Dil Dosti Dance 16th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 16th January 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 16th January 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with Kriya getting down from the bed and walking towards a table.She is about to fall down when Rey holds her and says do not fall again and again I won’t be there to help you every time. Kriya tells she was hear to take the book. Rey tells she could have called one of the two servants present there. Rey makes her rest on the bed when Kriya tells there was a mail from International Dance academy. Rey takes the book and says VP sir received the mail too.Kriya tells she tried speaking with Dean sir but they are not ready to listen. Kriya tells there must be some solution Rey says yes there is one Kriya needs to take complete bed rest. Doctor comes in to give Kriya physio sections.

Sharon and Swayam go to the market to get kites. The market is crowded

and Swayam and Sharon move in and get the required items.Sharon gets the kites and Swayam its thread and they move to college.Rey was taking the video of Kriya’s physiotherapy session when Kriya asks is he mad.she is in pain and he is taking her video. Rey says he is taking the video of physiotherapy session as there is no inhouse doctor and after the doctor goes this video will help him in making her do her exercises. The doctor says is friends are so one will break their bones daily. Rey and Kriya see each other with Oh ho tune playing in background. The college students praise Swayam and Sharon for their commendable effort. They tell they will never get such cool seniors anytime. Sharon tells the juniors will be great seniors too.

Rey comes to Kriya’s room asking is she not bored sitting alone. Kriya replies saying she is enjoying it. She does not have any other option. Rey tells there is one option.He takes out blindfold from his pocket and surprises Kriya. Rey ties the blindfold on Kriya when Kriya says she is hurt and will fall now. Rey tells i know where to take you and how.He takes her in his arms and says she has gained wait sitting idle.Rey tells Kriya will love it.

Sharon is sitting by terrace watching the gang fly kites. Simmi asks her to join when Sharon hesitates. While moving so Swayam and Sharon collide each other and Swayam says it was by mistake and Sharon replies with its fine. Swayam was flying the kite when he cuts his finger.Sharon comes to him and sucks the blood.Swayam is shocked seeing him.Sharon tells she is sorry.She did not see it.She then tells she saw but is sorry and moves. Swayam asks the boys where is the tape.

Rey brings Kriya to his terrace saying the delight in seeing is not in telling.He makes her sit on swing and removes the blindfold Kriya asks is it Makar Sankaranti and wishes them. The kids on terrace see Rey and wish him. Kriya asks why are the kids here when Rey tells flying kites alone is no fun. A boy come and gives the kite to Rey and Rey flies it. Kriya laughs seeing the little kids enjoying.Rey smiles seeing her laugh and dances with Kids. The boys and girls in college Terrace have a kite flying competition where girls droll their duppatas to boys. The fly the kites with the song Deel deel dede rai bhia plays in background. The boys win it saying Kai Poi Che.

The next day Swayam adn Sharon come to V’s cabin where VP sir asks if they have stopped the practice of Dance academy performance. Swayam tells yes. VP tells them he has planned something for them. Swayam and Sharon are shocked and ask what is it when VP says the NGO which their college helps he wants them to teach dance to the orphaned kids there. Swayam and Sharon says they will do it happily. Vp says sometimes making other happy gives us happiness too. Swayam tells Sharon since Rey is taking care of Kriya let us not tell him as he wil feel bad.Swayam asks Sharon to go giving her the address and he will come back there completing his work. Sharon agrees and moves. Swayam is waiting in the NGo for Sharon saying she can be here on time too. Sharon comes there and they both move it. They greet the kids with hi and hello while the kids do not react. The caretaker comes and thanks them for coming and says they keep doing such activities for children. Sharon asks the kids who is going to volunteer to dance but no kid responds. They go and asks specific kids and even try to make few dance but kids do not respond well. Sharon tells Swayam she needs to speak and asks him to come out.

Rey greets Kriya good morning with coffee. He asks how is her leg and they both sit to speak. Kriya tell she is not able to sit silent after reading the mail.There must be some way out. Rey decides on calling the gang at evening and having discussion as they would get some idea. Rey calls Swayam to inform the same.He tells Swayam that he playing Makar Sankaranti with Kriya and seeing her smile half of his guilt is reduced. Swayam says he will meet and is keeps the call. Sharon tells Swayam the kids need diversion. They must not feel one is forcing them to dance.They must feel as if they are playing with us.

Precap: Kriya tells she got to go back to NY in 3 days

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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