Kumkum Bhagya 16th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 16th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Pragya calling Purab and informing him about Abhi getting arrested after beating corporator. She requests him to help her bail out Abhi. Purab asks her not to worry and says he will get a lawyer there now.

Abhi’s family is worried about Abhi not reaching home. Akash Abhi went after the marriage function and his phone is not reachable. Aaliya comes home and shouts at them for being awake till midnight. Tauji says Abhi has not reached home yet. She says he has gone out on some important work and asks them to get back to their rooms. Mithali thinks whenever something is wrong, Aaliya shouts at them.

Purab reaches police station and meets Pragya. His lawyer comes and says he could not get bail as judge is sleeping and did not pick his call. He assures them to get bail by 11 a.m. and asks Pragya to give her statement that corporator provoked Abhi to beat him. Pragya thanks Purab for his help. Purab says Abhi is his friend and it is his duty. He asks Pragya to explain Bulbul that it is not her mistake, else she will think corporator did this as she did not marry him. Pragya says she feels sorry for him and Bulbul. Purab asks her to go home and rest as he will handle everything. Sarla calls Pragya and asks about Abhi. Pragya says he is still in jail and says she will come back home. Sarla asks her to go back to her home instead.

Pragya reaches Abhi’s home and sees Aaliya there. She scolds her for not helping Abhi get out of jail and says he always was beside you and you are so selfish. Aaliya says it is because of her that Abhi is in jail and says she snatched her brother from her. She had come to marriage hall to see her destroyal, but Abhi helped her with stay orders and instead got arrested for beating corporator. Once Aaliya leaves, Mitali comes and asks Pragya not to get angry on Abhi for coming late, etc. Pragya realizes that Abhi’s family does not know about his arrest. She says she is tired and will got and rest. Mitali says she should rest now and asks her again not to get angry on Abhi.

Abhi reminisces Pragya’s words that she respects him after his help. He thinks she was just acting and she just knows betrayal, nothing else. Pragya on the other side reminisces time spent with Abhi. Mai teju samjhawaki…. song plays in the background. She look at Abhi’s things emotionally. She holds his pillow and sleeps reminiscing him.

Tauji during breakfast asks Akash if he got any news about Abhi. Akash says no. Tauji says for the first time he went without informing. Raj joins them for breakfast and asks Mitali to get news paper. She picks up paper and sees news about Abhi being arrested. She even identifies corporator and reminisces meeting him with her dad. She calls dad and asks if he read news. Dad tells that corporator was helping him get his marriage hall to construct mall, but Abhi came in between and fought with him. He asks her not to let her family know about Abhi’s arrest. Raj comes and snatches paper from her. She thinks of stopping him reading the news and pours tea on it. Taji scolds her for being careless. Tauji asks her not to scold her. Taiji asks Mitali to throw paper in dustbin. Mitali gets relaxed and thinks if her family would have read the news and known about her dad’s plan, they would have killed her and thinks to hide paper daily until Abhi is back home.

Aaliya gets Tanu’s call who tells her that Pragya got Abhi’s lawyer’s number and has arranged to bail out Abhi. Aaliya is shocked to hear that and asks who gave her lawyer’s number. Tanu says Purab must have given it. Aaliya asks her to reach police station and says before behanji/Pragya reaches police station with lawyer, they have to reach there and change the situation in their favor.

Precap: Inspector releases Abhi and starts buttering him instead. Abhi shows star tantrums. Pragya reaches police station.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. o shit….y still abhi thinking tat pragya is acting…gon mad after watching this serial..day befor”s was gud episode. but again tat crap aaliya is going to cheat abhi as being nice …- STORY CYCLE!! OMG

  2. Abhi is f**kin mad fuk

  3. why pragya is the one fallin in love wit abhi and its not the other way around…..so what the period in which they was married full of torture is a turn on….he beat a guy once whats the big whop and he let u kno he wont ever forgive u for aliya troubles and he only do it for daadi and that works for u….abhi should ve been the one fallin hard for pragya although thats hard to do wit dumb and dumber….but oh well atleast for the past few days I can stand to watch kkb again lets see how long that last

  4. Yes @ Sammie it’s true why is’t that pragya is the one falling in love with abhi not the other way round? At least the guy should melt a bit, is’t how it’s done in India after wedding couple don’t make love immediately? I see most of these Indian series are alike, pavitra rishta (naren & Ankita) ,jodha Akbar too, only doli Armanoo ki and that’s b’cos samrat is arrogant can’t wait for rubbish.

  5. Pragya has contracted Stockholm Syndrome.

  6. This show is getting on my last nerves..Abhi is a dumb ass… Aaliya and and Tanu are a dumb idiots and the biggest idiots off all is pragya. ..y fall in love with a guy that that dispiese you..

  7. I don’t understand why the writers is making the Abhi character so pathetic. All the eye locking scenes and the many times Pragya was by his side Is never enough to make him change. Tanu and Aaliyah’s dialogue are getting stale. Cannot understand how a soap can drag the same boring story for so long, I mean turn a page already. Someone needs to tell Dadi the truth already. Pragya just keeps on tolerating the nonsense, I don’t understand why she can’t treat him they way he treats her so he can see how insulted it feels.

  8. Stockholm syndrome lol… so true i agree 100%

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