Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 12th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Latha seeing Sumitra searching her cupboard and asks what is she doing with her cupboard. Sumitra says she is searching her ear rings. Latha asks how can her ear rings be in her cupboard. Baburam comes there and asks Latha to take out loan papers from cupboard as he has to sign them. Sumitra says she will give it, but stop realizing Latha’s presence. Latha gives Baburam oan papers and asks him to read them carefully before signing. Sumitra prays god that Baburam does not read those papers.

Baburam reads papers carefully. Sumitra sees him reading and thinks why is this old man reading loan papers and thinks he should sign them soon. Bela is applying henna on Ginni’s hands. Latha takes Bela in. Ginni asks Sumitra to apply henna. Sumitra angrily applies henna on her hand.

Raghu reaches a lodge and asks manager to give him a room. Manager says he cannot get a room until 10 days. Raghu says he needs it today. Manager says in Mumbai, it is not easy to get a cheap room.

Bela sees Sumitra destroying her henna design and starts scolding her for destroying it. Baburam asks them not to fight. Bela takes G is alone now. Bela informs baburam that Latha was calling her. Baburam goes from there. Sumitra thinks if she changes papers, Bela will catch her. She quickly turns last page and hides thinking old man should sign them soon. Baburam coms and thinks he has read all papers and should sign them now. He signs papers while Sumitra smirks. Baburam signs papers and asks Vivek to check it. Sumitra thinks before Vivek checks papers, she should steal them from him.

Raghu and Shivani get tired walking. Shivani says walk more. Raghu says let us sit in a park then. They both sit on a park bench. Raghu feels sad seeing Shivani tired. Tum ho paas mere…song plays in the background. Shivani sleeps on Raghu’s shoulder. He wiggles his fingers around her face.

Sumitra sees Vivek inside the house and drops all his stall items. She starts actin when Vivek comes. While Vivek arranges items, she changes papers and smirks when he goes from there seeing the property papers and thinks Baburam’s house is hers now.

Raghu and Shivani are still asleep on the bench while it is night now. Constable comes, wakes them and asks them to go from there. Raghu says they don’t have a place to stay. Constable says he cannot let them stay here after 9 p.m. and shoos them away from there.

Raghu and Shivani wander on the road. Shivani says he is suffering because of her illness. Raghu says it is not like that and instead she is wandering because of him. A pickpocket clashes with Raghu and steals his wallet. Raghu does not realize it though. Shivani says this city does not suit them. Raghu says we will stay in a hotel tonight and tomorrow we arrange something else. He checks his pocket to take out wallet, but does not find it. Shivani asks what is he looking tensed. Raghu says he is not finding his wallet and realizes pickpocket stole it. Shivani asks him not to worry, everything will be alright until they are together and says they won’t get tired until they get a place to stay.

Raghu brings unconscious Shivani to Veer’s house. Veer and his wife get worry seeing Shivani unconscious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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