Pritham says then Upen and Sonali should be given chance, Upen says Ali is also included, Ajaz says the one who didn’t get anything, I want to choose them first, he deletes Pritham’s message, he hugs Pritham.

bigg boss says this message is for Ali, bigg boss says second message is from Ali’s mother, Ajaz says I am confused, there are two people who didn’t get anything, couldn’t talk to their families that were Sonali, Upen and Dimpy, Ajaz doesn’t choose him, he deletes his massage, Puneet hugs Ali and says not to worry. Ajaz says this will be unfair for Pritham’s mother if I had chosen Ali’s mother’s message, I have to be fair.

ali says to Pritham that Upen talked to his mother once, Pritham says yes but he didn’t meet her physically, ajaz says why you didn’t tell me earlier that he talked with her, Ali says he got letters too, Ajaz says why they didn’t tell me, now I will be wrong if I allow him to talk to mother as I deleted massage of two mothers already, Pritham says why you are taking tension, Ajaz says but when someone physically meet you in house, they tell us about whats happening outside, why you didn’t tell me earlier, now no message will play.

bigg boss says this message is for Upen from his mother, Karishma says I am clearing that Upen got letters from his sister, sonali sys if this is last message then give it to Upen, Upen says no its ok, Sonali ask to give it to him, Ajaz says all come. Ajaz says bigg boss delete, he deletes his message and says sorry to Upen, Upen says its ok, Dimpy ask what was that.

there is one task on new year that is “new year resolution”, there will be 4 pairs, one pair will come in confession and will tell new year resolution for each other with reason, and wil try to make other agree to follow that resolution, bigg boss ask resolution, Sonali says I want Ali to respect women, I mean even if he fight with someone then he should not cross lines, and if he stop passing cheap comments then it will be well and good, one more thing.. Ali says will you tell whole history, Sonali says I don’t get friendly with him because I fear that he cross his line when he talks, Ali says now let me speak, Ali says I want Sonali to not forget her commitment, she lie on face and then doesn’t agree and then say that she is like this only, sonali says I don’t backoff from commitment, Ali ask her to not show her teeth, I feel afraid, Sonali says this thing I don’t like about you, Ali says she should follow all rules.
Karishma says Pritham is going good but he lose his cool, he says that he doesn’t think women weak but then he doesn’t follow it, I want him to keep his cool, Pritham says I want tell that in Dimpy’s matter, the situation was like that that I lost my cool and I am ashamed for that, she sarted it but I had to bear consequences, I am sorry to you and to all women, I am trying to change and want to be good, I want you to follow certain things, she doesn’t accept her mistakes, Karishma laughs, he says that she should accept mistakes and just move on.
Upen says that I want Gautam to mingle with more people, be open more, Gautam says that never say to anyone in life I will knock you out, I will break your face, you are dead, even if big thing happen, Upen says I lost my cool, I am sorry for that, Gautam says it happens in anger, I just want you to control that.
Dimpy says that Puneet you are righteous but I want to tell that there is nothing right or wrong in this house so I want you to judge people by their intentions not by their works, Puneet says I want you that concentrate more on path you chose for winning instead of concentrating on finishing line, follow that path and concentrate on humanity, don’t just involve in tasks and only think of winning, your point will be clear if you are right, Dimpy says but my intention is that I fulfill every task with full capability.

Dimpy says to Karishma that Punet judge people by right and wrong but its all about intentions, Karishma says why this right and wrong came, Dimpy says when a thief do robbery in his house, does he have wrong intention? Puneet says this is wrong example, Dimpy says it can intention right or wrong, Puneet says you follow your path and I will follow my path, dimpy says then why you taunted me to follow humanity, what humanity did I not follow? Puneet says giving someone slang, Dimpy ask didn’t you said slang to anyone in life? why you are taking personally, why you are talking about past, Puneet says if I talk to you then I will talk about past, Dimpy says you are super man that didn’t use slang for anyone right? Puneet says you are always right? Dimpy says I am just saying that don’t judge people so fast, see their intention first, raising hand on someone is inhuman too, Puneet says yes, Puneet says giving slang is more inhuman.
Karishma sys to Upen that Dimpy is saying that there is no right and wrong but about intention so shy people go in jail for raping and stealing because he has done something wrong.
Dimpy says I was poked so I had to give slang, you were not there, if saying salng is wrong then raising hand is wrong too, so where you are right? Puneet says I didn’t tell I am saint, Puneet says your problem is that you change topics, you just want to win bigg boss’s heart, what you sow so shall you reap, Dimoy says ofcourse, I will take it what life gives to me, Puneet says you are already getting what you deserve in life, Dimpy says I just wanna say to you and Gautam that practice what you preach, Puneet says if there was no task then I wouldn’t have talked to you.
Ajaz says to karishma that Puneet was normally talking, but Dimpy, my God she doesn’t stop bickering.
Puneet says to Dimpy that you are a saint of this house, you cant be wrong, Dimpy says I wont take any suggestion from you, you are going blow the belt, you are talking about past, Puneet says your habit is to poke everyone, Gautam says aata maagi satakli, Upen ask Dimpy to finish it, Puneet says you taunt people on halwa, Dimpy says you cant become pregnant just by other saying it, you say this right, Gautam ask to lower volume of Dimpy, Dimpy says to Upen that we were discussing on philosophical level then he started taunting me on slang thing that it is inhuman, Upen says leave it, Dimpy says if slang is inhuman than beating is inhuman too, Puneet says it is written in Geeta that when you raise hand then you kill evil in person not him, Sonali says why she is saying so much, Gautam says my God, Puneet says she cant win with me in talk.

bigg boss says except Ajaz, Gautam and Puneet, all comes in garden.
all go in garden, its blue lights everywhere, Sonali says this is amazing, Dimpy sys this is scary, there are coffins in garden, bigg boss says that 6 nominated inmates and 6 coffins are there, this points that eviction time is starting, they all hld each other’s hand, bigg boss says one will be living last moments in house, one will see sun of new year not from house. bigg boss ask Dimpy to come forward first, she is being put in coffin by a guards, Upen hugs Karishma, then Ali comes forward, he is put in coffin too, then Karishma gives flying kiss to Upen and go in coffin, then Upen handshake with Sonali and lie in his coffin, then Pritham and Sonali als lie in coffin, bigg boss calls Ajaz, Gautam, Puneet in garden, they comes there and finds coffins there, bigg boss ask Puneet to open coffins one by one, he opens a coffin, and Dimpy comes out of it, she hugs them then Ali is taken out, then Karishma is taken out, then Pritham comesout of coffin, then Sonali comes out of coffin, UPEN IS ELIMINATED, all say Upen, Karishma cries, Ali says I will miss you Upen, Sonali says Upen happy new year, Karishma is crying, Bigg boss says Upen is eliminated, he says for next nominations, EXCEPT AJAZ ALL ARE NOMINATED FOR NEXT WEEK, Karishma shouts Upen bye.

Karishma is still crying, Dimpy is with her, she makes her sit in washroom area, Karishma says shit man, he knew it, he hugged me so many times, he knew that he was going, he told me that take care of yourself, be positive, just look in my eyes and say you will be happy, I told him that you are not going, Dimpy says feeling so bad, its so disturbing, the whole coffin thing, Karishma sys I miss you Upen, Pritham says nice boy, Dimpy says he was gem of a person.

Ali says Upen spent 15 weeks, karishma ask whats Sonali’s problem, shy she doesn’t get eliminated? she doesn’t do tasks, she doesn’t do house work, they eliminated deserving, Pritham says don’t know what she is doing, she must be doing something that she have come till here, or maybe she is so much beautiful on screen, we all told that she is not deserving as she is not interested in anything but there is something, I don’t know what quality she has that we are not able to see but public can, Karisham says we all are not able to see it, Dimpy says she is off that’s why, Pritham nods.

Ajaz says to Prithma that I knew about Upen going, this game is like this, I used to play positive, Upen was nice person, everything btu what he did, he took a girl, he took a corner, what happened that he had beautiful girl and she couldn’t open up because of him, Upen charmed a girl instead of india, Pritham says public say that do something, Ajaz says public said that he is not doing anything so he should not get chance now, you can become friends here but you have to be entertaining, Gautam and Ali are strong contender, Pritham says maybe something other happen, maybe puneet wins.

PRECAP- Ali says to Sonali that I had to collect your hairs and throw it, Sonali says why you are saying me? he says its you who have hairfall, I don’t have hairfall, its your duty to put then in dustbin, Sonali ask who the hell are you? Ali ask to cut her hair then, ugly girl. later Pritham is in room where there are many screens, bigg boss says Pritham Pyare, a man from small town was accepted by whole india, his journey plays on screen, Kal ho naa ho heart beat music plays in background, bigg boss says there was a time when he lost his balance too, Pritham gets emotional and says what you made me bigg boss, it took 14 years to reach here. then Dimpy comes there, bigg boss says Dimpy when you entered house, you directly got alleged to break P3G, her journey is shown, bigg boss says your journey was fire exam for you, Dimpy smiles seeing it, she says really it was a exam for me. she get in tears.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. V..cnt blam salman fr evrythng …. am vry upset tht salma will nt come on weeknds… goutham r karishma shld win the race…..

  2. Next will b sonali

  3. Nxt is puneet’s turn…is ajaz there as a contestant?

  4. so happy that upen had been evicted… Now its dimpy’s turn

  5. Gud…upen eliminated

  6. God finally upen have a nice life and stop hiding behind women God bless

  7. upen is not bad but conditions worsen when people around u go 1 by 1 so he broke…
    frm starting it is gautam who is gnna win .

  8. upen wz jst over reacting fr small things…& i thnk that things makes him out frm BB house

  9. m happy upen got evict….& mid eviction wz happnd mny tymz in bigg boss house…ye v sonali wz week than upen bt bcoz of her fake ghost funda she is entertaining us & viewers cant ignore her.& abt upen he lost aftr diandra’s eviction…so fr me it was fair decision

  10. Actually upen gets angry for small small things but he is a very nice person

  11. Dude ur an idiot..if u don’t know anything than u shouldn’t talk. Upen did not get evicted today because salman doesn’t want him on stage. If u watches previous bigg boss you would know that those who get evicted midweek come on stage on the weekend with salman! So upen will come on the weekend. And you have seen salman give attitude to upen but u haven’t seen upen give attitude to salman? Stop blaming salman for everything..if salman does something u like he’s Fair but if he doesn’t than he’s unfair! What is he your puppet? Idiot

    1. 100% agree

  12. oh nooo upen is eliminated
    feeling really bad!
    anyways now gautam or karishma shud win

  13. wat is this ? y cant upen be evictd saturday ? Salman khan doesnt want him on stage. Actually wat s salman khans’ problm with him. Diandra cmin n sayin behav wel with salman. Salman sayin i m nt Salman bhai !.Upen ws never arrogant with salman khan. but Salman was. Being Inhuman !!

    1. You must be stupid. Salman khan can not be inhuman. Upen always hide behind the girls. He always pretending being brother with girls but clearly you can see it was something else. JAISI KARNI VAISI BHARNI. He was trying to be JUST FRIEND with karishma but action speaks.

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