Sasural Simar Ka 18th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 18th December 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 18th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Shaureya is going somewhere sujata asks him where is he going ? He says I am going to find that man out. Mata ji says but have the breakfast first. He says I can’t sit until I don’t find that man out. Jhanvi asks him to have the breakfast first. Prem asks Roli if she remembers the appearance of that man. She says yes I remember all. He was tall. Not much lean neither fat. His hair were messy and has big eyes and.. simar stops him. She says we shouldn’t force Roli much. Mata ji says you are right. Roli leaves the table and says I am not in mood to eat. Simar says i will see her don’t worry.
Roli says in the room that simar saved her. She shouldn’t say much. Simar asks what she was doing ? Roli says he provoked me. i am sorry i know I should not have

said all those things. Simar says you shouldn’t lose. Roli says I can’t tolerate him anymore. Simars says don’t be hopeless. God will show us the. We will win against the evil. Shureya is listening to all this he says I feel good looking you this way Roli.

Scene 2
Mausi ji goes to mata ji who is in tears. Mausi ji asks whats wrong ? Mata ji says i feel like something is really wrong with our family. Uma is at the door step too. Mausi ji says that and Pari is so arrogant with the name of the shop. mata ji says no its not like that. Uma says yes it is like that. She does only what she wants. Mata ji says this different name of shop will separate our family.

Scene 3
Roli sees Shaureya on the door. She whispers in simar’s ear. Simar says shaureya is a coward he can’t do anything in front of the family. He do this when you are alone. Shaureya starts the music of lighter. Rooli asks him to stop it. Shaureya says oh simar bhabhi that’s too much anger. You still have time withdraw. Simar says no way. He says you called me coward look what i will do to your sister in next 24 hours. Either you keep her in the house or not. Simar says you can’t even touch her. Shaureya says okay lets play. Roli stops the tears and Simar says we have to make him believe that we are scared of him we can’t do anything to him. Then we will play our game. Roli says I have a feeling that we will win this time.

Scene 4
Out side Pari’s shop there are people promoting daddu ji halwai’s shop.
Pari goes shouting to Uma. She says how can you distribute the pamphlets of daddu ji halwai in my area. uma says i made new sweet i will promote it in whole city. Pari says I will talk to mata ji about this. Mausi ji comes in and says hey I see our shops with the a lot of people. The taste of uma’s hand and the promotion will lead us. Pari says no one can beat aarav sweets. I will prove this. She leaves in the anger. Mausi ji and uma laugh.

Scene 5
Simar tells roli that he is coming. They start the acting. Simar says to roli that i have to go to the dinner with prem its important to me. Roli says please no didi. Simar says shaureya can’t do anything to you in the house. Roli says its okay. Simar says okay i will be back soon. Shaureya says challenging shaureya and giving him such a chance. I feel sorry for your innocence.

Scene 6
Roli is sleeping in her room and there is dark all there. Shaureya gets in there and starts the music of his lighter. Roli gets scared. She says stop this please. She hides under her bed pretending to be scared. Shaureya is moving toward her. He says there is no benefit in hiding Roli. Come out or i will come to you. Till when you will safe. He is looking for her every where. Roli shoves him shouting the name of simar she locks the room from outside. Shaureya says what should i do now. Roli tells Simar that shaureya is locked in Simar says lets call the family now.

Precap- Roli and Simar call the whole family there. Roli tells them that she has locked the man who wanted to kill her. Prem says I won’t leve him today. Shaureya says I have to leave the room before everyine comes in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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