Dil Dosti Dance 13th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Rey is shocked to get the letter. He asks the VP what he did wrong. The VP says he doesn’t have the answer; he is just executing the order. The authorities think he is the one creating all the problems. VP gets the call and without saying the name begins talking on phone. Rey takes the letter out, shocked. Kriya meets him in the corridor, finding him quiet and tensed; she sees the letter and is shocked to read this. She says she will just talk to VP, he says he is just following orders. Kriya says their team will protest for him, he says he doesn’t want to prove their reasons true. She says she doesn’t care and goes to VP’s office.
Sharon was sneezing, simmi says god bless you, someone is thinking about you. Swayam brings her red-rose. He comes and says it is your boy-friend who recalls you always. She takes the rose and asks where it came from. He says he found it in the corridor, she throws it away. Swayam says it was really for you, she picks it up again. Sharon and simmi laughs. Swayam says there is a lot of tension and we are laughing, it feels quite awkward. He asks what if the decision doesn’t come in our favour. Sharon says she will pressurize her mom anyway, simmi says the things have escalated a lot. Sharon says Rey must be thinking about some plan.
Sharon’s mom argues the VP that any decision taken in the interest of college can never be extreme. Kriya comes there, Sharon’s mom asks is she Kriya. VP tells Kriya he cant do anything in Rey’s case. She says she wont even work in the NYU academy if they take the action. Sharon’s mom stands up and tells her what they students think about the legal contracts. She is legally bind in contract to the academy and will even have to go to jail if she breaks the contract. She warns her that as a professional dancer, her career will be destroyed completely. Kriya asks who is she. She says she is in the board of directors of the college, and can be called as Mr. Raiprakash. Kriya is shocked to listen this, and leaves looking at VP sir.
Vicky is worried in the corridoe thinking shall he call or not. Her phone rings, he jumps. She says Kriti is here, he asks who Kriti? Then seemingly recognizing her asks how is she. she says she is busy so cant come to rehearsals today. Someone calls her from behind, she says there is a call from clinic and hangs on. Nil comes there, Vicky says he will solve her problem.
Kirya tells everyone about the situation. Sharon says she will asks her mom to undo the orders. Kriya says she wont do it ever, as she is the one who passed these rules and warned her about destroying her career. Sharon says she don’t believe this, Sharon calls her mom but she hangs on. Sharon is angry. Swayam says he is sure, she will have reasons for these orders. Sharon leaves saying she is going to talk to her mom and hopes situation gets sorted out.
Vicky comes to Kt’s office. She begins to leave but he stops her way. She asks what he is doing. He says dance! And takes her hand and do the steps with her. He says they can even do dance in office. She smiles. He says Hansee tou Phansee. She asks what did he say. He says he was talking about the movie, she laughs seeing him smile. She thanks him for making her laugh in the whole day. He says he is a joker type. She pulls his hair and says he is cute. He gets a text message about Rey’s expulsion and Kriya’s contract.
Sharon comes to her mom’s room shouting. She asks how could you do this to my friends. Her mom tells her to relax. Sharon shouts that she thought somehow her mom loves her but she was wrong. She says she will have to answer. Her mom says that she doesn’t understand that in practical life, their college is getting an opportunity at an international scale and this will open a million doors for her. she asks doent her friend have the right to take that opportunity. Her mom clarifies that opportunities are only for those who deserve them, otherwise the world would be a great mess. And your garage friends doesn’t deserve any opportunity. Sharon says let me tell you who those garage friends are to me, those friends support me in all the ups and downs, handled my asthma attacks, even when I was in hospital they were there. she says you are my mom and they are my family. Her mom makes her realize that sometime in life you have to leave your friend. Sharon says fine, then she wont also sit in the exam and participate in any activity of the college. She leaves the room. He mom says she will make sure you sit in the exam and be a part of the academy.

PRECAP: Rey’s dad comes to him and asks why didn’t he go to office today. Sharon’s mom comes to her and asks her to sign the papers. She is excited that by signing them Rey’s suspension letter will be cancelled and Kriya’s contract will dissolve. Her mom promises both and ask her to sign the letter.

Update Credit to: Sona

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