Dil Dosti Dance 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The dance mania begins. The announcer introduces that there are two new debut teams. Sharon and Swayam buck their respective teams. Huma asks where Karma is, Swayam calls him when he enters. They tell him to change, while he says that he had strain in his leg. Swayam asks what the doctor said; he says doctor tells him not to put strain. Swayam says that they need him for duet, so he shouldn’t do the group dance. Swayam changes the positions. There is announcement of stage about D3. Huma asks Karma if he was lying. He says he never lies, Simmi comes in to take Huma. D3 team performs. Sharon appreciates Swayam for his dance, from back stage.

The next announcement is for St. Luois. They come to stage and perform. In the changing room, Huma comes to call Karma as the double dance is about

to start. Karma was nowhere. She looks for him in bathroom, thinking where Karma has gone. Raghv waits for Rahul, when Avantika comes in and tells him that his new partner for dance is now Karma. Karma comes there. Raghv tells her that this can’t be done, as he has practiced with Rahul. Raghv resists, and heads to tell Sharon but there is announcement of stage for their call.

Swayam was worried about where is Karma. Nil tells him to look at the stage, where Raghv and Karma perform. D3 team was shocked to see Karma on stage. Swayam controls the anger of his team. Sharon comes worried, about what is Karma doing on stage. Sharon comes to the organizers, but Avantika stops her and says that this was a strategy. She says she couldn’t think her mom will come down so much for this price. Sharon leaves. Avantika thinks that everything is fair in love and war, and this is war.

Sharon thinks about apologizing to Swayam. Swayam takes Huma to rehearse, saying that he will dance with Huma. In the rehearsal room, the pin of Huma’s dress loses where Swayam helps her. Sharon comes there. Huma asks Swayam did Sharon know about it. He says he doesn’t have time to think about it. Huma watches Sharon, and hugs Sharon. Sharon leaves in anger. D3 duet team is called on stage. Sharon watches Swayam and Huma’s performance. The team appreciates Swayam, and Huma’s dance.

The compare announces that there has been a tie between D3, and St. Luois. They announce that the heads will dance in solo performances for their academy. Swayam and Sharon are called from the two teams. Avantika comes there and says that Swayam can’t perform as he has already performed in the duet and group. Vicky says he will perform, but the organizer asks if he is the head choreographer. Vicky says no, they say that they can’t perform. Avantika says that D3 doesn’t have a participant left now. The results were to be announced in favour of St. Luois, when someone comes in and says that D3 can’t be disqualified so easily. It was Rey.

PRECAP: Rey gives a solo performance.

Update Credit to: Sona

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