Dil Dosti Dance 13th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 13th January 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 13th January 2014 Written Update

Swayam-Sharon and entire team try to get into Sharon’s car to go to hospital .Due to lack of space in the car,Swayam says he will come by bus but gang tell him to get into car and they can adjust.Sharon sits next to Swayam .Swayam remains indifferent towards her.Sharon gets hurt because of this behavior.Rey is worried about Kriya.He recalls Vicky and Nil’s words.They couldnt see him upset after Kriya’s entry so they tried to create trouble for Kriya.Rey feels guilty about Kriya’s pain.His Dad calls him.Rey tells he is missing his Dad.His Dad comes to Hospital and surprises him.He asks Rey the reason behind his sadness.He says Rey can share anything with him .Rey says after talking to his Dad every issue seems small.Rey tells him about Kriya.His Dad recalls

her as Rey’s Ex.Rey explains how his sadness provoked his friends to play pranks with Kriya and hurt her.He says he is responsible for her injury.His Dad tells him to mend the mistake.He says Boys make mistakes ,men accept their mistakes.He tells Rey to mend his mistakes.

Doctor says Kriya’s injury is serious and she needs one month bed rest.He says the danec has damaged her leg.He tells her to take complete bed rest.Kriya says she cant miss college and workshop.Doctor says he will inform her aunty if Kriya wont take rest.Kriya requests him not to say anything to her aunty.Rey asks doctor if there is any way to make Kriya better soon.Doctor says she needs rest and regular physiotherapy.He tells Rey to keep an eye on Kriya.Kriya says she will take care but Rey tells her he will take care of her .Doctor says Rey is very caring about Kriya .He says they will discharge Kriya tomorrow.Kriya and Rey share an eye lock.

Team comes inside Hospital room and starts asking questions continuously. Kriya says she is ok and its not paining because of pain killer.She says sorry for all the tension caused.She couldnt inform team.Rey tells Kriya that Nil and Vicky gave her energy drink to make her unconscious .But she got injured.Even they took her phone so that she cant contact anyone.Gang start questioning Nil and Vicky,.Rey says its his fault.Because of his sadness ,his friends did this to Kriya.Nil and Vicky say sorry to Kriya for their actions.Nurse tell them to go out and leave Kriya alone to take rest.Gang leave Kriya alone .Rinni gives Kriya Aashi’s wishes to take care and get well soon.

Rey says he is responsible for Kriya’s condition.He became selfish and he was thinking about himself instead of college.Swayam says ISD faculty is coming to college and they have to perform after 1 month.Kriya gets worried about her injury and ISD visit.Rey says he will take care of her and she will be fine.Swayam gives her phone .Swayam and Sharon were about to leave,Kriya tells Sharon to stay back.Swayam and Rey leave them alone.

Swayam talks to Rey that his dad came to college.Rey says he met his dad.Swayam says he is proud of Rey that he showed maturity and became friends with Kriya.Rey says he realized his mistake.So he is helping Kriya but he is not friends with Kriya.Swayam says still he is happy that they are talking normally.Rey says when Swayam will give him chance to be proud.Swayam asks what doen that mean.Rey asks him what is happening between Sharon and Swayam.Inside the room Kriya asks the same to Sharon.She says everything is fine.Kriya says there is something which is bothering both Sharon and Swayam.Swayam says he was staying in dream world.When dream got over,he got hurt.Sharon and he cant be together.Sharon tells Kriya that Swayam is upset with her because she faked friendship with Kriya.She says with time she started caring for KRiya genuinely.She says her friendship with Kriya is true just like her love for Swayam.But both Swayam and Kriya wont trust her now.She starts leaving the room.Kriya says she trusts Sharon.She supported her and she want them to be friends.They share an emotional moment and hug each other..Swayam says Sharon and he cant be happy.He has realized it after being close to her.They have different expectations from love.They look good from far not in real.Rey says Sharon was scared that day while declining his love in front of all.Swayam says fear makes people tell the truth.Rey says he really wish that Swayam Sharon will be back together.

In night,Rey takes care of Kriya .Both of them are awkward in each others presence.Kriya is surprised to see Rey’s care.Swayam is thinking about his past moments with Sharon at home.His fight with Sharon ,their break up,her denial.Sharon is recalling her moments with Swayam and crying alone.Rey recalls about their dance.Kriya thinks about Rey taking care of her.Rey sleeps on the couch while taking care of Kriya.Back ground score is Kabira .

Precap- Rey takes Kriya to his place to take care of her.

Update Credit to: Deepika

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