Dil Dosti Dance 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharon’s mom is shocked to see Sharon and Swayam in the car hugging each other.
Rey’s dad gives him drink. He tells him that they were right and didn’t do anything wrong. He assures him he knew you were not wrong else I wouldn’t have come to help you. He says he has to leave now but he is just a call away. Rey discusses with him the academy’s problem. His dad says he can help him and talk to college authorities, but he says there isn’t any need for that. His dad leaves telling him that there is a surprise for him at home.
Rey comes inside, looking for the surprise. Kriya calls from behind, he cheers seeing her and begins to talk non-stop about his excitement. She puts her hand on his mouth and pulls him closer. He pulls her too. They both laugh, he says Oh God! I missed you and hugs her.
Sharon’s mom comes to her room. She says ‘you?’. Her mom was annoyed, she says do you realize that your college is giving you an opportunity by giving this chance in academy. Sharon says she just know her friends equally deserve it too. Her mom asks who friends that Swayam and your garage friends. They deserve everything and what do your parents deserve- seeing you in jail or in television news. That is where you are coming from. She says she hopes that her mom understood her like Rey’s dad.
Kriya says that now she is here, there will be no problem. She says that NYU needs their support. It they stop supporting them, there will be no deal.

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Her mom says she will never support her in destroying her dream. She must understand it wasn’t her mistake that she went jail and it won’t be her mistake if her friends don’t get selected in the academy- she must realize it’s a bad harsh world outside. She warns her that if she doesn’t stop doing this protest she will have to take a step against her.
Rey says oh yes, how they will teach dance without us, because neither they know our language nor culture. Kriya says this is why they want to divide our group. Rey says he wont let this happen. She says when it wont happen, they will have to resolve it someway. She promises him everything will be alright, and she wont leave his side even if she has to go against NYU. She hopes no one gets upset seeing her here without the success of what she went to do there.
Vicky comes to Dr. KT’s house. He boasts he is so punctual. He gives her dance classes. She gets a call and tells someone on call she is taking dance classes from Vicky- her patient. She says she will be there soon. He notices her to be tensed. She says it is nothing to worry, they can’t continue as she has to go somewhere. As he comes out, she hurries to close the door.
Rey keeps hands on Kriya’s eyes and gives her a surprise by decorating the dining for her. She cheers he cooked special instant noodles for her. They both cheer the cans. She thanks her, Rey asks for what? He says that day when he spoiled all the special food, he regrets it. She says tonight is more special for her, she wants to forget everything and wants to be with him. He holds her hands and they both dance together.

Sharon’s mom comes to VP. VP denies doing this thing, she asks when the BOD has no problem then why you. He says you are a mother, how can you take such a great risk. She says she want to teach her daughter a lesson. He says Sharon will be effected, she says if you get better taking a small injection one should go for it. VP argues but she says do as I say.
Sharon was frustrated, Swayam comes from behind and finding her angry asks what happened. she says she doesn’t know what happened to mom. He says she should have talked to her, she says dealing her mom is extremely difficult. He says he has an important thing to say to her.
Rey comes to VP’s office. He gives him a letter; Rey reads it and is shocked. He asks why this expulsion letter, he won’t get his degree and won’t be let to take exam for next three months.

PRECAP: Kriya tells VP that if Rey is expelled they wont be working in the academy. Sharon’s mom says to Kriya that she is legally bound to NYU and the academy and cant leave the city until her contract ends. Everyone is shocked to hear this, Sharon says she will ask her mom to look into it. Kriya tells her that her mom passed these rules. Sharon is shocked.

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