Balika Vadhu 16th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 16th January 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 16th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Anandi and Shiv taking Amol home from the orphanage after getting his custody. All the orphanage kids and the employees give Amol a warm farewell. Amol looks at the orphanage kids as he is leaving in the car with his new parents. Bhairov comes to his office with Dadisaa. He asks about Munim ji. He is informed that Munim ji is having lunch. Dadisaa says, I can’t wait. I have to reach home. They hear a bhagan and wonder from where the voice is coming. Bhairov is opening the locker with the other keys. Dadisaa hears someone shouts. Bhairov says, it might be coming from the wedding home. Dadisaa says, it is coming from here. Bhairov says, there is no one in godown. Bhairov calls Hari Ram and asks, is someone there in the godown? They hear the screams and runs. They come to the godown and asks to open the door. He asks the watchman to break the door.

They see Rajender forcing himself on Vimla. Vimla cries and tells that he has been misbehaving with her. Rajender says, she is lying. Dadisaa and Bhairov are shocked. Dadisaa slaps him. Dadisaa recalls about her plea to leave the job. Dadisaa says, you should have tell us before. Vimla says, my husband didn’t returned home. And Rajender threatened me. She cries and says I tried to leave the job as I don’t want to compromise with him. Bhairov says, we can’t forgive you as you tried to misbehave with woman’s respect. Rajender blames Vimla. Dadisaa beats him with rod and accuses him for his wrong doings. She says, are you blind not to see her pain. Bhairov asks Dadisaa to go. He calls the Inspector. The woman Vimla thanks Dadisaa. Dadisaa says, if you have tell us then he would be in jail right now. Dadisaa asks Vimla not to be scared with these kinds of people, rather face them with courage. She asks her to let go of her fears. Vimla cries. Police comes and arrest Rajender.

Anandi and Shiv bring Amol home. Daddu and everyone are happy. Mahi greets him. Saachi shows fake happiness. Meenu welcomes Amol with a tilak and aarti. Alok clicks the pictures. Daddu gives him gift. Anoop gives him balloons. Mahi says, we will tie the balloons here. Saachi gives him chocolates. Saachi thinks, everyone will go mad now. Amol asks for water to Anandi and calls her aunty. Daddu says, she is your maa. Shiv says, call her maa. Amol calls her maa. Anandi is very much happy and hugs him. Everyone smiles. Mahi gets water for Amol. Anandi makes him drink. Alok clicks their picture.

Jagya is checking Ganga. Doctor comes and asks Ganga to take rest. Dadisaa comes and asks, is Ganga alright? Jagya says, I just wants the doctor to do her check up. Gynaec asks them to go out as she have to do the test. Anandi shows the photos of her family to Amol. Saachi comes. Ira asks her to sit with them. Anandi tells Amol that she is your buaji. Saachi gets angry but controls her anger. Saachi aks him to call her Saachi. Anandi says, no you are his bua. She talks about the values and habits. Meenu brings pastries. Saachi gets happy. Meenu says it is for Amol. Saachi is angry. Amol seeks Anandi’s permission to eat it. He thanks Meenu and calls her choti dadi. Meenu praises him.

Doctor tells Jagya that Ganga’s condition is not fine. baby weight is increasing and Ganga’s uterus is weak to bear foetus weight. She says, we can’t do anything about it. Jagya comes inside and says everything is fine. Dadisaa says Devimaa will never allow anything bad happen to Ganga. Sumitra says I will send milk for Ganga. Dadisaa asks her to drink the milk. Jagya says, I will leave for the hospital. Ganga asks him to sit for sometime. She asks him to fulfill her wish. Jagya asks her to say. Ganga says, I want to eat khulfi. Jagya says, in this weather? Ganga insists. Jagya says, I will bring it. Jagya leaves. Ganga smiles.


Dadisaa calls Ira and invites her for Ganga’s goad bharayi/ baby shower. Ira says, we will reach there. Saachi thinks to settle scores with Ganga.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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