Dil Dosti Dance 18th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 18th December 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 18th December 2013 Written Update

Rey accuses Kriya for loosing the investor .Kriya tries to justify but he dont let her talk.Swayam tells him to calm down and talk somewhere else.Rey says he dont want to rehearse or dance with Kriya.He is done with this crap.He decides to go to VP sir to talk about this.Swayam tries to stop him,but he refuses to listen to him.Kriya gets hurt by Rey’s words and leaves the place.Swayam tries to stop her but she leaves.Swayam tells the crowd gathered to see the fight ,to concentrate on their classes.Swayam wishes Sharon should have been there,she convinces Rey well.Simi and Nil are chatting while walking and bang on each other .Simi gets angry and Nil says sorry.Simi warns him to be attentive while walking.Nil tries to pacify her with treat.They sit next to each other and start

chatting with each other’s fake id.

VP sir is angry on Rey ,as he wants to quit the dance academy plan.Rey says the exchange program is not helping,there can be other ways.VP tells this will spoil college image.Rey says this workshop is not helping their rehearsals.VP says college reputation is associated with the exchange program and the business plan.Rey says this exchange program will only help Kriya,she will take the publicity and leave for New york.VP says if they cancel the exchange program it will give negative publicity for college.Rey says he will focus on annual day but he wants to quit exchange program.Rey says he will give him valid reason so that VP sir wont stop him.Rey leaves.VP Sir decides to talk to Swayam to solve this issue.

Kriya is crying alone and thinks if she is so bad that everyone hate her.Rey also hates her so much.She is not able to understand the reason.Swayam comes to her .She tries to hide her tears.Swayam tells her not to cry and tells her Rey is upset with her ,he dont hate her.Swayam tells her that he will talk to Rey,Kriya tells him not to talk to him.She says she is bad luck for Rey,he is failing in everything because of her.Kriya says she wants to go back to NY.Rey is capable enough to open academy.So she wants to go back.She says she will talk to her dean and go back.Swayam tells her the time is bad.She came here with a goal,so she tells her not to loose hope.She says she can loose ,if Rey can win because of this.She says Rey’s dream is more important than tie up and exchange program.So she wants to go back.Swayam tries to stop her but she leaves.

Swayam is in canteen.He is thinking Sharon sorted out everything before leaving and he is not able to sort out anything .He wishes Sharon to be there to handle things.She convinced Rey to practice with Kriya and he is not able to do anything.He says he is missing Sharon.Suddenly Sharon comes and takes the chair next to him.He gets shocked to see her suddenly .She smiles at him.He realizes she was his imagination.He asks himself,When she will be back.He again sees her near the cash counter.She comes near him and says he was missing her so she is back.He asks her ,how she came back early.He realizes he is imaging her in some other girl.That girls says,he is so bored that he is talking to himself.Swayam gives her some lame excuse.He wonders what is happening to him.Sharon comes from behind and asks him why is he ignoring her.He asks her if she is really present there.She says yes,he asks again.She pinches him in reply to his question.He asks her how she is back one day early.She says she bunked one last ceremony and came back to him.He hesitantly says ,all were missing her so did the right thing.Swayam tells her situation is worse after she went to the wedding.Rey told VP sir that he dont want to take workshops.Sharon says she will talk to Rey.Swayam says Rey will surely listen to her.Swayam recalls his conversation with Sharon before Taani’s engagement where he told her she is wrong person to help Rey in making him understand the right thing.Sharon asks him what is he thinking about.Swayam tells her he has realized that she is the best person to talk to Rey and guide him.Sharon thanks him for trusting her.Sharon says she will talk to Rey after rehearsals.Sharon was about to leave the place.Swayam stops her and hold her hand slowly.Sharon looks at him with happy but questioning eyes.Swayam tells her he just wanted to make sure if she is really present there.Sharon takes his hand in hers and keeps on her cheek and assures him that she is really there with him.Swayam moves his hand from her with hesitation and she leaves from there with a smile.She leaves him with a smile on his face .Rey is playing in BB court.VP sir comes there.He informs Rey that there is a good news for him.Kriya is leaving college.Rey says he is not interested in her workshop.May be she got any new opportunity.VP Sir tells him,he is one of the reason she is leaving .So he tells Rey to stop kriya from leaving.Rey tells he didnt do anything to make her leave college.VP sir says he cant support his dance academy if he wont stop Kriya from leaving college.VP sir leaves from there.

In Kriya’s place she is writing mail to her Dean.She thinks what he will think about her if she backs out from her proposal.She says she cant come between Rey and his dream.So she decides to leave.She hears the door bell.She gets shocked to see Rey at her door.

Precap – Rey stops Kriya from leaving .

Update Credit to: Deepika

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