Dil Dosti Dance 13th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 13th November 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 13th November 2013 Written Update

Gang and Rey are walking in the corridor .All of them get message from Sharon ,except Rey.They tell Rey to carry on and they will join him in sometime.In boys locker room,Swayam is keeping invitation and gifts in his locker when Rey comes in.Swayam by mistake drops the engagement invitation card and Rey notices it.Swayam gets tensed and Rey asks about the card.Swayam hides the card and changes the topic.Swayam asks Rey if he is fine.Rey says he is fine.Swayam tells him not hide anything as he is his friend.Rey replies that he is his friend but he is someones brother as well.Swayam says is he talking about Taani.Rey says yes.Swayam thinks he got to know about Taani’s engagement.Rey says he can feel emptiness inside him.Swayam tries to hide,gang enters and force Swayam to tell him the truth.Vicky and Nilesh give Rey the invitation card.Rey sees Taani’s name in the card and gets hurt.He controls himself and says gang to go for the engagement.He congratulates Swayam.Swayam tries to stop him but he leaves the place.

Rey goes to RH .He recalls all his moments with Taani.He gets upset and thinks why his story is always incomplete.He asks himself if there is no space for love in his life.Swayam scolds gang for telling him the truth.Swayam says Rey is more her due to this truth.Swayam says he will try to console Rey and he says gang not to do anything.

In RH Rey starts dancing to vent out all his pain.Swayam comes and watches him from outside.Sharon also joins Swayam and they see a devastated Rey dancing .Sharon tries to go inside but Swayam stops her .He grabs her by her hand and pins her to the wall.They share an eye lock.He creates some space between them and tells her to leave.Sharon says Rey needs her.Swayam says Rey needs him not her.Swayam says Rey needs right advice at this moment.Rey needs to take right decision.Sharon is an impulsive girl,her one wrong advice can be harmful for Rey.Sharon says he wants to say she is wrong for Rey.Swayam says its not about them,its about Rey.He tells her not to misunderstand him.Sharon says he thinks she is wrong for Rey.Swayam says in this situation she is wrong for Rey.She looks at things only from her POV,and Rey needs to understand others POV as well.So he says he wants to talk to Rey.

Swayam goes inside RH .He looks at an upset Rey.He decides to be cheerful and support his friend.Rey says he can understand that Swayam was concerned so he didnt tell anything.He is not blaming him.Swayam says Taani wants him to attend her engagement.Rey asks him why she wants him to attend her engagement.Swayam says he cant understand girls logic.Rey tries to lighen the situation and says when he has friend like Swayam he dont need any girl frnd.Gang looks at them from outside and think stupid things.Swayam tries to console Rey.Boys think Swayam and Rey are heart broken and became a couple.Swayam thanks Rey for understanding him.Rey requests him not to tell anyone that he is upset.As he dont want to get peoples sympathy.Swayam asks his if he will come for engagement.Rey says he will think and let him know.Swayam leaves the place.Rey recalls his moments with Taani.

Precap:Swayama and Sharon conversation about Taani’s engagement.

Update Credit to: deep_Tanha

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