Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 13th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 13th November 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 13th November 2013 Written Update

-Seema is cooking, Gunjan comes in a sari and ask what she is making which is ladoo, Gunjan helps her, Seema tells Gunjan her secret receipe. Seema asks her for sugar, Gunjan stands on a stool, trying to reach it, Seema sees, Gunjan nearly falls, Seema gets worried and runs to her but Gunjan gets the sugar, Seema tells Gunjan that she can wear her western clothes, they have a cute and caring convo, Gunjan is emotional, they hug.
-Everybody is making preparations, decorating the place for Divali.
-Scene changes, it’s night and puja is occuring, Shail tell Gunjan to do the puja and that she will help her, if she needs help. Gunjan does the puja and they all do Lakshmi maa aarti.
-Rachna friend, Chaya comes to meet her, to go somewhere, Rachna asks for permission to go and goes. They go by a seamtress and Chaya quarrels with him for ruining her clothes, while Rachna sees and AD for designers. Chaya tells Rachna to become a designer quick so she doesn’t have to deal with these problems, Rachna says only if god wishes. They both go their separate ways, Rachna gets scared when fireworks burst near her, she sees a black car, she goes and knocks on its window and ask them to move to the side, the guys sends down the window, Rachna ask him who he is but he ignores her.
-Some kids tie a long line of firecrackers on the black car, Rachna tries to stop the kids, the guys comes and ask what’s happening, they eyelock and the lights above them turns on, the firecrackers starts bursting, they try to remove it from the car, Rachna tries to move but her dupatta is stuck to the bombs and it is coming closer and closer, the guy tries to help her, she is saved. The guy and Rachna quarrel, he blames her for the firecrackers on the car.
-At home, Rachna tells Gunjan about the mad guy she met and what happened, then she shows her the designer AD, and Gunjan is happy for her and they both pray for her dream to come true, Rachna signs up for the deisgner thing.
-It’s morning, Shail makes a rangoli and Rachna comes and wish her HAPPY DIVALI and compliments her rangoli. Bua ji comes and wish them and asks for Gunjan.
-Gunjan is dressing up and tries to wake up Mayank, but he is angry, she screams in his ears, they fight and Dholu comes and troubles Mayank and make fun of him.
-Shail is cooking, Gunjan comes and ask her what she is giving Rachna this year, Shail says this year things are difficult and that she hope Rachna understands and says next year everything will be awesome, Gunjan tells Shail to go she will handle the cooking.

Precap: Seema and Gunjan hug, Dayal gifts Shail a gift for her and Rachna, Mayank kisses Gunjan on the forehead and wishes her Divali.

Update Credit to: xDoppelgangerx

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