Dil Dosti Dance 16th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 16th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raghv thinks about what Huma had said to him, that life is really short and one must spend it happily with the ones he loves, and the ones who love him. He says his life is really short, and he will enjoy the rest of his life to its full.
Huma comes to room, and watches the mess in Karma. She asks him to remove it, but he was busy in his magazine and taunts her for giving lectures to everyone. She snatches his magazine, he drags her and they fell on the bed. She gets up, and says Raghv is her friend and he must not interfere; and remove these clothes of his or leave the room. He leaves.
Rey was thinking about what Sara had said. She comes there, he asks what is she doing here. She says is there his name written someone here, he may leave if he doesn’t like. He goes away. She thinks she couldn’t talk to him softly, else he would think she is flirting again.
Raghv comes to Ishika, she was in bad mood and tells him to leave. He asks if he can take water for medicine. She says it is upto him, he might take it either with water, juice or milk. She hands him water. He apologizes that he had a mood swing. She was irritated, and says he must go away. He says I am sorry. She says it is ok. He was about to talk, but she stares at him. Before going he tells her he is really hungry. She says if he won’t leave, she won’t give him food. He leaves, while she smiles.
They all appreciated Ishika’s food. Rey goes to get fire wood. Sharon asks for dessert. Sara goes to get chocolates. They all laugh together. Sharon asks Swayam that she had to give her jacket, and takes him inside. In the room, said he doesn’t have any jacket. She stood behind her smiling, and says she wants him. He was confused and says they must go out, to get dessert. She says they can eat dessert here as well. He says they must go out, avoiding her.
Sara brings the torch to Rey, and shows him the right wood. She tells him to cut it as everyone is waiting. As he throws axe, she watches him. In a quest to break the wood, he injures his finger. Sara holds it, while Rey misses Kriya and gets rid of her hand. They move, while Lakhan watches them. He says this guy seems to be intelligent, we must prepare to let them out of village.
When they return, everyone asks for dessert. Sara says she went to room, while Rey says they must bring dance back to villager’s lives. Swayam says he will otherwise change his name, Rey appreciates the spirit. Sharon says they will keep his name as Vishnumitra. They all laughed together. Lakhan says his name won’t be Lakhan if they aren’t gone till Diwali. Rey tells them that there are rehearsals at 7 in morning, they all resist but Rey doesn’t listen to anyone.
Sara stops by Rey while jogging. She sits by him, and takes his hanged laptop, makes it working again. He says thanks, she says welcome. She says it can be reset by doing CTRL+DEL. But what if people get hanged. She says she had no right to say what she did about his relationship, she is sorry once again. She does sit-stand for him to forgive her. He says people are watching, as ladies had gathered. He agreed. She asks can they start their relationship as friends, and forwards her hand. Rey looks at her then takes it.Lakhan watched them, and said they have been free with each other, he calls someone and says they have crossed their limits, their Diwali must not be lightened up.
Sara heads to leave; Rey says he shouldn’t have held his hand on her. She shows him some moves and tells him she is a karate champ as well. She goes to collect neem leaves nearby, and tells him she will make a paste of them with honey and apply them on her face. He asks is she really from London, as these trips are traditional? She says she won’t forget about her traditions, and all thanks to their Indian cinema. He says she is mad, but she runs away. Rey smiles thinking about her.

PRECAP: The D3 perform on Diwali.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I m missing Kriya a lot
    I don’t like Sara

  2. plz kriya come back
    widout u d3 borng …

  3. swaron kriyansh

    rey u should not think of this idiot sara………u lovED kriya ..u love kriya…n will always luv only n only kriya

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